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Old 03-03-2024, 09:08 AM
AngelBlue AngelBlue is offline
Join Date: Nov 2022
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Put it this way...
If Yoga is demonic then I really AM an angel .
Old 04-03-2024, 09:43 PM
Aldous Aldous is offline
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Do these guys look demonic to you?

Old 05-03-2024, 07:44 PM
Altair Altair is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
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Ask yourself first what ''demonic'' means to you. Then ask whether this or that is ''demonic''. Ask yourself also what perspective you are coming from (i.e. Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Nordic polytheism, etc.). Just asking if something is demonic without presenting a perspective is not gonna be enough.
Old 06-03-2024, 06:13 PM
AnotherBob AnotherBob is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 295
Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Someone could say:
Not doing yoga is demonic.
Thinking yoga is demonic is demonic.
People saying that yoga is demonic are influenced by the demonic.
Not researching what yoga is for is demonic.

I couldn't stop.

Yoga is demonic for demons. Everyone can benefit from yoga, even demons, but they must first let go of demonhood, just as humans must let go of humanhood. Whatever we identify with becomes our yoga. The yoga is there to break the trance of identification, regardless of where you are on the frequency scale. Even God must let go of God to be truly God. That is the key to it all: Let go, Let go, Let go. If you think of demons, let go of that thought. If you think that yoga will be good for you, first find out who that is, the one who thinks yoga might be worth trying. Who is the one trying? What is creating the desire to change your state or improve yourself? What self is in need of improvement? These questions are a kind of yoga. Before you start stretching, what is your original desire or intent? If you just start doing something without understanding who you are, what good would that do? If you are unaware of your prime motives, that might be considered a demonic state. Words are silly really. Just let go of all definitions and turn your attention around to your heart. Go there, be seated, be still. When thoughts of gods or demons arise, just let them go. Thoughts obscure, silence purifies. Who is the silent one?

Old 11-03-2024, 06:01 AM
JustBe JustBe is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 3,442
If it is, then I am doomed.
Free from all thought of “I” and “mine”, that man finds utter peace. ~Bhagavad Gita
Old 17-05-2024, 11:51 AM
KnowwhatLies KnowwhatLies is offline
Join Date: Sep 2022
Posts: 46
Yoga means worship (if remembering). That what it is
in essence. Consider that demons are creature that destroy &
deceive mankind. The moderator tend to censor such information, for they can be blind to its negatives, they may be deceived to believe in their goodness of yoga which can be actually be very bad thus prevent information.

Consider that religion effect the state of mind of its populace, even these
not part of it like waves.
India is the placed where yoga is most commonly practiced. It is also one of
the worst placed to live in. India is a place where babies are dropped from building to die, children have their arms cuts of so they get alms thus serving its cartel, it seems full of contamination (which can reflect what type of spirit it is)

Consider that a factor that the USA became a worse place from the increase
of yoga practices, not better. Even if it was prophesied for it has the indicators of being the sheep that spake like dragon with 2 horns. horns=symbol of kingdom in which case can be a kingdom of god & the satanic in 1 place.

Examine or search for further evidence, don't rely solely on words, but learn
from the overall experience of many(these include these not speaking in
this forum)
View these videos as evidence that should answer your question.
is a method of measurement that gives more overall truth, aka multiply points.

Note that this site can screw up the link address.

Former New Ager, Steven Bancarz has put together an excellent
video showcasing meditation research from the Britton Lab at Brown
as well as video excerpts of a current New Age guru, Leo
Gura, explaining the dark side of meditation.


Proof Meditation Is Dangerous & Demonic (The Shocking Truth)
Do not forget to check most of the video comments. Some describe they got paralyzed from yoga not knowing it was against gods law, commands and only got free after rebuking the spirit of yoga.

The Dark Side of Meditation
A video from a yoga practitioner expert with million of followers. In other
words someone who knows what he is talking about from doing yoga for years & guiding others. Highly recommend to analyze his words but perhaps without knowing the good & bad according to god as written at least in Deut & Matthew, you might be blind.

Important quotes from the transcript, for your well being:
1:13 advanced stages of meditation so this means you've been meditating consistently every single day for at
1:19 least six months or 12 months or a couple of years and then what's going to 1:25 happen is weird stuff will arise as you meditate and you will discover
perhaps1:32in a shocking way that meditation is not all rainbows and butterflies the way you

expect hyper annoyance and 2:46crankiness this is very common and usually it comes in spells like you're
3:01reach one week in your meditation routine where you're just annoyed by
everything hyper annoyed by little
3:06little tiny insignificant things that you would think you're totally
beyond 3:13 like the air conditioning or the humming of your refrigerator will start to annoy
4:47feelings of loneliness to come over you sometimes expect feelings of disgust
4:53anger and frustration

expect insomnia sometimes you're going5:36
to have these manic episodes where we have a lot of energy come up and
you're not going to be able to fall asleep because you're excited
Sleep is a repair process, disruption of it is harming, damages health.
Can be around 3 days of repair to compensate 1 lost day of sleep.

5:55 I can almost guarantee that if you're going to meditate for longer than a year that you will be hit by some serious spells of
and that's totally normal
Depression deep and lengthy one is not normal. As if it tries to create conditions for suicide, something
demons might do. This is how ignorant can yoga make people.
you might get disgusted by it or whatever that's totally normal

It can make you disgusted from normal things.
it that can cause some real damage in your
7:47 life
also [b]expect interference with relationships especially your closest
8:12 self-doubt going that's totally normal expect some rash judgments like you 8:20 might feel like oh okay I gotta quit my job and I got to get a divorce
I gotta drop my family and my children and I got
8:27to move to a cave at India you might have some sort of fantasy like that come into your mind while you're meditating 8:33 and then you think like okay that's what I got to do now
Causes disruption in positive relationship and gives tough about divorce(parts of sexually immorality),
which is a sin
with one exception.

I can almost guarantee that if you are meditating effectively you will
9:17have more suicidal thoughts than you've probably ever had in your life
9:35meditation habit alone the more I meditate the more suicidal thoughts I have and that's totally fine
So the yoga expert who never had suicidal thoughts, started having them
in abundance with yoga.

10:00 some days you just start to freak out and you're not even sure why you get
10:06 into an argument with your spouse or with your children for no good reason you're just blaming them for stuff or
10:13 ...you're snapping at them you're being passive-aggressive this sort of stuff that could happen definitely expect ego
10:23 backlash this will surely happen to you at one point or another and it'll happen10:29 many times
Panic attacks and mental instability,
aggression without just reason toward spouse aka loved ones & many times.

11:03 into you might turn back to old habits that you've worked
you might go start doing drugs again or alcohol or
11:24 smoking cigarettes even though you haven't done that for years you might go 11:30 on a sex binge and go sleep with a bunch of random strangers on one-night stands even though you don't usually do that

Relapse into addiction after getting overcoming them. Doing health
damaging or/and risky actives from starting yoga.
if you had 14:10 traumas in your childhood stuff that you've repressed stuff that was very negative maybe examples like abuse
14:18 sexual abuse any kinda like near-death 14:24 experiences that you've had um bullying humiliation embarrassment like14:32 all this kind of stuff that you would normally not want to think about that will come bubbling up
Will cause re-experience of trauma, aka memories or reaction from pain or suffering.

15:07 it'll all come up expect crazy monkey mind expect sometimes to have
waves of 15:17insanity and madness wash
over you where
15:23you just feel like your mind is like a swarming hive of bees and the more you
15:31try to control it the less you control the more out-of-control it gets and you
Sounds like demonic possession or attempt of it, to
16:01 expect nightmares expect weird dreams where in your dreams you're
living out weird fantasies like having sex with your
16:08 mother
or you know killing people or the you know butchering your dog with a 16:14 cleaver or something like that like you know unpleasant images in your mind when16:22
you're sleeping that will come up
Dreams about sinful & evil/demonic behavior from practicing yoga.
Dreams about doing things that are against the law of god in the bible.

17:33starts coming up and some of it is very subtle sometimes this stuff happens to 17:39you and you're not even making an immediate connection between you getting 17:44 into a fight with your spouse and that stemmed from your meditation 17:49 practice see sometimes it's not an obvious connection you only recognize it two days later after you've already
17:57gotten into a big argument because you went unconscious
Getting unconsciousness, lose of control in a subtle way that led to
conflict by doing yoga. Consider is this a subtle way of brainwashing, allowing demons to enter, control without the user being aware.
expect seeing lights and auras bright lights of various kinds with
23:47eyes open or with your eyes closed
This can be a clear sign of demonic possession.

24:12 pole of your sexuality so if you're heterosexual you might start to see homosexual fantasies and they might be
24:21completely lifelike not just a little daydream but like fully lifelike

The image and likeness given by god make certain behaviors unacceptable.
sex by man with any male is abomination to him, something very hateful
and disgusting. Is this not an attempt of demonic manipulation to do what warrants death through dreams?

24:34behave like an animal like literally you might start to scratch yourself like an animal or crawl around on your knees or
24:43even howl howling like a wolf oh can you
24:50imagine that you're sitting there meditating for weeks and then one day you just have this uncontrollable urge
24:56to start howling like a wolf
and as you're doing that your spouse walks in the door yeah that's pretty awkward
Losing control and behaving like animal from doing yoga.

25:26 expect paranormal phenomena to happen to you what do I mean by this
26:16imagined but like standing before you completely real as real as I look to you
26:39 animals that talk to you try to tell you things or maybe that try to kill
Yoga leading to interactions with beings that can try to kill you. Some can disguise their appearance even the satan is said to disguise himself as angel of light. Does that not sound dangerous to you?

might also experience a Kundalini28:58
awakening which can be a freaky thing a [b]Kundalini awakening is when
energy in
it can be terrifying because it might feel like you're losing your mind
and you actually have this weird energy
moving through you and you start to behave as though your body is being
controlled by a puppet master
you're not even in control of your body anymore your body is just
moving on its
own and you have no idea what the hell is controlling you it's almost like
you've been possessed also you might

Kundality is demonic and its one of the worst of its kind
according to experts, exorcists. The yoga expert said it himself; he got
possessed (minute 29 of video), he is only ignorant of it. Demons can drag you to hell.

One way evil doer deceive and manipulate is by teaching that bad/evil
things are good. Like killing/defiling people(god's image), that
dreams about doing these is "fine" or "normal" or calling state of void an
enlightenment(light is not void).

Some go into yoga to seek stability, yet after months of use, all what you
get is instability and worse.
I don't know what is required to be able to see this many red flags. According to the experts , it can make you lose control, manipulate you into evil, kill. The demons that infested you, can drag you down to hell.
Whatever benefit or good yoga can offer is worthless, it can not save you
from the only god who has no one above him YHWH(Ya-hu-ha).

They should at least prove their worth by showing that they can after days
of death resurrect, make the body glow twice or thrice the 34trillion WATTS
amount, engrave 3d body image on cloth without destroying it.
Most Recent Research Appears to Confirm the Shroud of Turin is the Burial
Cloth of Jesus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9lMQlI32wE

Whoever hear & does the words Yahusha(Jesus) the anointed, shall
be safe, they can lead to eternal life in a better world.

Also they should also prove they can make their prophecy a reality.

True Location of real Jerusalem

These things are what set apart the words of the true god from other fakers
or mimics.

Also they should offer better terms, for is what god commands really that
Like dont eat flesh with blood, spill the blood on the ground like water.(gen 9:4, deut 12:16
flesh, protein is white its the myoglobin, blood that makes it red. according
to studies digesting myoglobin create very cancerous substance. Is
preventing cancer not good?
Is this not an example that the given laws are for your own well being. That also mean no to yoga & other religions.
Shroud of Turin made with billions of WATTS on cloth, cant be replicated according to science. Along bible prophecies, What evidence you of "other believes" have equal or surpass them as the true teaching to eternal life?!
Yahusha(Jesus) words:Matthew 7:24 “Therefore, whosoever hear these sayings of Mine and does them, I will liken a wise man...
Matthew 5:17-19 (On the laws/Tora and Prophets)
"...whoever practices and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven."
Old 20-05-2024, 09:16 PM
Jainarayan Jainarayan is offline
Join Date: Feb 2019
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Yoga is not demonic. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "union". The English word "yoke" comes from it. The usual example is that two oxen are yoked, "unioned" together. The union that yoga refers to is union with God, whatever God you believe in. Btw, there are several forms of yoga ... the most well-known is hatha (hut-huh not hath-a like bath-a) yoga; there is jnana (like nyana) yoga, pursuing knowledge of oneself and the divine; raja yoga, which I am not familiar with except that it is the highest form (raja means king or royal); kundalini yoga which should not be undertaken without guidance by a mentor, teacher or guru. Hatha yoga is part of the systems of yoga because it is the component in which you learn mastery over your physical body.
We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ unless
we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way.
- Lord Rāma to Lakshmana​
Old 12-07-2024, 02:06 AM
Hologram8 Hologram8 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
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I lived at some apartments where they practiced yoga .

the apartment management and maintenance was demonic.

There is a satanic girl who practices demonic yoga on her youtube channel

there is nothing demonic about my yoga practice except for the part where I pinched a nerve in my lower back , which is something that you definitely wouldn't like because as the teacher would say " it's not at all desirable "
Old 12-07-2024, 08:47 AM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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Originally Posted by Jainarayan
Yoga is not demonic. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "union". The English word "yoke" comes from it..
The union that yoga refers to is union with God, whatever God you believe in.
Exactly. The original question has been answered.

Closing this thread now. :)

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru

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