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Old 28-10-2006, 11:39 AM
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Forum Clarity II

Hi all,

I would first like to say thanks to every member for being so courteous and so willing to put the events of a few weeks ago here at these forums completely behind them and allowing themselves to move forward. It truly is appreciated by myself for I enjoy the goodwill and harmony which has swept through the forums.

Unfortunately, once again, there are problems in the background which many members may be completely oblivious to. I have recently received private messages that indicate that the newfound goodwill and harmony here at SF is merely us members congratulating each other constantly and stroking each other's egos. Also, apparently, we all now LOVE each other again. Please note the sarcastic manner from that particular member. Without naming names, this very same member was disgusted with the disputes occuring at these boards a few weeks back. Please do note the hypocrisy.

There are also certain elements who dislike the way this board is apparently heading. Again, I feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall. This board is apparently no longer a spiritual forum but a forum for the psychic arts, nothing more and nothing less.

Apparently it is my job to correct this problem - I should be out there informing members what they can and cannot post. No longer should there be threads of Angel Card readings or about the Phases of the Moon. Those threads should be in the minority. Please note my sarcasm, though it is the lowest form of wit!

Unlike the last thread I did on this subject which I closed to comments, I would really like opinions on what action should be taken with these members and their comments. Also, if anyone else has thoughts about what this is forum is truly like and the people who are here, please feel free to air your view right here! I do this because frankly, I am fed up to the back teeth of the clashing of egos! and background noise! I thought people would appreciate a friendly forum where we can discuss BOTH spiritual and psychic topics. I would appreciate some help.

Old 28-10-2006, 11:45 AM
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One more thing, should anyone now feel that I should be relieved of my position as moderator, then please state so now. I ask this because if you feel the forum IS being run badly, then I am man enough to hold my hands up and step down. People are rarely happy if they feel they are being victimised or their views aired in public. I have took this decision to air these members views because I am getting a little fed up of sorting out disputes only to have absolutely pathetic comments made long after the original argument. So, please feel free. This thread is immune to the other rules and you can be assured that your opinion will be discussed respectfully.
Old 28-10-2006, 11:59 AM
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I have now also added a poll in relation to the topics discussed above.

Old 28-10-2006, 01:43 PM
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Just to let you know I have voted that I am happy with the way this forum is run. And I think you are a great moderator Kundalini, so please don't let yourself get pushed out by these people and their behind the scenes agendas and control.

I could probably hazard a very good guess as to who you are referring to here, and I know what I would have told them by now if I were in your position, LOL! You are very patient. Maybe a polite, "well, you know where you can go if you don't like it" might be in order?

The title of this board and all the different sub-sections will attract a wide range of different people, with different belief systems and practices. And all the better for it, I say! That's how we all learn - from eachother! If you see a thread title that doesn't interest you, then don't read it.... but respect the fact that other people might want to - be it phases of the moon, angel card readings or anything else for that matter!

I feel sorry that some people seem not to like diversity and feel the need to control and manipulate others to such an extent. And what is wrong with expressing our love and respect for the people we get to know here & elsewhere? Oh yeah, it's pandering to eachothers egos, right? Jeez...

Kundalini, if I were you I would tell this person(s) that you no longer wish to be PM'd about these issues and will not tolerate any further trouble causing, and if they continue to disregard your wishes, then you would be within your right to ban them, IMO.

Just to add, I'm absolutely amazed at all this, TBH!!!

Last edited by ~Jay~ : 28-10-2006 at 01:52 PM.
Old 28-10-2006, 01:59 PM
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Oh, and another thing.... There is a section entitled Mediumship, so if I were so against 'The Psychic Arts', then I would probably aviod such a board as this, as you would imagine a fair few budding & experienced mediums to be around.
Old 28-10-2006, 02:16 PM
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Thanks for your support Jaycee and I agree a little 'you know where you can go...' is in order. The truth of the matter is I do not want to ban people and enforce a zero tolerance policy as they are speaking their mind but I am beginning to find their comments to be both egotistical and manipulative ( or rather trying to be ).

I like this amazing piece of wisdom from yourself here Jaycee:

If you see a thread title that doesn't interest you, then don't read it.... but respect the fact that other people might want to - be it phases of the moon, angel card readings or anything else for that matter!

I've mentioned that to one member before, in particular, several times. Went straight over their head!

Old 28-10-2006, 06:27 PM
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I also voted yes, and agree pretty much with what Jaycee has said. But then, I bypass most of the forum, since most New Age topics don't interest me. On a wide focused forum such as this, a Zero Tolerance policy probably isn't a good idea. But a member who constantly PMs a moderator with the sole purpose of causing trouble needs to be dealt with.

Not knowing the workings of the software for this forum, you probably have some options to get the attention of any troublesome member. You might set their account to Read Only, so they can't post for a while, and maybe deny them access to the PM feature. You volunteer you time to help keep this forum a friendly place for everyone, and you don't deserve to be abused, so if needed, a temporary ban might be in order. And yes, if someone doesn't like how this forum is ran, their only real option is to stop visiting.

I don't post much, because I only post if I have something I feel is worthwhile saying. Post count is unimportant to most people, but there are always some who feel self-important mouthing off. Usually I shake my head and move on, since there's little use in trying to talk sense to such people. From what I can see you're doing a good job. If you don't have past experience as a moderator, you're going to bend over backwards to please everyone. In over ten years running and moderating forums, I can tell you that some people only want to cause trouble. So my advice would be to toughen up and do what you feel is right. Membership on a forum is a privilege, and if someone abuses that privilege, I would first invite them to leave, and then force them to leave.

Old 28-10-2006, 07:57 PM
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Kundalini, I am not concern with, negative past or background events, I must say as a new member, still searching for my spiritual place in life, I found SF through a search engine. Later I found out there are many forum, QA's, Speak Easy, etc... When I saw the many topics and religions here on SF, I felt right at home....Spiritual principals are never in conflict. However, religious practice and doctrines are always clashing. I love the variety, and versatility SF has offered. I would like to see the forum remain open to all aspects of spirituality. All in its respectable places for those who serve. As mediator yes, it is your job to keep order and peace. All of us must respect your responsibilities, as well as othe mediators, even if we disagree. Please don't stop the readings put them in their proper place for those who want or need them. But don't stop the flow of all the goodness I have felt from listening and participating in so many different kinds of readings, topics, QA's, welcome's, birthdays, astrology, surely one day we will realize, truly we all are one. I apologize if I have did anything against the rules of SF I love it here! Thank you for the opportunity to express.

Love to ALL.........

Originally Posted by kundalini
I have now also added a poll in relation to the topics discussed above.


Last edited by cweiters : 28-10-2006 at 08:04 PM.
Old 28-10-2006, 08:04 PM
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Thank you for your views which I fully agree with tiltjlp and CW. Your sage advice is helping me to reach a decision with regards to these matters. Thank you, Kundalini.
Old 28-10-2006, 08:04 PM
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Kundalini if these people are truley spiritual then they will know that there negative words and comments are not conducive to spiritual growth dont let yourself get to involved in petty name calling and squabbles if they pm you just tell them to air their veiws in public and let the forum tell them what it thinks of negativity and bad feeling. as a moderator you should only have to step in when things get really badly out of hand.

This is by far one of the best if not the best forums of this kind on the net and it is made so good by the wonderful truley spiritual people that are on here who post and should be able to post what ever they like (as long as it is spiritualy based of course) without ridicule or abuse, and the people that run and take on the often thankless task of moderating this extremley busy forum should also be left to run and moderate this site also without abuse and ridicule and as for you asking if you should step down from your moderator post is absoloutly absurd and is shouldnt even have crossed your mind.

Now i dont know who it is who is doing this and it really is of no concern to me but what is a concern is this excellent forum being dragged down by a small minority, surely we are missing the thread (pardon the pun) if this type of behaviour continues. We should all stick together and use this forum for the wonderful tool that it is
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