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Old 31-08-2021, 02:10 PM
Angnix Angnix is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: southern michigan
Posts: 250
Finally found my guide... But...

Well... It's been a rough path for me since 2007... Lately after current events and a long conversation with a spiritual friend last night... I can't figure this out...

If ummm... You grew up strictly in one religion, why would your guide be a being from another religion?

Anyway yeah... That's all I'm gonna say...
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Old 31-08-2021, 03:05 PM
John32241 John32241 is offline
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Religion and spirituality are not synonyms. Religious people can be spiritual and those who are spiritual can be religious. However for many of us they are two completely different things.

I find that your spirit guide will support your beliefs. Their job is to guide and support you. So what you believe about how things work is just fine with them. They will work with you from that place.

How to make your life better is another subject. If you are working with beliefs which do not serve you than life can be rough. A guide can assist you in evolving your beliefs if that is your desire.

My web site: Telepathy Academy

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Old 31-08-2021, 04:36 PM
Angnix Angnix is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: southern michigan
Posts: 250
Sigh, grew up strictly Christian, but I realize I Djinn has been with me all my life...
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Old 17-09-2021, 02:22 PM
Antilope Antilope is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Aug 2021
Posts: 25
Isn't spirituality based of beliefs?
I just say that because many spiritual paths are now considerd religion like tibetan buddhism and shamanism (Tegrism).
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Old 17-09-2021, 03:05 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 482
maybe past life related? in another life you were born and, or raised or chose a different religion? my spirit guides pop up being very different to the point where i stoped meditating about them. i don't know but my guess is that in a particular life situation they can change spirit guides? or maybe someone pretending to your spirit guide? sorry if I sound confused. i am kind of confused, LOL.

anyways i would not get hunged up on what religion your spirit guide symbolise, more what the message is.

One i can tell you puzzled me - i looked and looked but could not find an explaination for what, who I had seen (as a spirit guide). Then one day I connected two different pieces - and found my answer. it came to me just before I woke up. i've learned by now even if two pieces dont seem to fit if they come up like that i better search and see if there is a connection. turns out there was. I saw a photo, old, black and white. It was male members from a secret society - they were wiccans. Now, I did not know the first thing about Wiccans and I did not know they could look like that, like way back and I only found one surviving photo, perhaps there had never been other photos. I kept thinking before all that, and this is horrible, i hardly dared to say it/write, but why do this man look like a ku klux klan member only different color of the "hat" and all? i thought I can't say this to nobody. So there, I finally found my answer and it had nothing to do with ku klux klan (thankfully!).

Last edited by asearcher : 17-09-2021 at 04:55 PM.
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Old 18-09-2021, 09:41 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,014
Originally Posted by Angnix
If ummm... You grew up strictly in one religion, why would your guide be a being from another religion?
I have a very weird and crazy idea about this. feel free to completely deny/disregard/ignore, if you wish. just an idea I have.

here's my many weird ideas:
Your guide is your co-creative partner. Consider it like a test like everything else. so every single thing you experience is your soulmate/guide/test the moment you experience it.

The guide is there to test your being, like everything else in life. You cannot fail the test. But YOU WILL BE TESTED ALWAYS TO THE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM LIMIT. And beyond it aswell, for many other reasons. very multifacetted and multidimensional like that.

So your particular life, I cannot say anything about it, because I am not God, but a human.
You actually subconsciously choose your test. And often also unconsciously.
But you often don't consciously create your test, because you cannot always consciously know why you are being tested.

If you want the test to end, then simply fail it. But if you are unable to consciously intentionally fail your test, then no matter how difficult it may seem to you, you will be rewarded in the afterlife. and uhm... You most often can't fail because it is too enjoyable anyway. or valuable. depending on how conscious you are of the test.

incase your test becomes so difficult that you lose your memory, rest be assured the truth is with God always and also with you after this life. It doesnt get lost. But you will certainly be able to lose it if it serves your "testing". And well sometimes if you have completed a test so totally, you just lose the memory of it and go on to other tests your brain cannot even comprehend the value of it, and it doesnt need to know, just trust/allow. Or dont trust, yeah... Always free will.

And some people even co-create the experience of living in ignorance basically forever, because there are no limits to the extension of this test. If you lose memory of God and the promise of the afterlife, you can actually enter temporal "eternity" without knowing you are, and you wont even remember that it is a test. But this usually happens during... uhm... I forgot what it's called. Memory loss issue. Alzheimer? yeah alzheimer. I think. one foot in this life one the next. can be very confusing and well... its funny if you review the akash probably in the afterlife? i dunno. I doubt it will be funny in this life. lol. hahaha. unless you got faithful relatives and they dont mind if u die.

then you can visit the most funny comedian in the universe and laugh your gutts out while your gutts also laugh with you, without even moving a facial muscle and while staring at a wall in your home. But ofcourse you will be free to shift out of that to some degree. so you probably constantly are like "I finally died" and then your annoying family wakes you up. Untill ofcourse you wish them death, then you die... Its sad... because in a sense it is a failure. but that is because we dont understand what the test was about and that god tests infinite beings simultaneously while people think they are the only one being tested and everyone is part of their test. actually the being in front of you can be training to become a spoon, while they are teaching your high level mathematical martial arts. hahaha. its all weird and multidimensional like that.

But in this life we got relative acces to it. Because we are here temporarily to co-create our soul.

And uhm, what I say is a test aswell... because if you believe that everything is a test. Then it will become absurd like things will become too rediculous and obvious in that it is a test. And if you then continue to believe it, well, God knows what will happen next, god is the tester of all testers hahaha. That crazy son of a... ahem... I mean, obviously god has no physical children. But ofcourse if you believe that then your faith will be tested with people who believe the opposite. Incase god decides to give you that kind of a test. But!... uhm... You also kinda choose it. Its based on how you respond and what kind of decisions you make. What you choose to believe. Or why. infinitely deep. to infinite knowledge and beyond. flawless. pure perfect eternal absolute accurate intelligence.

Imagine God telling you, I am God. Look at me to your right. and to your right is a human. "Why are you testing me god?"
and god might say something like. "How have you lost your faith so quickly? hahaha!"
ok lol god probably wouldent say that. thats a human thing. but thats the whole point. we dont know god. me neither.

the more I learn, the more I understand that it is impossible to understand in this life. for me anyway. for every experience comes the path to the next.

Well, whatever idea is worth persuing is worth pursuing and thus you will pursue it for that sake. and that is why it will become difficult. In the worth that it is. So when you lose the value of it, the test is "failed" and thus complete. because you cannot fail the test. the end is the completion.

so rather I see it like benchmark. Your faith gets benched and the result is your afterlife fate. This is why you cannot fail. Your afterlife fate will always be good no matter how or what you do. Because nothing gets lost and all faith will be restored in the afterlife. or... what some people call ressurection day, because "afterlife" is vague. can be anything at that point might aswell be the life after eating a sandwhich. lol...
people usually dont care. But if they do. they love god. and so your faith in god will be tested. not to see if you will fail or succeed. you cannot fail. but the test will be about the definition or defining or molding of your soul and what kind of shape it will be or have or get. so you can fail but the result and the test cannot fail and it will shape your soul. and the soul will always be eternally perfect. Because it is a creation of god ofcourse co-created with you.
You can experience tremendous failure. but that will also be a test. Its all relative. and with that, the end of all of it is with god. For every experience is a reflection of your consciousness unfolding unto itself, and thus every experience, your reflecting guide/soulmate. Unconditional love to you and all.

so every guide helps with that. and some guide help so good that you believe they are actually god....lol... even when they tell you they are not god.... lol. no worries you will laugh about when ur "dead" and thus more alive than ever before. even tho you exist beyond time... And cant fail.

U laugh because you will probably understand what that particular test was about. and also because you will know/live/be the full blessed value of the test. but not in this life! this life fcking sux and we got no acces to knowledge of the afterlife unless it server the purpose of testing. for example, will you be patient if you know what is there? will you try to ruin your test and become angry and impatient even tho you cannot fail no matter how hard you try?

If someone told you "Slap yourself in the face" You are not being benched to hurt yourself. you are being benched for your willingness for service towards your particular fellow human beings. but Trying to understand the life/test of another can be terrifying, sometimes, because people can be in the process of developing a whole other kind of soul than you can possibly comprehend. I choose to respect and honor their process unconditionally and with non-interference principle. Because that is my faith/test.

There are endless kind of people and thus endless kind of souls. in the making. From this life we cannot fully know or see or experience the value of it often. I think... I cant absolutely know outside of my perception of people.

You know I've seen the weirdest kind of tests. In this bunkers soul factory we call planet earth. People being tested to commit absolutely crazy rediculous "crimes" and then their victims being tested to "endure/forgive" and all kinds of weird things. Being a human can sometimes be like being piece of dough in a kitchen full of bread bakers.
You dont wanna go into the oven, You dont even see the point of becoming a bread. and you certainly did not expect that people would eat you. But when the test is over, a new test begins, incase you are alife (death is the end of all tests) and suddenly the bread/dough/baker/oven/consumers never even existed, it was all an illusion. misunderstanding or literally the memory wont even be there and suddenly you're a dragon. and the new test begins. because yeah... you were always a dragon, having had a weird dream about being a baked bread eaten by humans.

or even more funny, your mother is a dragon, and you thought she was a human your whole entire life. THE MOST CONFUSING CRAZY HELL TO DEAL WITH IMPOSSIBLE TO FIGURE OUT PERSON ON THE PLANET. LOL... And you will see her as human. Because it's all a test. That was a random funny example, nothing personal, just cause I was bored. It's probably the least relevant. well, for me... I doubt I am related to many elementalists... but who knows.

Ofcourse there are conservationalists. Who seek a deeper truth above all else. And they will believe in reality at all times no matter how crazy it gets. You will probably hear them speaking on your news channel. The entire world will try to distort them and they will have to really try and be like "oh yes, ofcourse, that is the way it has always been." And then they will find someone just as solid and stable like them. except they happen to believe in the complete opposite they do. AND THEY ARE ON A COLLISIONARY TRAJECTORY. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

No wonder people think god is a joker.

anyway I said too much, literally. and not so literally aswell. but... I have a sense you wont get to talk or say much on your journeys. who knows. maybe the opposite. And your faith in the human language may be stretched in the wildest of ways. At which point your mouth will shrink like someone gave you lemons. Because talking like a human is the most hilariously futile exprrssion in existence. Or something weird like that... why does life always have to be weird like that.... hhhhh.... ah well...
Sharing perspective.
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Old 19-10-2021, 05:16 AM
Crystal Ambassador Crystal Ambassador is offline
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I've had the same question before. Despite being raised Christian, I had an inexplicable draw to shamanism and animals/nature as guides. Plenty of people grow up taught one way, then convert to another later on when it just "feels" right.

There have been many times in the course of giving readings that I encounter guides from religions I didn't expect or practice, and somewhere along the way I was told it comes from - in simple terms - the Source/Higher Power manifesting in a way the viewer will understand easiest. It's akin to translating a book: you could expect a reader to go out and learn your language in order to read your book, or you could translate it, making it understandable to them in their language so you can share your message with less hassle.
"Sometimes you will act as an angel to others, perhaps without even realizing it. One day a woman comes up to you and says 'You saved my life'. You look at her astonished, trying to remember the last time you even saw this person before, the meeting meant so little to you at the time. 'Don't you remember? I was standing on the bridge, staring at the water, and you passed and said 'Good morning'."
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