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Old 09-03-2012, 03:37 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, you are all in the process of creating with the vast reserves of spiritual talent that has lain dormant for many lifetimes. These are the whole formula toward

creating with wisdom and love. When the veil is rent, the facade falls away, to reveal a palate replete with colors you did not know were at your disposal. You are

indeed configuring a new world and this time you will remember your mistakes fully, so that they are eliminated from your consciousness in recreating your world. Pay

attention to your lives, your dreams, and all information that comes your way of a spiritual nature. You are re-emerging with your highest nature and being taught a

new way to create. Force is of the past, the new creation will be based in love and cooperation. The earth will fully be respected and honored and this will extend to

yourselves and your neighbor. The new insights will be shattering to your old concepts because the revelation will be far beyond your expectations. You are all being

observed at this time, observed on many levels. What will you do and how will you do it? Using wisdom in your decisions will be somewhat foreign at first as you have

mostly acted out of your emotional bodies, now your higher self will lead the way. You still have free will, in wisdom you will link your will to the divine concepts and

know the body from a higher perspective. This will be a time of self rule. No longer do you need to have another maintain your order. Balance and order are your

spirits innate qualities that are a true morality based on understanding oneness as truth. You are not confined in your thoughts, these will link to the cosmic mind and

ever inspire you to create scenarios expansive and joyful. There are innumerable outcomes being presented by your spirits. All will insure that you leave behind disorder

and chaos, these are no longer a part of your spiritual evolution and will be purged from the earth. There is so much for you to be grateful for. You have reached a

turning point in your progression and this leads to advanced insight and new approaches to old problems. Your inner eye will be this new guidance, the inner will

manifest your outer world and you will at last understand that creation is a process of inner realization first and outer reality follows suite. You will distrust that which

comes from the outside, a definite shift from your old perception of reality. Your densities lighten, your minds being cosmic, cannot be fooled, your hearts are your

greatest ally in remembering who you are, and as your multidimensional aspect is revealed, you are no longer tied to the earth but allowed to reach beyond limitation to

the sublime realms beyond your old 3D existence. It is a time to celebrate your homecoming dear ones, it is the beginning of wisdom. Babaji
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Old 11-03-2012, 04:38 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, freedom is the choice to overcome the false self and relinquish all the false perceptions that you adhere to out of habit. One cannot pretend that victory is

at hand, it must become your very nature. In choosing alignment with the Divine, you are letting go of all the false precepts, so you can again open to the last goal,

which is fulfillment of the spirit in truth. Each has set a timetable for their progress back to the divine and then must choose to adhere to this timetable. You can

always choose to accelerate your progress and are encouraged to do so, especially at this time. The changes that are occurring in you solar system have a direct

effect on all of creation on your planet, and this supersedes the past. It is the overlay of the Divine awakening in matter. This overlay will eventually soften the illusion

of duality and hold each of you again in unity. It is the light that transforms matter, and love that reveals form into formless. Your levels of ego experience will fall

away because this will no longer fit true perception. It is a turning inside out the false nature by removing that which has no true value. The ego has served as a

mirror to the earth and to humanity. Your will, will no longer be covered with the veil of ignorance as nature reveals her secrets to the meek and loving. If one has not

overcome their inner density but has made the choice to fulfill their inner blueprint, these will be given yet another chance to overcome. None are truly lost, not all

have chosen to ascend in this journey, many are here to observe and take note for another time. As you integrate these energies, remembrance will descend and the

knowledge once hidden opens again to the earth. It is the peaceful and humble spirits that will move the earth to the higher octaves. One acts as a conduit for this

energy but the soul must be cleared of all darkness, projections and fears. If this were no so dear ones, these vessels could not hold the light required to up-shift the

earth. It is important that you look deeply within and cleanse your being of the false nature. Recognize the fear, jealousy, blame and anger that still resides in your

cellular matrix and cleanse with meditation and awareness. You are invited to open your hearts fully now, and surrender the false to the Divine, so you can be remade

in light. All darkness will flee if you sincerely call for this cleansing, then hold the light and refuse to fall back into the trap of ignorance. It need not be a struggle, you

are making a choice to upgrade your level of awareness by letting go of the untenable past. Some misunderstand surrender for weakness, but dear ones you are weak

when aligned with the ego and strong when aligned with truth. The worldly view, has long been distorted to hold captive you soul, that yearns for eternal release. In

returning to oneness, we are living as we were designed, as fully conscious beings. Babaji
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Old 13-03-2012, 04:10 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, whatever you have learned from your past will again be presented to you in the coming months. This will test your mettle and remind you again that you are

more than a mortal being. You will be required to stand your ground and broadcast to the ether who you are. You are stepping up then, and acknowledging what you

stand for and why you chose to incarnate in this time. In this is your greatest glory, for you are proclaiming who you are, and when this is done it cannot be denied by

any powers that exert control. The fear based mind must be wiped clean and the mind of love adopted as your own. Whether you stand up to abuse in the physical,

mental or emotional is up to you, but each will face the outer conflict if not resolved within. Therefore dear ones, be strong. repeat to yourselves your worth as

children of light and express your unwillingness to give in to repression. The forces of love always conquer the forces of deceit, there is nothing to fear in this, it is one

of the prime reasons you have chosen to be here as bearers of light so you can broadcast love to all living on your planet. The earth will speak through you, she will

express through your own will and her purpose shall also be fulfilled. Do you see your purposes are the same? She expresses through all life and life is given to these

expressions. She holds each of you dear, there is no blame yet she releases your expressions in earthly events such as earthquakes and volcanoes. The more love you

hold the easier the passage for all. The children of light are spread throughout the earth so that balance is brought without undue stress in a few areas. Do you

understand, dear ones, how important your presence is. It is not a time to go into fear. Know that you are the strength and power of love and nothing can topple your

divinity. As every passage is presented in time and space, the children of light are present, as you are now. See your bodies holding light and let that light shine into

the world. Hold love in your heart and extend your heartfelt love outward to all beings, without judgement. This dear ones is your most urgent task. In all

circumstances that are presented to you, be calm and centered, holding light. I am confident you will all surpass the expectations of those who observe you. This is

not your first assignment, many of you have volunteered to carry light in other realities. We perceive your iron wills when pushed to your limits. Perseverance and

intent toward a peaceful and loving existence will turn around the present conflicts. Those who have attempted to hold you back, fear your power. They know only

force and have fallen deep into delusion, losing sight of their own divinity. You will remind these of who they are, although they may falter and refuse to turn to light,

the memory will be rekindled. You see, dear ones, healing is for all, and the dramas presented for all are deeply based in love and honor for all your brothers and

sisters. None can walk away without a shift in awareness. It is the law of balance playing out, for all involved. Creation in duality offers the greatest lessons, because

the mirrors are vast and not easily missed. In balance all are winners and those who leave the earthly realm will again rise in consciousness, just as you are doing.

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Old 15-03-2012, 04:00 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, every nation in the world has made an agreement to play a certain role in this cosmic play. At one time these nations were merely land masses before

being thought of as property or ownership. There was once unity and peace in the world for long periods, golden ages before your mostly false histories were

recorded. (You are better served to look at your so called myths and study these). The nations of the world are representing certain aspects of human emotions.

Some are warring, some imperialists, some peaceful and humble. Each is a part of the mirror that sends a message to the cosmos. Those nations that do not

respect their inhabitants or the inhabitants of another nation will fall. If a nation is not united in peaceful action, it will fall. A nation that destroys in the name of

progress will fall. Does that not give you pause? The nations of the world have moved in the direction of self preservation without a thought of the rest of the

world. This repression and greed has become a cancer on the planet and it cannot continue in this way. You are all aware of this. You can see that it cannot

continue. Chaos only creates more chaos, and then it destroys itself. In the same manner, you are acting as fragments of the divine, undergoing the same process.

If you are not united in love and concern for others dear ones, you are heading for destruction. The body was made to interact with the world and relate in a loving

manner. When there is a lack of unity the facade begins to crumble. Therefore, recognize the darkness, the chaos that resides within your body and mind and heal

it. As this is taking place in each being, it translates to the earth- to the place that one resides, so as numbers of those who choose love increase, there will be less

chaos apparent, yet the old standard must go, it is based on the false and as a defective construct it cannot continue. As all is energy, you will all have an hand in

how this energy will be restructured in a positive construct that unites instead of separates. The nations that are humble and care for their people will be the

leaders. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Life is not disconnected as you have all been taught. The entire cosmos is based in love and through

creation all eventually come back to love. The experiment on earth is certainly not over, you all have a hand in recreating in love and peace, learning to love all

peoples as one. Hardship is only created in cause and effect, the balances that bring all back to order. There is order, dear ones, lest it seem the world has gone

mad, there is a plan and a greater structure in place that is not apparent to most, yet it stands ready to fulfill its purpose and pass the lesson on to other emerging

planets. The players are all assembled to complete the experiment begun long ago in this linear time construct. Always align yourselves with love, dear ones, it is

what will pull the pieces together to form a new and beautiful creation. There is still to come true unity and balance. Babaji
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Old 17-03-2012, 04:05 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Please remember, dear ones, your efforts toward peace do not go unnoticed, as has been mentioned, all loving thought and actions are recorded by the cosmos. You

are all adding to the cosmic knowledge in all you do and feel. Some direct you toward fear, because this energy has been manipulated. Dear ones what do you feel

is the strongest, love or fear? You can trace your lessons back to a place where you began to understand that love always creates a positive result. Some forget

and then it is necessary to repeat lessons again and again until love is chosen as the energy of wisdom. It always comes down to choice and you are living choice in

every moment. When the balance toward love increases in your field, you will notice this. Those in denial, are choosing also. There is always movement toward

balance, but it is not always implemented and in the imbalance more lessons emerge. You are creating on such a level that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed.

Too much, too fast as the spirit within waits to be acknowledged and recognized as truth. Some hold back out of fear, fear of making change, fear of creating

differently. Not all respond to love dear ones, because they have shut off the inner senses and look only to the outside for information. Hence, these your brothers

and sisters choose ignorance for a time, but do not be surprised if many more turn to the light when understanding dawns. It is ever helpful to surround the earth

with light and loving intention, recognize your power in this. You are all remembering that there is more to you than you had previously imagined. The creative spark

is ever ready to be tapped into and aligned. The spirit is sovereign, wise, its' reality is vast and unlimited. Think about this , dear ones, let your imagination stretch

beyond your past limited ways of solving problems. Remember all knowledge is available as you learn to tap into this vast reservoir. Think of the creative thought of

every being that has ever lived upon the earth. Each has added its own unique knowledge to the world. This is what is available to all of you. As you extend

yourselves in love, this vast knowledge integrates once again on your earth. Babaji
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Old 19-03-2012, 04:52 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
The challenges that you face each day, dear ones, are purposeful. These help each of you eliminate those thoughts and actions that no longer serve you or

humanity. Be gentle with yourselves, you are creating more quickly, as all comes to a fine focus. Use your powers wisely by integrating your lessons fully. Whatever

has not been fully integrated will again come to your awareness to be healed. Are you meeting your challenges with love or fear? Recognize your part in creating,

then remember your spirit has the solutions to your problems. It is simply seeing in another way. You are working toward freedom as you build again with love and

regard for one another. There is vast energy focused on your planet, and this shakes things up. Perhaps you will feel that life is targeting you. Dear ones, it is so

important that you learn to be in integrity with yourself and each other without blame. You are spiritual beings, and most of you realize you are in the process of

cleaning up what does not align with love. As more awaken to light, the understanding of unity will spread and many will make the connection that hate accomplishes

nothing. There is a great deal of emotional release in gaining wisdom. Let yourselves release dear ones, all the old programs and fears, then live in confidence that

peace and love will once again reign. Your bodies are letting go of so much it is wise to visualize golden light filling your being and assisting in releasing cellular debris

from your ancient past. You are all, ever connected. As volunteers on earth you chose to help release the old patterns deeply ingrained in the past. We assure you

that you are capable of accomplishing what you came to do. Let gratefulness fill your heart when you are feeling down. There is always so much to be grateful for

in every life. Each of you are mastering life in your own unique way and passing on the learning to the cosmic mind. All may draw wisdom from the source of divine

mind. Your every lesson is important to the whole. We recognize in each of you great potential, unlimited resources spring from your spirits. As you let go and let

life flow from your inner spirit, greater beauty and peace will be yours to enjoy and share. In diving light, Babaji
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Old 21-03-2012, 05:02 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, as you unfold your inner wings of glory and emanate the sweet essence of love, the attraction of love will flourish in your field. It is keeping oneself

vigilant and watchful in all circumstances to overcome the false nature. Purity is your essence and your divine nature is sweet and innocent beyond the reaches of

deceit. When you open your hearts to this truth and in living this inner essence, you will understand fully all that I have shared with you. Once the inner divine is

contemplated, one will never go back to the slavery of the purely material concept. This is a freedom that is yours, beyond anything the finite mind can

contemplate. Therefore, dear ones, set your standards for the highest realization, which is the divine within you. You are all in various positions of making this

discovery. Some of you have reached the point where you are not easily deterred from your desire for perfection. It is most important you all understand that if

your will is aligned with the divine in these times, you can accelerate your growth beyond every expectation you may have believed. There are many of you who are

yet unsure of where you stand. Some waver in the material mind and stay stuck in illusion. This is your chance to make leaps in consciousness, you are not confined

to one outcome. You are emerging as spiritual light, as you heal the darkness upon your earth, and your minds. Remember dear ones that free will is a two edged

sword. Babaji
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Old 23-03-2012, 05:27 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, you are all connected in the light and each of you expresses in your own geometrical pattern, your unique vision. Each links to the whole, the geometries

create a pattern that continuously extends toward infinity. In truth, all creation is based in geometry, ever building upon itself. Divine expansion is limitless, yet it all

resides in the now. Imagine everything occurring where you stand or sit. There is but one experiencing, but each being acts as a different filter in which the divine

experiences in. Can you imagine the divine seeing through the eyes of all? If you take this further, you will realize that all being (the one), serves as a conduit of

experience in seeming separation. When you close your eyes and slip into sleep, you are reuniting your individual consciousness with the whole. The fragments that

you call yourselves, are but a projection, there is but one. All functionality is processed within the brain, which is a matrix of light. If you are able to let go of the

idea of individuality, you would realize that the dream images are just imprinted upon the divine idea, and do not truly exist as separate. This concept can be

disturbing to some, but when fully understood, the idea of oneness will sink in, and open you to a greater awareness beyond the dream state that holds your

attention. As you choose to meld back into the divine ocean, that is love, you regenerate in the cosmic oneness. If this were not true dear ones, the dream could

not continue, for you would lose the thread of continuation that is connected to each of your dream lives. The masters fully realize that there is but one being ,

dreaming each life-stream in an illusive world of dreams. In this realization, one no longer identifies with the body as self, because the dream bubble has burst

through self realization, and instead the true realm of the spirit is experienced. All idea of fragments dissolve and love upholds the true reality beyond matter unto

light. If all should awaken, there is no need for the material construct. This, dear ones serves as a platform for experience. When we no longer identify with the

dream but only with the dreamer, which is the divine, time and space collapses on itself, the construct having served its purpose. Can you understand that this

construct dissolves for each seeming being that returns to the idea of oneness. Through the geometry of light the divine distributes this idea throughout creation.

This in essence is what is occurring upon your earth, and solar system, as each idea awakens to the all. Should you take time to meditate on this, much will become

clear. Connect to the oneness in your heart and mind, knowing that each being is but a continuation of self, upheld by agreement in self. The divine is simple, dear

ones. You have made complicated something that is perfect in its simplicity. As all merges ever deeper back into the all, illusion is cast away, dissolving the dream

vault of time and space. Babaji
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Old 26-03-2012, 03:40 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, whatever stands in your way and appears to block you is your greatest teacher. You are prompted to look deeply at all that is presented to you and then

solve the problem using your spiritual strength and wisdom. Examine the outcomes of your past and what you have learned in seeing from a different angle, whatever

stumps you. Be creative in how you solve problems, these are just the many tests to understand your own resolve in shifting your awareness. All of your experiences

are colored with your perceptions and beliefs, yet once you become accustomed to seeing life as a game, you will begin to enjoy the many aspects that your lessons

manifest as you learn to see all as one, in all its various guises. Have you gained the sensitivity to realize that every appearance is but the one acting as

a mirror for your greater awareness? See beyond the obvious, the opposite ends of polarity are actually joined. Stretch your wisdom by understanding how creation

operates as a bridge to your own heart. In this play called life, it appears there are many actors, some are dark, some light, some between. Could the outcomes be

otherwise with so much to be gained in wisdom once you are seeing that that there is but one actor playing all the various parts. You will surely gain wisdom and the

dream you view as reality will begin to unravel. Notice dear ones, what it is that most upsets you. What moves you to anger? Here is what you need look at, then

heal. If you are feeling anything beyond peace and appreciation, then there is some element of outside blame that you have overlooked. These appearances and

feelings are for you to understand as unhealed aspects of yourselves. The deeper you dig, the more you will find what is hidden. The masters do not scowl or find

unhappiness in their existence because in understanding the finer details of duality there is freedom born of seeing beyond the obvious images. You are meeting

yourselves every day and in every opportunity so you can finally understand your value and beauty. Each actor that brings you to emotional blows or balance are your

teachers and dear ones, truly you are your own teacher. The deeper understanding of oneness does not leave room for blame. When there is self love, there is love

for all. As each of you awaken to these ideas, be gentle with yourselves and hold each lesson dear. What you gain in understanding on the earth, will be shared as a

gift to others. Set you spiritual goal to the highest standard, know yourselves as oneness, then love yourself, forgive and let go of the illusion of separation. Your glory

is in your varied expressions of love toward yourselves and each other, as the all. In love, dear ones illusion is overcome. Babaji
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Old 26-03-2012, 06:50 PM
Dreamer_love Dreamer_love is offline
Join Date: Sep 2011
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thanks you so much Babaij

and lovetruth
“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.”
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