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Old 30-10-2018, 04:52 PM
Astro Astro is offline
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What an amazing experience that must have been!! The lion in the last pic looks like they were enjoying themself, I wonder if he/she was purring.

Originally Posted by ocean breeze
Here's a Lion encounter. It marks its territory by leaving claw marks on the tree. The lions are brother and sister. Obviously not cubs but not full adults either. Teenagers i suppose. Their skin feels nice and thick when you pet them.

I had the privilege of encountering many animals in the wild. I enjoyed encountering the hyenas and elephants as well.
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Old 30-10-2018, 05:07 PM
Dargor Dargor is offline
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A while ago when I was leaving the house of a close friend of mine, I encountered a cat that was friendly and wanted to interact with me even though we never met before. It was a wonderful experience that made my day a bit better.
Shall I give you dis pear?
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Old 29-12-2018, 04:10 AM
sentient sentient is offline
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Sorry it is a video, but real nevertheless ......

Memorable animal encounters at Margaret's house:
or Google: Tropic Gothic | New Zealand Geographic

^ With Much Love and Thank You.

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Old 30-12-2018, 03:38 AM
sentient sentient is offline
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In regards to the previous video – I was absolutely honoured and privileged, with sheer love and delight to come to know this - eco-warrior.
Her legacy should be known, plus she would like people to see her video.


Something happens …….. when you live in the wilderness. The Nature takes over your Psyche.
If you are afraid of heights – try climbing the Eiffel Tower – at one point you lose your fear.
It just becomes way too high up for you to even care anymore.

The same way – I lived in a caravan, in a rainforest – run over by spiders - wayyyy too many to count.
So your mind just flips over, you don’t even use the nets - you just brush the spiders off your bed and sleep like a log – the spiders crawling all over you – yet none ever bit me.

Was it my traditional healer grandmother, which affected me? ……. I don’t know (?).
According to her – you never-ever kill a spider – her Totem – because the Spider is your Mother.

The Spider Mother weaved the Wold so, that we as sentient beings have a connection i.e. *felt* interconnectedness with All That Is – and if you can feel the sentient connection – you can (spatially) navigate/travel the 7 multidimensional layers to the Central Sun and thus are empowered, all the way - in degrees ....

The Spider can also be the trickster – the very confusing situations in your life are like a cobweb and you have to find the Golden Thread that takes you back to the Central Sun.


The first house I owned was full of snakes. Yet the more you saw them - the more you lost the fear of them. I never killed them either.

Last edited by sentient : 30-12-2018 at 02:15 PM.
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Old 30-12-2018, 08:32 PM
blackraven blackraven is offline
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I saw a skunk that was walking continuously in a circle. A turkey vulture was sitting on the backstop of a horse shoe pit, watching the skunk. Silly me went up to the skunk to check on it. Then it suddenly took off and started chasing me up a hill. I made it back into the house and don't know what came of the skunk, but I think it may have been sick.
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Old 31-12-2018, 02:04 AM
naturewalker24 naturewalker24 is offline
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listening to Pink Floyds Animals

10th avenue
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Old 01-01-2019, 12:34 AM
malan789 malan789 is offline
Newbie ;)
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What a stunning knowledge - to be with these lionesses so gently. They should love people, or they should confide in you profoundly. Is this you, with them?
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Old 01-01-2019, 08:41 PM
naturewalker24 naturewalker24 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2017
Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Posts: 151
Originally Posted by malan789
What a stunning knowledge - to be with these lionesses so gently. They should love people, or they should confide in you profoundly. Is this you, with them?

hmmmmffff, adjectives

10th avenue
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Old 02-01-2019, 09:53 PM
sentient sentient is offline
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Prior to moving to the desert country, I saw a landscape in my mind’s eye – which I then painted.
I also saw dingo tracks – up in the sky - above that landscape – which I then drew in another picture.
It was a ‘vision’, but I didn’t know what it meant.

When I actually moved here, I looked at a lot of houses - but then when I entered into this one dwelling, I instantly felt every cell in my body relaxing. Repeated the exercise for 2 more times with the same result - so I bought the place. My body knew where it was right for me to be, so I listened to it.

Later on as I was looking for a place to put my painting of the desert country & I found the space for it in my bedroom, next to the window - I made a startling discovery. The painting I had made prior to moving to the desert and totally forgotten about, was an exact view from my bedroom window!

Later, when my parents were visiting – we collectively saw a scenario within that landscape – step by step – which I later learned – was the ‘Aboriginal Dreaming’ story of that very place, which actually startled me to the core, because I had gone through all the emotions and actions of it, in my mind’s eye, without first knowing the story.

An Elder wanted to take me to the cave, where this Dreamtime Entity is – but I didn’t go.
A Dingo - a wild dog brother invited me to the Ceremony – but I didn’t go.
I am not fond of ceremonies and I want to get into ‘stuff’ according to my own intuition and take it from there.

So now to the animal encounter:
With a couple of friends we went on a few trips deeper into the Central Australian desert country, camping in the National Parks etc.

Saw some absolutely spectacular places, but my favourite place was this one (dry river bed) gorge where we camped the night.
Early in the night I heard some howling in the distance for quite a long time .... but since the park had two camping sites; I thought that it probably was some idiot in that distant camping spot pretending to be a dingo or something.
Or maybe it was a real dingo - I couldn't tell.

Then I must have fallen asleep, can't remember of having any particular dreams though, but all of a sudden my dreaming did become lucid - when this eye, which at first looked like an Egyptian eye (The Eye of Horus), appeared in my dream. At a closer look, zooming into the eye, I saw that it was an eye of a dingo eyeballing me, and the dingo was wanting to say: "I have seen you!"

This woke me up at once, and just then! ....I heard this ever so soft short howl near my tent ........... thus "the eye" must have been her looking at me through the net & immediately after her howl - all around us! ... quite near and much further away ... all the dingos (so many of them ... like one closer ring and then another more distant ring), started to howl in chorus ... howls that the rocky canyon walls echoed ... and echoed ... and echoed ... and echoed ... and echoed ...

That was an absolutely magnificent moment!!!!
I was in a total rapture!

After that, couldn't sleep and I started to so long after these dingos, desiring to travel with them into the night ....
Silently in my mind I howled them back ... this special call (I made up in my mind or was it the signature howl I had heard, I don’t know) ... and then .... one lone dingo who had stayed behind .... howled ... m-y (it’s?) call!!!! ... two times!!!!

That was a moment of total magic when I couldn't tell, whether reality had become a dream, or dream a reality.

In the morning, when we left the camp, I "saw" a dingo in my mind's eye on the middle of the road .... ahead of us round a bend of that road, we were driving, and when we went round that bend .... of course, there she was!

Just love it, when synchronistic moments happen like that.
I assume the dingo who had eyeballed me ... howled my call or (?) was the one we saw standing in the middle of the road the next morning as we had formed a connection.

I mean .... talking about looking at yourself in the "mirror" or experiencing "Oneness" .... (when you look into an eye of another and see your own very innermost soul & spirit essence looking back at yourself in the form of another) ..... but this time it was an animal .... a dingo .... and we both knew it! A total vibrational alignment at the very core of your being .... transcending the physical into the realm of magical possibilities.

Later on some Elders in my area associated me with the Wild Dog (Dingo) Dreaming Totem and introduced me to the totemic kinship system.
I know my Siberian forefather had been a Wolf Totem.
Though these totemic systems are very different - there is some overlap to recognize.

Last edited by sentient : 03-01-2019 at 05:52 AM.
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Old 09-01-2019, 12:29 AM
sentient sentient is offline
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An unexpected animal encounter

Beginning of the weekend I got a baby scrub python dumbed/gifted on my doorstep in a plastic tub by some unknown person or persons.
It must have been illegally taken from the wild.
So what to do – what to do?
Call the RSPCA animal care – a snake catcher – what?

The poor thing had a crusty tail. But bathing it in a lukewarm water, the crust fell off and revealed a clear skinned tail that moved just fine.
Obviously it had been handled – it wasn’t snappy at all –and like a rag-doll it just totally relaxed with me - perhaps it was a female.

Fed it – it had a good appetite, lighting fast reflexes.

Seeing that it was bright eyed fine – there was no way I could be a possessor of a wild python living in a plastic tub! That is not a life of a python!
I cannot understand people who want to own wild animals.

Released it back into the wild.
But today everyone is asking if I’m alright, because I so don’t look it.
Well, I should be happy about the release, but the safety of that absolute sweetheart of a python plays heavily on my mind. I prayed for it – I’m still praying. I fell in love with it i.e. I started feeling like it was feeling – (I have no boundaries).

At first it just wanted to get back to me – to safety, but then the new smells of the natural environment got it so very curious – and it started exploring …… finding its way ……….

Still – I am beside myself now ….. did I do 'the right thing' .....
People just think about how threatening the snakes are – not realizing just how utterly vulnerable they feel …..

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