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Old 16-08-2022, 10:01 AM
NoOne NoOne is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
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The OA and Kundalini

Some people on r/kundalini have recommended The OA as a TV-show relevant to Kundalini, so I binged-watch both seasons over the past week or so. The show isn’t exactly about Kundalini, but it is somewhat relevant to it, so I thought I’d note some of my observations which struck me at first viewing.

What immediately caught my eye, is the importance of NDEs to the show. Apparently, the creator of the show was inspired by a chance encounter at a party, where a girl told him about her NDE and he immediately noticed that she was “different”, had a different vibe about her, as if she had been touched by another, higher dimension.

I’ve had an NDE myself, as well as other mystical, out of body and astral experiences, so I can immediately see the connection here. A deep Samadhi experience is very similar to an NDE, except you don’t actually have to go through the agony of dying. Returning to the body after enjoying some time outside of it always feels weird though and changes you in profound ways. You will never be the same after realising you are not your body and exist completely independently of it.

Other parallels with Kundalini I noticed include the movements, which play a central role in the story. Doing the movements concurrently, in sequence and by 5 people is what unlocks special abilities, like healing and interdimensional travel. This is somewhat analogous to the concept of siddhis in Yoga and Tantra. The movements themselves look a bit like Kriyas, which are involuntary movements experienced by those that undergo a Kundalini awakening and form the basis of Yoga. They also look somewhat similar to Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chi Gong movements, presumably the showrunners blended all these traditions into one for cinematic value.

During actual Kundalini practice, a group setting isn’t necessary, this was done to enhance the storyline.

Now, for the heady stuff.

Does Interdimensional travel actually happen during NDEs and / or during a Kundalini Awakening?

In my experience, yes, though this is somewhat different from how it is depicted in the show.

During a KA, if it is a complete one and the serpent power manages to pierce the crown, the soul will usually exit the body and is taken into another dimension. First, it enters a dimensionless void, then it expands into infinity and into all dimensions, experiencing unitive consciousness. During an NDE, the soul also exits the body (in both cases, this happens through the bindu, an astral opening at the top back part of the skull), but the experiences had differ wildly, based on the spiritual predisposition and development of the soul. However, even when all that happens is that the spirit or astral body of the person floats around and consciously surveys its environment, it is clear that the experiences don’t take place in our normal everyday reality, but the consciousness of that person is shifted into another dimension.

I should note here that The OA uses the terms dimension, parallel universe and alternate reality interchangeably, which is incorrect from a physics standpoint, but I’ll stick to their usage for clarity’s sake. When OA uses the term dimension, it is usually a reference to an alternate reality.
Another feature of the interdimensional travel featured in the OA is the presence of helpers, who are sent to assist the traveller, both during NDEs and dimensional shifts. This is also present in the literature, both during NDEs and KAs. Though in the latter case it is far from universal. However, angelic beings, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, feature prominently in these experiences.

Apart from these noteworthy parallels, the rest of the OA universe is fictional and diverges significantly from the reality encountered by NDE and KA experiencers alike.
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Old 17-08-2022, 01:38 AM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
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Seeing you around after a long spell, NoOne ~ hope you are doing well
The Self has no attribute
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Old 17-08-2022, 06:01 AM
NoOne NoOne is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
Posts: 1,265
Hi US,

Thanks, I'm doing fine. I'm mostly active over on reddit these days.

I was just thinking how you were doing the other day. Hope you're fine too.
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Old 17-08-2022, 10:52 AM
DesertRose DesertRose is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
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Sounds interesting, I'll add it to my list..

Last edited by DesertRose : 17-08-2022 at 01:01 PM.
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