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Old 31-08-2020, 09:22 PM
SpiritualFreedom SpiritualFreedom is offline
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Satan is just a character that represents your own negativity consciousness.

NDEs are like the hardcore version of an OBE haha
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Old 01-09-2020, 03:31 AM
Heightend-Awareness Heightend-Awareness is offline
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Who/What is Satan

A topic that had me bothered for some time now. That I decided to find out more and put it to bed.
What/who is Satan and what/who is Lucifer?
After doing my research reading through religious, metaphysical, mythical, legends, accounts of people (used as a vessel) of channelling exercises to connect with higher density beings and cheating by myself using claircognizance. I determined Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities. I got tired and annoyed by people saying in their contexts that Satan and Lucifer are one in the same. Simply put, they're not. They are two separate beings that had and have two separate agendas.

Who and what is Satan? Satan is more of a title given to the leader/king whatever, just like the Romans called their leader Caesar, the Russians Czar.. etc
This is where you need to hang onto your seat. Keep an open mind. Please, it will bend it mind.

Most people believe in aliens and most don't, for those who don't, think about this. The expanse of the universe the mind blowing number of galaxies and quadruple the amount of stars in each and the amount of planets that would orbit even 1% would be in the millions, for possibilities of other forms of life. But we already knew that. Because a lot, mega amounts of souls that reside here come from somewhere else. Not to mention a multiverse and other dimensions.
From the information collected by, through the person used as a conduit for the purpose of the channelling exercise revealed many things.
Firstly, lets reacquaint ourselves with known E.T's of our own universe, please forgive me if I have missed any. I am relying on memory with the races I list.
In no particular order, Andromadans, Acturians, Sirrians, Lyrans, Orions Group (mixed bag, where I originate from) Peladians, Avians, The Greys and the Alpha Draconians (Reptilian Race) & Puppet masters of the Greys.
Lets look at some legends. St. George slayer of the dragons. Chinese mythology strewn with dragon legend.
Look at religious depictions of demons and devils. Most have the similar depiction we see in movie s. As that is where movie makers originalities for them come from. They have the ability to shape shift. They are mostly very tall and fearsome looking. Now you get the idea how they looked like for religion? Where do you find lizards? In warm places. If they are shape shifters, they can only maintain that for so long. So where would they go that they can be themselves and be toasty warm? Very close to the core of our planet. The unfortunate ones that have been to hell and back, recalling smelling of sulphur & seeing lakes of fire guess where they went and now you know where hell(our planets core, or very near to it) is!

Lets take a look at the Alpha Draconians. They are a caste system style race of Reptilians. So you have your Royalty, Aristocracy, Political, Religious, Warrior, servant classes and so on. The only tier which is endowed with wings and are the tallest of the lot is the royal caste. Here is a side note to speak of quickly without going to far off topic, is any being that is iron based carbon bodies have red blood, significant to iron ore. Now this will blow most of you away and get your panties all twisted. Most of have heard the saying, “royal blood is blue blood”, right? Where does that come from? As red blood is iron based (hence people with iron deficencies etc). Blue blood is copper based. Which means, IT AINT HUMAN! FULL BLOODY STOP!
Wait for it, the blood of the Draconians, particularly the royal caste is... wait for it you guessed it blue, copper based blood. What is being described is that most of the royal families mostly the European ones are blue bloods. That's why back in the day they married one another and kept in in the family to keep the bloodline pure and when they give birth to freak offspring...just a bit tasteless.
Do you see a pattern. Do you know the real truth why Princess Diana died? It wasn't a freak accident. It was a two parter. One it was a sacrifice to the Godess Diana, and secondly Diana knew and saw what the faces behind the facade really is and looked like and was going to go public with it. Also Diana and QEII never liked each other to begin with. Diana even called QEII Lizzy, not being short for Elizabeth either. This is all documented in her journal and letters to her confidant. An alleged palace source had sensationally claimed that Harry's biological father is in fact a Welsh Guards Officer named Mark Dyer. Because of all this QEII had MI6 off her and made it look like a freak accident. Remember what I have said many times. “Everything in the universe is done for a reason, nothing is random.”

Back on track. The Draconians are ferocious, fearsome, overwhelming (physical and mental/psychic). They have no remorse, lack any compassion or empathy and have a total disregard of humankind. Basically they hate our guts of the highest order and with a passion. We are less than pond scum to them. Draconians love to drink human blood, especially after torture or inflicting pain in various forms to release hormones and adrenaline into the victims blood which they drink and eat the flesh of in a orgy and banquet and ritualistic settings. This is just the beginning of Satanism.
So, back to the original question. Who is Satan? He is the King of the Draconians. Or Satan of Darconia. What I mentioned earlier, is what they want on a global scale and that Satanism be the worlds religion.
I will post part 2 , Lucifer at a later date. I thought you might need some time to get your head around this. Mind bending Ha...
'The two most important days in your life; the day you were born and the day you find out why.' - Mark Twain

Ha ezek lennének az utolsó szavaim, minden jót kívánok az élet során. Ahogy mindent megtettem, hogy figyelmeztesselek. Béke és szeretet mindig - HA

Yes, I spell my alias incorrectly on purpose. To prove I am not perfect. Yet.

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Old 01-09-2020, 11:57 AM
Altair Altair is offline
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Originally Posted by Rickswordfish
How do we know ndes are not deceptions caused by satan what proof is there that theyre not?

An NDE is when you are very close to death, and supposedly have left your body. It can happen during operation in the hospital or in a traffic crash or during injury. Some are said to have been clinically dead. This is a ''neutral'' experience. Can happen to you, me, or anyone else.
If you talk about ''satanic'' deception, then read what the deception was about. How does that relate to NDE?
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Old 01-09-2020, 10:40 PM
SpiritualFreedom SpiritualFreedom is offline
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NDES are exactly like OBE's.

You just move your consciousness from your physical body, into your spiritual body in locale 1 or the duplicate dimension of the physical.

"Satan" is just a character from the bible that represents having a fearful state of mind that's all there is. It's not an external being at all, neither jesus, neither god.

All there are is just characters to represent an state of consciousness.
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Old 02-09-2020, 03:35 AM
BigJohn BigJohn is offline
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Originally Posted by Rickswordfish
How do we know ndes are not deceptions caused by satan what proof is there that theyre not?

What purpose would it serve if NDEs were caused by Satan?

   ⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜ ⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜⁜

        Happiness is the result of an enlightened mind whereas suffering is caused by a distorted mind.
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Old 05-09-2020, 01:41 AM
Arjhan Arjhan is offline
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Originally Posted by BigJohn
What purpose would it serve if NDEs were caused by Satan?
That's an excellent point! Especially when one considers that many people come back changed for the better after their NDEs. What's satanic about that?
"When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun.'" -Groucho Marx
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Old 22-04-2021, 04:22 PM
lostsoul13 lostsoul13 is offline
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Santan is fleeing: as to not get caught as you will trying to portray the devils work... near death experiences are logical all true just can’t meet the horizon a lot of the time! I’ve had experiences yet to fully cross over yet!
Vampire speed..

Arabic first language (English)—- bear with me and please be patient)
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