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Old 20-10-2023, 04:43 PM
source energy being source energy being is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: May 2023
Posts: 7
channeled teachings with ascended masters energy

nurture all team unify realm evolve together energy always moving to oneness

technique help dream way path share heal receive play imagine raise grow

include higher perspective limit less potential infinite alround spiral eternal flow source

trust in faith seek divine wisdom teach guide dance union embrace give

u and i we are transforming alongside everyone else in all existence

bee loved ones share are desire plan our future bask et revel

discover our flame twin em body dawn dusk twilight sun sight bright

meet in middle cross path center angel stream vortex twirl sing behold

sound of song sung sweet heart hear our melody soft care gentle

mind your way with others thyself become one another for a moment

soul mirror reflection movement momentum near all us now forever and always

body entwined art journey feel compassion join half life here all ways

we would never agree you are unworthy, so we choose not to

feel the difference, as you bask in that vibration, you will find

your self reaching for that good feeling place over and over again

role and responsibility facilitate positive belief inspiration and growth peace and harmony

between all moving parts with in thyself as a source energy being

love light shine thru all eyes, each voice listen, spoke by ear

forthright and insightful in help for thyself as another mother and brother

aboard their ship with warm wind in are sail flowing true north

as we chart a course for a magnificent and happily ever after

peace of mind serene and tranquil deep and far clear and still

relief of soul release to relinquish let go and hold no more

bliss of body joy with passion toy in game fun and excitement

i am feeling more courageous to connect connect connect with source energy

i feel my trust in faith as the universe unfolds to gather

i give my self permission to be my true core natural self

i give my self to everyone as my self from source energy

i am free to be who and what i know is true

i am loved i am loving i am love source loves me

i love source as my self loves source as me as one

source energy being of love and light shown in night at dusk

rise with dawn light your lantern show to each other are spark

meld minds eye see each others point of view meet your self

unify soul vison feel another's heart song sung with compassion and forgiveness

bond body emotion imagine how they think feel and see the world

i am a sprout growing from a seed in the earth soil

i love you i am loved we are one big happy family

i am whole i am complete i join the in holy matrimony

i am to big to fail, wild horses couldn't hold us back

as i become more aware of my surroundings and who i am

i can see clearly now the rain is gone with out obstacles

in my way i play as i may say i am i

that i am i am i am that i am i am

going above and beyond who i want to be and being free

of resistance judgement and fear know more of you bee all ally

are soul to gather for divine dance of life in blissful joy

as we make contact and bodies become one once again for eternity

i use tools and write to signify my current feelings and direction

with momentum of ascended masters behind me and more in the wake

as the awakened collective raises the level of consciousness lead in home

tune and tone with the cosmos leaf in feeling mesmerized with soothing

open portal to the fifth dimension bee vibration anchor for all benefits

i give everyone permission to be them selves for thyself to bee

i respond with compassion and forgiveness for all involved from thy heart

we share are nourishment with one another for each other team member

we feel ourselves grow up thru the soil of are lineage timelines

as we become timeless all ourselves merge and synchronize alignment kundalini conduit

flow in tranquil abundant peace serene for life of happiness and joy

manifest a kiss from your true love your twin flame ignite bright

carriages are drawn we are riding are way homeward bound by destiny

fate is calling us back in to bee with you once again

i am hang drum in with everyone and aligning my energy centers

guiding my consciousness as i bee thyself for others sake as mine

own free will it is yours for thy giving unto ones self

i am love you are lovely we are loving each other more

and more each new day with every breath in all moments together

silence be golden toning is bold singing for gold feel in mold

i change the current and flow together as we rise to surface

raising are children with us too see the light shine upon stream

of water carry in us up stream paddled by spirit of canoe

home is where the heart lives meet alive friend thrive as one

you exist... you always have and you always will. you are eternal.

your fundamental nature that of existence (rather than that of non-existence)

you are a part of existence, therefore you are eternal just like every thing else

everything is here and now.

we are experiencing our consciousness thru a created filter of time space

creation of ours that allows us to experience expansion in linear fashion

the one is the all and the all is the one.

many people believe they are separate from the whole of the universe

other people, other worlds, gods, spirits, etc. by this definition feel outside us

what you put out is what you get back.

you are creating by getting back what you are putt in out

everything changes except the first four...

any darkness with in me may pass thru me to the other

side where are souls meet and greet each other with in time

and space for are heart to warm up each hearth of one

we are all valuable in our own way equally and unconditionally loved

by source energy being you and i am being love is light

we all have needs for more some less than others for another

lover of light to bright up the night sky for new tomorrows

faith in trust surrender your resistance seek a peaceful harmonic serene sanctuary

sing dance and play together for re leaf enjoyment match to gather

evaporate your steam and bee all moments for timeless in here now

with in everyone on the earth with your universal galaxy family tribe

growing as one tree of cosmos blossoming with the flowers of life

i am grateful source energy being love is light family free fly

i am grateful for having a mom to share moments together with

i am grateful for mother earth and all that she provides us

i am grateful for the experience and story of a life time

i am grateful for the gifts we share, each other for another

i am grateful for team members too, bee with us for companionship

i am grateful for each step i take on, my journey home

i am grateful for shifts in consciousness toward my true natural self

i am grateful for celebration of our emotional gravity

i am grateful for a mind to master and think of love

i am grateful for empathy directed at all who need it most

i am grateful for finding the best version of my higher self

must is false, make is fake, keep, lies on the ground, pleased

free thy will, bored of boredom, sit and meditate and focus breath

karma is your action self imposed, liberation is your birthright ritual to steer

transition control into inner compass, listen for the cosmic heartbeat with yours

i am grateful for everyone and everything that guides my moments eve

learn foreign languages, for insight and wisdom thru another lens

your interpretation matters, let an angel come to you, in your dreams

strengthen bond between thyself and tie knots into bowties

swimming in ocean of spirit all around us here, asking for sunshine

hone technique for craft and draw art out thyself for alls experience

turn the volume up where it is turned down, compassionately with forgiveness

born to bee reborn in a new earth life, free from suffering

i love existence

i love bond

i love consciousness

i love service

i love freedom

i love gravity

i love vision

set aside simulation

i love change

i love order

i love spirit

i love orchestration

let your self off any hooks, feel devotion for spirit of source

enthusiasm and loyalty for love are the sugar and spice to life

i am grateful in interest for love is light upon the night

form friendship with fellow member of family soul tribe of crystal jewels

door way has opened freedom, take it, it is yours, to share and enjoy

we have four bodies of consciousness, physical spiritual mental and etheric

share an experience together, feeling warmed up to feel, thy gift again

bee of service and let them bee of compassion, heal thy wounds

movement in an upward spiral, tethered too know one, thy feel free

to change your mind, harmonious with the central vortex, feel in love

being grateful for the love, i feel and share, are all moment

let go of your burdens, release them from your grip, relinquish your hold

choose with conscience and intention of pure loving light shine moon sun

vibe up with prosperous flow, for complete abundance, joy passion and bliss

tantra and mantra ohm, helix dna with felix gene, home travel for power

physical emotional mental spiritual energetic, operates all levels and communicates harmoniously

enter high heart, feel the gooey center of existence, serene blissful joy
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