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Old 03-05-2020, 08:18 PM
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Reborn Endlessly

As you had gazed down from your perch into the Souls of mankind did you feel love or envy? What motivates a seraphim to fall? To desert their post as a Valkyrie and leave others to wander aimlessly with out their guidance. What was your crime against the Fates, Against the very Divines themselves, that they felt the need to entrap you in a paradoxical loop as your punishment? You struck into this world with all the ferocity of a shooting star and as you stood from the ashes of your First Life you began even then to March onward against all adversity. You came upon a desert king who weighed your hearts guilt against a feather, you had expected to fail this simple test but you arose into your second life with conviction. Did you master your craft whether it was herbalism or a tempest? Did you wield wild mana before they burned you. And so you arise from the ashes yet again only to find that you must always face some form of adversity in each life. The eternity becomes maddening as your soul longs for rest. Once again your met with a terrible fate upon that next lifes end, the memories of your past lives begin fading into a dust only glimpsed in a dreamscape of your minds own making.

"You awake in a harbor, as the bells toll a sign that the boats and ships shall be departing soon, the ferrymen are accepting pay for safe passage and you can smell an oncoming storm on the wind. You make your way to stand in line and as your turn to pay comes you search your pockets for the coin, you find nothing, in your quit panic you turn to run for home to look for what you need. As your running you hear the thunder peal and crack, you see the lightning flash and as you turn to glance behind, deaths honest hand has found a sure grasp.

Your now alone upon your island, the ships to paradise are upon twilights horizon fading from view. The waves become alive with rage and the torrent weeps from the sky as you fall to your knees in perfect understanding. The storms own nature seems to be violently hostile against you and then a wave unlike those before it rises up to the heavens above and crashes into you and the earth below, washing away every thing, every doubt, every thing that may have been a blight upon your soul has been struck from it for now. The current carries your soul down the rivers of time, as the fates wash you to shore and invoke upon you a curse of reincarnation. You won’t ever have the payment for your ferryman, because your doomed to roam this earth and go back and forth within it."

For all of your lives you toiled endlessly against a sea of pain, stumbling at times but always standing back up with conviction. You've delved deep into your own soul searching for some new linchpin, some sort of bedrock upon which to forge a new foundation yet despite yourself you are found wanting even when your search turns outwards to the Divines. No one rises to meet you this day, no higher power offers you shelter nor helps to pick you up. Your forced to forge a path ahead by your own willingness to commit to meaningful change. Yet the madness of eternity lingers, and as you continue to march onward beneath that sea of pain a crack begins to form in the looking-glass, creatures born of yourself begin to spill forth from your Wonderland into the primordial soup of your imagination. Your own demons marshal against you but you gather them and make a pyre which burns every thing all away, the hellscape is reduced to seemingly lifeless ash.

You once again awaken in a harbor as the bells begin to toll, expected to repeat as you always have the same epilogue before your end and rebirth. The smells are the same, the sounds are the same, even some of the other Souls are the same, yet you find that you are not. You've your own boat to sail for your own fate, before you depart you embrace the ferryman one final time, his one eye gleams in the moonlight with a profound kindness and understanding that till now had escaped your awareness. You perch upon your ship in your Raven black form, your feathers painted by all you've endured till now, you wear your darkness with pride. And as you embark into the unknown, that torrent that once swept you along stream tries to once more. You sail against all that adversity into the next Life. A fog thickens around and you begin to fear that you've lost your way, upon a distant shore you see the flickering of a Lighthouse. You use it as a guide post, the torrent consumes your ship but your a Valkyrie, you nearly forgot that you could fly so just in time your wings unfurl and beat feverishly against this oncoming storm. As you near the Lighthouse a figure of beauty stands vigilant in the flames, a perched Phoenix standing guard as a Lightbearer, as a Torchbearer waiting to pass on the flames. She is your Lighthouse, your path out of the darkness. That pile of ash deep in your heart that was seemingly lifeless reignites from the love she radiates and is kindled by the hope she has imparted to you. Every fiber of your being burns with a living fire, your transformed into a Phoenix that shines with such ferocious passion that it blinds those who don't understand the meaning of your Light. From that moment onwards I was no longer a son of despair but a daughter of the light.

"Hate is always foolish while love is always wise, never fail to be kind." - Doctor Who

Be a Lighthouse to lead others from out of their darkness, carry the flames and pass them onwards.

I'm a witch with the soul of a phoenix, against all odds I stand against any forms of adversity or hate, my words are my fire, my spell that echoes through out time, so let it be written, so let it be known. My goddess is a living everlasting flame, she dances forever upon the seas of time, each footfalls ripple, echoing into our hearts. She is a goddess of kindness, passion, love, freedom, but also Chaos.
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