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Old 07-10-2021, 03:44 PM
Ghaleon Ghaleon is offline
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"And he (the chief archon) repented for everything which had come into being through him. This time he planned to bring a flood upon the human creation.
The Secret Book of John

The Flood story which will change depending on who's telling it. It will either put En.ki/Yaldaboath/Lucifer in a good light or a bad one. When the story needs to fit a particular narrative to favor the Authorities the shift of "blame" is put on Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta or the Orions. One of En.ki's true alter ego's and or aliases is Loki (The Trickster God). In the end it really doesnt matter which side of the story we subscribe to the end result was the same, Yaldaboath got a wiped out humanity and a chance to start all over, to start anew.

After the Deluge 13,000 years ago the planet was seeded with the new rna & dna, a grid, a artificial soul, a corrupt mind and the "bloodlines" Genetic engineering and manipulation once again ensued and the spirited humans (us) within the general population descended once again into a more solid part of matter. In the Second Atlantis that realm which existed in the 6th Heaven was alot less solid and a much larger planet which is why humans could live 930 years on average and giants of various sizes we roaming the Earth (Tiamaat) at that time. When the catastrophe happened in the end period of the antediluvian time or time before the flood and from the time when the second atlantis was established there was petrification around the whole planet. En.ki then took a chunk of Tiamaat, the parts that had flew closer to the sun and created the new Earth while the remainder became the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is not the remnants of the actual planet but the debris is a reflection of it that we see here all the way down here in 3-D. Therefore all the planets that we see in the solar system are all reflections mirrored here in the most dense part of matter. This is also why we see mountains in the shape of faces and other shapes of beings as well as ancient deep sea creatures which survived. Not everything was destroyed in the Deluge!

It is also important to understand that Lucifer (Yaldaboath and he goes by many many names) and Satan (he goes by many many names, titles, aliases etc) are not the same being! They are two separate entities with they're own personaes respectively. One placed himself in the physical universe as "God" and the other is the son of the chief creator who is Marduk (Satan). It is my conviction that even though Marduk currently holds the title of Satan (The adversary of humanity) he is playing a role and is not in opposition to his father (whom he is suppose to be the adversary to) but is working together with him against humanity.

No one knows how this will all turn out. En.ki could invade Orion or the Consummation of the Age will happen first, they have to do with the ending of the Consummation of Ages in which the next Consummation will be the last one. We are leaving the age of Pisces (Thoth the messenger, En.ki's first born son) and into the age of Aquarius which is En.ki/Yaldaboaths own age.

We are in the middle stages of the Kingdom of the Machine and the Singularity is set to be fully in place by 2045 (i think it will be sooner than this looking at the world today). All we can do at this point is live our lives, gain gnosis within our lifetimes, be in the world but not of it help with spreading light (knowledge) in this construct then when the day comes when our physical body expires, "exit" this realm. Even though we humans out number them greatly in far larger numbers it is still the Archons (Whom are true ET'S, Interdimensionals and AI respectively) world and they are running this world behind the scenes in the higher dimensions/Heavens while the rest are they're own people coming from different star systems. The Global Elite thus run by these souls coming from elsewhere have taken on a human body are the Minions and they are called the Minions for a reason. It is very important to them to keep polarity in tact which is why we in the general population are constantly being kept in fear and terror.

I dont see anything from En.ki in terms of redemption as he is not redeeming himself at this particular time. He is good AND evil and this is his nature, he is dualistic. Yaldaboath also does not love his creations (us) despite many saying otherwise but he can and will "use" us because he needs us in that way, to serve him, his Empire, The Luciferian Empire in his quest to be king of the 100% creation not just the physical part of the universe within the multiverse.

Source/All That Is (The Monad) is within us not something external to us. I don't believe in saviors or a genuine second coming. It is my conviction that each person is responsible for saving themselves period but also if the savior is on the outside then the enemy is as well. There is an option for those who do not wish to become a whole new species or those nor those do not wish to repeat the constant cycles of reincarnation (with amnesia) and ascending into higher Dimensions/Heavens but we have to do the work ourselves to the best of our ability, spread the light in different ways and lighten up this construct then after this lifetime "transcend" the Demiurges realm!

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