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Old 18-04-2022, 01:05 PM
MidasCloud MidasCloud is offline
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Wisps Species - Wisps as Reincarnating and Sentient Life of the Biosphere

[size="3"]It's previously mentioned that people reincarnate in cycles of man and woman, every 100 years, and that there is an associated energy affecting the environment, which is counterclockwise or clockwise, and is related to how people are interested in the current music, not the music from 100 years ago (like 1920). This is likely a result of the change in mental energy.

It's often mentioned how the web of life, or circle of life, affects every species, so in a sense, every species depends on every other species. Similarly, the biosphere's different personality temperaments show up as different species. In a sense, species that reincarnate can be described as Sentient Species of different Temperaments, especially when one considers how Blood Type can affect temperament. Similarly, different temperaments of the members in the biosphere, showing up as different species, are influenced by size, look, diet, and ways of living.

To determine if an animal species reincarnates, one can direct the heart chakra energy towards the body or "meat" with a feeling of gratitude, or with an expression of giving thanks, and if the "meat" does not take in the heart chakra energy as an expression of gratitude, or appears welcoming and "enlarged", then the animal reincarnates and cannot be taken as food, or at least one cannot take actions that would threaten or lead to the extinction of the species (like genetically modifying mosquitos so they breed less). Another method of determining whether an animal species reincarnates, is whether Sexual Temperament manifests, or if one can witness any homosexual behavior (like becoming abnormally aggressive or acting angrily on a whim, as in dogs).

Interestingly, with regards to edible meat, certain animals (including plants) do reincarnate, and allow you to eat them, provided that you allow them to reproduce. Also, certain reincarnating animals, even if they appear to allow you to eat them, it does not mean that you should, because there is a genetic memory associated with consuming meat, and your voice might not reach them or resonate with them on a deeper level, due to Fear emotional repression. In this case, you will need to tell yourself that you won't eat any more (name of animal here) anymore.

While certain animals of different Species Temperament (reincarnating and sentient) do occasionally eat or kill other reincarnating species, they are usually not as aware of what they are doing. Also, they do not see the other Species Temperament as food to be hunted, specifically, though do view them angrily. This might also be related to how reincarnating species pass on Emotional Repressions associated with past wrongs, such as indiscriminate killing, eating a body or carcass of the reincarnating species, or even attempts to bring the species to extinction (like genetic modification).

Also, people might associate evolution as changes in the genetic structure or DNA, which get passed on to subsequent generation, leading to new species. The example of squirrels shows that evolution happens in Environments associated with Greater Emotional Repression Release, or the ether associated with parallel Universes and alternate dimensions. Squirrels, twenty years ago in 2000, are reported on the internet to be existing only in North America, though in 2005 as existing in the UK and nowhere else, then in 2020, squirrels are reported to be in Japan and nowhere else, as well as India, and later are found in Africa, Southeast Asia, Siberia, South America, and even Australia. In this sense, the Universe is teeming with life, so it's just whether that life manifests in the physical, and if that life reincarnates.

Another point is that the psychic modalities also manifest in the physical, so while Sentient Species reincarnate, the ability to reincarnate between species as a sentient being is also a possibility, as a manifestation of Clairaudient Clairalience. Interestingly, personality is how people tell each other apart, and without personality, everything would look and feel the same. In this sense, all things physical are a manifestation of personality, and thus, life. Jade, for example, shows up in areas with unpolluted water, and is also associated with parallel Universes and alternate dimensions (specifically, Environments with different Emotional Repression Releases), so while it can be found in Canada, jade cannot be found in the US due to widespread water fluoridation, or how it can be found in Myanmar, but not Yunnan and other parts of Southern China, due to industrial water pollution.

Considering this, it might be possible for certain people (considering Racial Temperament, Sexual Temperament, Frequency Temperament, and Generation Temperament) to reincarnate into sentient animals of about equal or greater Heart Soul Energy, like dolphins.

In popular folklore, there are mention of fairies, aethers, elementals and wisps. While these cannot be looked at in terms of being touched, they can be felt and thus, seen in the mind's eye, as possibly a region of Emotional Repression Release.

In terms of Relationship Temperament, wisps are always looked at with Woo-Wow-Aww eyes

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Old 26-04-2022, 08:41 AM
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I don't read books I go by what I know going from my own Experiences.
I have lived many lifetimes and each one I have been a Female
Your post is very long and it puts people off reading it so i have cut it down.

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Old 28-04-2022, 01:56 AM
MidasCloud MidasCloud is offline
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Originally Posted by Native spirit
I don't read books I go by what I know going from my own Experiences.
I have lived many lifetimes and each one I have been a Female
Your post is very long and it puts people off reading it so i have cut it down.


Can I re-add the information about wisps, in the next post, please?

The wisps information all got deleted.
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Old 28-04-2022, 01:59 AM
MidasCloud MidasCloud is offline
Join Date: Jun 2020
Posts: 88
In terms of Relationship Temperament, wisps are always looked at with Woo-Wow-Aww eyes as default, in a point-of-light form, though they can manifest as Friend Relationship Temperament (as in the case of Wraiths Species Temperament beings, who can show up as Shadow figures, due to Emotional Repressions like Anger and Love). Interestingly, every person also has a Wisp being in the heart energy region, who has Woo-Wow-Aww primary and Self secondary Relationship Temperament, and appears to be related to the Environmental Emotional Repression Release associated from a past relationship in a previous reincarnation (especially related to who one got or becoming pregnant with [one who gave virginity to appears to be soul-meld, in which your soul takes on the Environmental Emotional Repression Release pattern of when the Racial Temperament being whom you had sex with first appeared]). One might feel the Emotional Repression of the Heart Wisp with feeling a pressure in the heart region (as in Anger), a slackening or weakening of muscles (as in Fear), a dropping of the bones (as in Sadness), a hurtful feeling in the heart region (as in Envy).

Wisps manifesting as fire have Woo-Wow-Aww Relationship Temperament as default, and My-Everything as secondary, and Self as tertiary Relationship Temperament. Interesting, Wisps manifesting as Lightening have Woo-Wow-Aww Relationship Temperament as default, and Predator as secondary, with My-Everything as tertiary. Wisps manifesting as Ball Lightening have Woo-Wow-Aww Relationship Temperament as default, Lover secondary, and My-Everything as tertiary. Wisp manifesting as the sun have Lover secondary and Friend tertiary.

Wisps appears to capture the Woo-Wow-Aww Relationship Temperament better, so while Elementals (Lover Relationship Temperament), Fairies (Friend Relationship Temperament), and Aethers (Predator Relationship Temperament) all are used to name the same Species Temperament, Wisps appears to be a fitting name. While they manifest differently in terms of secondary Relationship Temperament, they are very much aware of the interconnetedness of life, especially in terms of Reincarnating aspects of nature.

Interestingly, in the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, one person reports having an experience reincarnating as a "flying species" on a planet with no solid ground. This appears to fit the description of Wisps.

Any part of the body that secretes or contracts, including the heart, the soles of the feet, and white blood cells, to elbow bones, marrows, and muscles, fingers and toes, to reproductive cell release organs, to teeth and jaw bones, and other muscles (like the eyes, temple muscles, face muscles, etc) have wisps associated with them. The wisps are connected to the body, and if they are not, they can be consciously connected and updated with learned, or realized information. If there are tapeworms, then the tapeworm can be introduced to the wisps by speaking to them, especially the Heart wisp.

Interesting, reincarnating stones like Jade, are also associated with wisps (as well as other types of stones). The wisps in Jade cannot be determined with respect to Relationship Temperament, due to the Uncertainty Principle (in which observation changes the nature of something, like from the Double-Slit Experiment in which light becomes or behaves like particles under observation). Interestingly, lava and the associated lava glass or obsidian, has the Lover Relationship Temperament.

You can think of the wisp as like the one from Warcraft 3:


After realizing the Great Wisp, one can see or perceive it in the mind as a pressure. Casting Woo-Aww-Wow on it allows for clearer information flow (instead of the Previous Predator Relationship Temperament Cast). In this sense, one can perceive in the mind specks of life, and then, using the skin to interpret it as the happiness-love feeling. This allows one to be in thought and action, doing things you love and feel happy for.

Feeling funny and wanting to laugh is another aspect, though it appears to cause Anger emotional repression in the Great Wisp connection to the Sun Wisp. This Anger Emotional Repression in the link between Sun Wisp and Great Wisp can also be casted using Woo-Wow-Aww Eyes.

The Great Wisp's can have one aspect linked to the Heart Wisp in people, using Wisp Relationship Temperament Eyes, one can cast Woo-Aww-Wow on the Great Wisp, though letting the Sun Wisp know, or tell the Sun Wisp, to connect with the Great Wisp, the Great Wisp will not then have the Anger Emotional Repression associated with it (after the telepathic voice conversations are too focused on funny than love-happiness energy.

Focusing on the Love-Happiness energy appears to also make the Wisps on the body happier, hence keeping up the body's energetic work or states, like the Neuro-Cerebro connection.

Wisp Species Temperament also has access to a world that has time running backwards. Reincarnating members of the Wisps Species Temperament has their time tied to the physical through the various life forms, from the Sun to the bacteria and viruses. Otherwise, it's like traveling in both directions on a Mobius strip, in a concept of Parallel World.

Wisp can also transmit information to each other energetically (plus people's own body Wisps, along with energetic-telepathic extensions or entities), explains people's predictions of the future (or even dreams of parallel Universes with other life decisions, or alternate paths one had in life), or even reincarnating back into the childhood past, or possibly even earlier times (using characteristics of the psychic modality and intuitive preference, and with respect to love language). Interestingly, they also keep Relationship Temperaments Stamping or Cast stable. It's also possible to fix previously stamped Relationship Temperament Casts.

Because Wisps are present in fire and lightening, anything that runs on electricity has Wisps associated with them, hence, one can connect to the Wisps in the computers, the phones, the cars, and in the future, android robots and related automaticas (robots and holographic representations with varying degrees of awareness).

Interestingly, while people's souls can reincarnate into the past (like back to babyhood [as in the case of Claircognizance Claigustance manifestation], or an even earlier time [as in the case of Clairaudience Clairgustance manifestation), the physical form reincarnates into the future (with the newest Generation Temperament of the Clairsentient Clairalience manifestation). However, the soul can will itself to reincarnate in to the future, though if there is no heart tether (like a romantic connection between two Energy beings), then the person might appear too Energetically oriented (instead of Emotionally oriented), as in autism. Otherwise, people who reincarnate into the past appear like they are fairly disconnected with wisps in the environment, hence appearing a little lost and directionless (this applies to certain people of Heterosexual Sexual Temperament, as people of Homosexual Sexual Temperament also apear disconnected with environmental wisps. They can both be connected if they are more aware of the interconnectedness of things).


Because Wisps don't have a physical body, they don't die in the way other animals and sentient or reincarnating creatures do. Instead, they move to another time-space, so as not be tied to the current time-space dimension. They can also be absorbed by another Wisp, with Predatory Relationship Temperament, for example.
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Old 06-05-2022, 09:52 AM
MidasCloud MidasCloud is offline
Join Date: Jun 2020
Posts: 88
There is the forward running time that is the Energetic plane, and the backwards running time that manifests as the physical plane. You can picture in your mind running in opposite directions on the Moebius strip.

There are ethers associated with the Multiple Universes (defined by regions of Emotional Repression Release), as well as energetic life forms called Wisps that manifest physically as fire, lightening or electricity, including the sun and stars, as well as viruses. They make up the bodies of bacteria to multicellular organism. Wisps can travel between Backward and Forward time, though need the physical to stay grounded to one time-space dimension.

We are all traveling out of a White Hole, and there are infinite number of Black Holes in a White Hole. As people travel into a Black Hole, their time speeds up relative to the environment, while traveling out of a Black Hole (a White Hole, specifically), their environment time speeds up relative to their time. Someone going into a Black Hole would appear frozen in space, because the information coming out reaches the viewer in the future time. Similarly, information coming from a White Hole appears to come from the future, because it's traveling faster than the environment time of the perspective person. People get "torn apart" going into a Black Hole, because they die of old age as they journey towards its center.

Further reading on the ideas presented in this thread:
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