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Old 18-07-2022, 10:47 AM
WilemC WilemC is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 15
Seeing purple mist, energy being drawn from me?


Can anyone please help me with this... I've had ME/CFS for around 21 years and - even from the onset of the illness - whenever I've been resting with my eyes closed I've seen a violet mist in the shape of closing circles (not perfect circles, but that's the best way to describe it). The way it looks, it's as though something (energy I want to say) is being drawn out of me. Only in the past few months have I noticed (quite by accident) that a certain affirmation/prayer has the effect of stopping this, and very quickly too. This is the affirmation I use (which I found online):


"Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael:
I request your presence in the name of the creator, to support me in this process and to keep me protected for the highest and the greatest of good."

"I command that only pure, loving Christ energy is connected with me. I command that all lower energies are now released from my mind, body, spirit and aura for the highest and greatest of good."

"I break all negative connections that may have been formed which are not serving me, for the highest and greatest of good. I stand only in the light and love of the Creator. I command that all lower energies now leave my energy field, and so it is."

There are additional visualisations trust go with this, such as:

Visualise a beautiful, pure white light coming from the creators energy and moving down through the top of your head - all the way down through the core, the centre of your being - all the way down through your body, and as it flows through you it illuminates outwards and fills your aura with this beautiful, sacred Christ light.

This energy is also the universal life force energy and is extremely powerful. As this light flows through the centre of your being, it travels all the way through - and around - your body until it flows out through your feet, connecting you deeply with the protective and loving energy of Mother Earth.

Now bring your awareness to the centre of your being and sense how this light flow connects with your inner spirit. Just allow yourself a few moments to fully connect within to this power that is - and always has been - within you. Sense there's this powerful energy that is within you glows brighter in the centre of your being and connecting with the life-force energy, becoming brighter and brighter; giving you a sense of loving power and strength. As you do this, know that Archangel Michael is standing fairly close to you at this moment, helping you to connect with this inner power that is glowing so strongly within you now. Really start to feel this inner power growing. Feel the strength, feel the energy build within you right down to your core, your spirit, the centre of your being.


Even when I use the first part of this affirmation (the part in quotes) it has the effect of almost immediately stopping this thing that I first described (the violet pattern). It stops in less than 30 seconds, repeatably and reliably and I've grown to trust and be very grateful for the protection of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

I've read that there are demonic beings that can syphen our energy as we rest or sleep. So could this be what this is? I'm also presently in an unpleasant situation dealing with false accusations from my nextdoor neighbor. This individual has repeatedly attacked me, psychically (initially in the dream state), and I'm hearing her telepathically calling me hideous, monster etc. (which is both frightening and depressing as my self-esteem is already at rock bottom.) Just a few weeks ago she called me a monster with her actual voice, which confirms to me the source of the telepathy. As I'm in constant pain and fatigue the situation is becoming somewhat traumatic and unbearable.

But, could the reason for me seeing the aforementioned violet mist be a result of ongoing energy being drawn by her, or would it more likely be said negative entities, demonic beings? Things have gotten quite bad here, as this neighbour has already tried to have me evicted (and failed) and there are no new places in my price range for rent. Her abuse and harassment has been pushing me to thoughts of suicide but I won't give in to that.

I'm sorry, I didn't know where to correctly post this question (and affirmation). I'd be very grateful for any help or opinions on just what this violet mist is.

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Old 18-07-2022, 01:07 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 6,503
  FairyCrystal's Avatar
Glad the affirmation & visualisation work.
Do you feel a difference in well-being / energetically when it stops?
Where do you see this mist? All around you or more specifically? Is it spiralling out?

Personally, intuitively, I don't feel it has anything to do with your neighbour, however annoying she may be. Neighbours from hell are awful, I know as I got them too.

I somehow feel it is more related to your illness(es) one way or another, but not enough info.
Have you considered seeing a good reader/healer for this? Someone that can also tune into disease? All diseases have an energetic cause, so maybe a good reader/healer can bring you some alleviation.
Don't feel restricted to you area if you wish to find one. It works over distance just as powerfully so someone could even be in another country.
But that way you may get more insight in what's going on AND the reason for you having these illnesses AND some alleviation in one go.

Not sure if you know anyone, and also not sure if they do stuff in English, but the best for this that I know is Elohim Centre. The healers / readers they got are extremely high vibrational and trained and they work with illnesses more often, even cancer. Now cancer is extremely difficult to cure, but if someone can get alleviated that alone is worth a lot!

You could email them and ask. They aren't cheap but you will get top quality for sure. They're in The Netherlands, but can work via distance provided they do work in English. Since most Dutch people speak English quite well it should be possible.
Some things simply run too deep in our systems & body to sort on our own. That's why there are always other people that can offer help :)

I feel it's more related to past lives, and losing energy due to a past life issue.
Google Louise Hay for the energetic cause of your illnesses and see if it resonates.
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Old 18-07-2022, 01:50 PM
WilemC WilemC is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 15
Hi FairyCrystal,

Thanks so much for your help with this, I appreciate very much you taking the time to reply. That's interesting that you mention the potential of a former life impacting this current one. I've felt under attack really - in one form or other - since being a child. At around the age of nine (40 years ago now); I remember being pulled from my body and put into a boxing ring. I was quite young, but old enough to know the difference between a dream, imagination, and real life. This WAS real, and terrifying; though it lasted only around 5-10 seconds that was more than enough. When I found myself back in my body I ran screaming to my parents, trying to explain what had happened. This is the earliest highly stressful event that I can recall. But in the past year or so I've heard the thought voice "blood on your hands.", and I'm now wondering if perhaps I was a boxer in a former life who'd taken the life of a fellow boxer (unintentionally obviously). I don't have any interest in that sport (never have), I'm not interested in sports at all. And I don't look like a boxer, have no scars or marks that may have carried over from another life etc. (as can sometimes be the case). I trained as a wildlife illustrator, so really pretty far detached from most physical activities.

I have read that there are certain services that can remove curses, that sort of thing. It's not something I've been able to afford as yet...
...have just checked the site and service you mentioned (thank you for that), and the prices weren't anywhere near as high as I was expecting. However, I'm not in a position where I can use a phone or Skype - there's no privacy here. I wonder if they would consider a text-chat instead? It's something I may put to them.

I'm in agreement, I don't think the thing I mentioned was my neighbour as I've been experiencing this for over 20 years now, and I never knew her prior to a few years ago. In the back of my mind I was speculating if it could be demonic entities being attracted to the environment of fear [this person] has created here, that and the severe physical pain/fatigue etc. I have from the afore-mentioned CFS.

I do know that my anxiety lessens greatly if I exclude processed sugar and other unhealthy foods from my diet - but due to said bullying from her etc. I often find myself comfort eating :/ I need to exercise more WON'T power haha.

Well, thank you again FairyCrystal, again I really appreciate it
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Old 18-07-2022, 04:07 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 6,503
  FairyCrystal's Avatar
You're very welcome.
I'd just email them about possibilities. Asking is free, and you can then decide what to do.

I don't think demonic anything myself. People so easily move into that pattern of thinking, evil this that and the other, demonic blabla.
You can bump into an unpleasant entity (still not demonic) but oftentimes things have to do with what's stuck in your own system, even cell memory. That usually comes from past lives, for many all the way back to Atlantis.
I've lived in a house with bad energy and at first some 11 entities. I was the lucky one to get affected most by them. It was as if they wanted me out, likely cos I was the one who made sure we got an exorcist in which is not what they like, right. They prefer to stay where they are as mostly these are spirits stuck after passing, spirits that didn't got to the Light, and these tend to be scared. Some are downright nasty, but many are simply scared.
Still not evil. Evil is an entirely different ballgame. Unfortunately many people easily go there with their thinking, I guess because they know about that (movies etc.) and not so much the other options which I mentioned here.

And yes, a house, the soil it's built on, or veins underneath it (water, leylines, etc.) can carry negative energies. If it's water vein, it sometimes comes from miles away!
That was the case with the house I lived in, the village pump used to be right next to it and inside the house was an underground well still, also underneath the neighbours' house.
That's an endless road to fix as that water can originate miles from there and you haven't a clue where nor what it carries.
On top of that the house was built on a so called Fairie Path or Dodenweg. Really handy, not... In the past when people were wiser they never ever built a home on such a line. We managed to kind of fix that disturbance, but it was a lot for one house.
Stuff that happened in the area or in the house can also affect it, be in the structure. (war, a very unhappy family, etc.)

In any case, just to show what kind of things there can be that can cause all kinds of disturbance, from illness (I was the lucky one :/ ), to other odd things occurring, and still not be evil.

In any case, I'd mail them, tell them your issues and experience and ask for options.
In the meantime try to find a way to not give your power away to your neighbour and take better care of yourself. Like changing your diet back to healthy for your own well-being and self-love and self-worth.
Find other ways to comfort yourself that are not damaging to you and your body. It might help to place a huge rose quartz against the neighbouring wall. Tip from Judy Hall. And rose quartz isn't all that expensive.
Call on the angels & Spirit to help sort the situation, oftentimes this helps tremendously. You don't need to know how or when, just ask and trust.
Pull your energy back from the neighbours so it can be around you as it should be. That in itself might even lighten the situation as you subconsciously reaching out all the time will be subconsciously felt and cause irritation.
And keep in mind that you are now giving your power away to her!! Is that what you want to do? She has no right to it, can't do anything with it either btw, didn't ask for it. It is yours and yours alone. Why are you giving it away? Why do that to yourself?
Maybe the full realisation of that can help to pull it back.

In any case, good luck!
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Old 18-07-2022, 06:07 PM
WilemC WilemC is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 15
Thanks FairyCrystal - I'll see about getting some rose quartz - I don't really have much to do with crystals like I probably should. I often hear the word 'crystal' (thought voice) at the weirdest of times, so I assume I'm being directed to learning more about them. Most of the time I feel utterly overwhelmed/shattered so learning anything new is daunting. I'm just so thankful to have found one thing that I can verify actually works (the initial affirmation/prayer I mentioned). Anything else is fantastic, including great advice from yourself of course.

I had wondered in the past if the house I lived in prior to this had some unfortunate geographic location that made it difficult to live in (ULF/EMF was a big concern as we had a large telephone pole not far from our house). But I have heard too about it not being such a good idea to live on/by/near water. So that's very interesting re: what you mentioned about water! Also about the Fairie Paths, these aren't really things that people think about when contemplating a new move. Perhaps they should be! Believe me, I'm trying every trick I can think of regards not dwelling on neighbors, due to having a history of being bullied every time I hear their voices I tense up, so I have white noise playing on headphones most of the time, which is very helpful and calming. It's a useful bandaid whilst I look elsewhere to rent. I also have a couple of lovely katts that are wonderful stress-relievers ;)

Yes, the last thing I want is to be giving away energy when I barely have any, but it's not so easy to draw your focus away from people who've been making your life a living misery. One thing that has helped too, is focusing on the good things I have to be thankful for. I know that no hell or misery lasts forever! It just feels like it sometimes.

Thanks again.. :)
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Old 18-07-2022, 06:28 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 6,503
  FairyCrystal's Avatar
With neighbours it is difficult. I've been in the situation before when younger, and that time it was way worse than what I'm dealing with now, even though the current situation is also highly frustrating.
The first time it almost gave me a burn-out. We did move house thank goodness.

It does help to focus on other things otherwise you're subconsciously listening non-stop to hear something from their end and then you spike again. You can break that circle even though it isn't easy at first.
But like your brain can learn to not hear church bells or a train anymore when living close to either, it can also learn to ignore neighbours and their sounds.

As for houses... if you resonate with for instance entities or geopathic stuff or otherwise, you can move house but will likely attract a similar house. That continues until you resolve the inner issue.

I would think about the Fairie paths, although you won't always know. But if it's close to a church (we lived right next to one) or called anything like "church road" (even if the church isn't there no more), church path, gallow way, or whatever you can be fairly sure it is right on a Fairy Path or Dodenweg. Esp. when the buildings are older as the names usually come from times long gone, when people were still wiser concerning this.
I researched this a lot when living in that one house still.
When I moved into my current home I did put my antennae out before excepting it. It felt good. Dormant in a way, but good, nothing bad. I cleansed it shortly after moving in, put a spiritual lock on it too. And my presence, what I do and all my crystals etc. have woken the place up, it's a happy house now. Lot had to do with use of colours on the walls. The colours that were here, and odd pink-beige, absorbed all the light and other walls had greyish-beige which had a very 'dead' feel to it. Then there were horrible brown walls & doors, one room had both aqua AND dark red which made no sense and very chaotic, etc. etc.
After I'd harmonised that with the right colours the house seemed to jump for joy and bounce back from its slumber.
But nothing bad. And if I've had stress or something I smudge the downstairs.
Works a treat, I can recommend it. White sage.
First thing I did was change all that.
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Old 20-07-2022, 11:41 AM
WilemC WilemC is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 15
That's interesting re: colours, all my walls are beige lol I'm not far from a church, just a couple of streets away at the bottom of a hilly road - there also happens to be a fairly large pond close to the church too (across the road from the church). Yea, not sure about anything changing when I move - the inner issue I guess would be feeling safe, probably not giving away power - as you rightly allude to.

I do feel as though I need to work harder on being more positive, and not forcing myself to see myself as [a bullying-type individual might see me]. One thing I must do is to not give in to anger as I know from personal experience that just makes me more attractive to negative entities/energies. The reason I mention about demonic entities before was because - at the lowest point of my life - around 13 years ago I had an extremely vivid nightmare where I was shown a large book with an assortment of confusing symbols that I couldn't comprehend... then I was shown a list of names of people "who don't believe they're possessed". Among them was my own name, the unstated premise being that I was considered possessed. At that point I had been living with my parents still and in the same home as someone who had abused me as a child, I couldn't get away, I couldn't go homeless either due to having illness and needing care from my parents - at the time. Renting was out of the question also as my finances wouldn't have allowed it back then. But I had been waking up in a state of terror, spending all day in terror and going to sleep in terror. It was that way for around 7 years, and to this day I don't know I didn't take my own life.

But, I've exhausted myself to the point of giving up. If it happens at
the next place, so be it but I know that I've done all I can. I can't push myself past 100%, and believe me I've been at 100% for a long, long, very time. I'm not totally onboard with the idea that absolutely everything is a projection of our own mind. People are still 'out there' making new crimes / creating new karma. Free will is important. If I knew nothing would ever change, that being perpetual bullied by narcissists would never cease - no matter where I resided, then there would really be no point in going on - no end in sight to the suffering.

But yes, home decor is very personal isn't it (getting back to that), I recall looking at a former home we used to live in as kids - in it the walls had black wallpaper with white and gold flowers I think they must have been high. I've read about smudging, but have read mixed opinions about it - that it could potentially be dangerous. Mind you, wherever you look online there's always contradictory opinions about, well, everything.
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Old 20-07-2022, 12:26 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 6,503
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Maybe you can try taking small steps instead of attempting to take a huge one. Don't leap before you can walk.
Small steps could be looking into new places to live that you can afford. Thinking how you can move (help, boxes, redecorating cost etc.).
How can you begin to focus on more positive things? What makes you happy? And how could you implement that in the current situation?
Don't suppress anger, that's unhealthy. Instead feel what the emotion underneath that is. Sadness, rejection (= hurt) etc.
Anger is a secondary emotion you see, not a primary one. Usually underlying is pain.
Find out what the underlying cause for your illnesses are (Google. Louise Hay ME, Louise Hay CFS).
Ask Spirit for help to bring you insight and clarity on which way to go and how to go about it. Then heed the sign you receive.
Etc. etc.

By doing such things you already shift from "hopeless" and "giving up" into a state of seeking solutions and answers. You may not get the solution right away, but it is a shift, a step in the other direction.
Small steps.
Like you can't go from depression (for example) to sheer joy & happiness in one go. It takes small steps that lead from the first to the latter.
Begin to work on that.

You might also benefit from a good personal card reading. On YouTube you find many readers offering Pick a Cards. That way you can watch and feel if their energy & work resonates with you and decide which one to address.

Again, you can keep looking at the current, old situation and direction, or turn around and begin looking at more new & refreshing & positive.
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Old 27-07-2022, 01:56 PM
WilemC WilemC is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 15
Thank you again FairyCrystal, for all your help and sorry for the delay. Not been too well this past week.
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Old 28-07-2022, 08:10 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 6,503
  FairyCrystal's Avatar
You're welcome, and no problem. Hope you're feeling good again now!
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