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Old 20-02-2023, 10:43 AM
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Cant wait to read it

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Old 20-02-2023, 11:15 AM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
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Same here Native spirit.
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Old 25-02-2023, 09:41 PM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
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Part four: Remembering


Think of the science of astrology as pathways in the sky or, through the heavens is a more accurate idea of what they are, where they come from and why regarding their purpose, will be realized. Now consider that these are each directed by an especially appointed angel and find the connection to purpose clearer still. In our story we find a migration of human souls in both physical and ethereal forms from one star system to another. Know that before this took place those who guide first directed the twelve in our direction. This, if we are to have full livingness at all, is necessary.

The story continues:

Through the vaults of heaven we soared contained and protected, as we were, within the aura of the Great One, The Lady, The First Angel of God. Our journey from Aryana was exceedingly long but we did not measure it using the base or common scale of a single dimension. Instead we had left the physical and entered the ethereal while yet in the skies (heavens) of our home world, Aryana. Our star, which bears the same name is known to the astronomers of today’s Earth as Centralis (Major). It exists yet. It is very quiet now, her heavens nearing the point of dissolution.

We are a group of six hundreds of men and women carried aloft by our guide and mentor. We are here.

The Lady again speaks. “You have all been chosen and carried aloft in the conveyance provided. While yet in the physical, in a high orbit of your planet, we approach that area which, in the lower spiritual plane, the ethereal, a place of refuge awaits. Each planet which hosts human souls has such a garden in it’s heavens. You might call it a gateway because it allows travelers to both arrive and depart (via the star center).”

It is I, Tholomo who speaks again. “The others of us lay, at our ease, in the garden high above Aryana. We take our rest now and wait. There is a building containing all that might be required by the traveler. Mats for sleeping, food, drink to provide sustenance. In the gardens beyond are plants of all varieties and animals too. These later serve as companions and helpers. They, too, are a part of the whole. They, like us, are eternal. Even in the waters of lakes and streams we see that this is true. The fish and the birds of the airs and even the insects of the ground are especially selected for specific purposes.”

Note: Later in the accounts of the garden which still remains in the Earth’s heavens, several of these animals are known to us. There is Goodness the pig. Always alert for treats. High Bette the giraffe who, although, looked up to, remains as approachable now as she was then. Standing off to the side, by the edge of the lawn near to the forest we see Lady Pumpkin the elephant. On her back, in Indian style is a howdah in which we will all be carried further aloft. Lastly is Rudolph the reindeer who makes his home in the far north of the planet below. It is he who brings each of us this high place when the need is presented.

The reader will note here that our garden is very similar to that which is also found in the Earth’s higher ethereal plane. It’s purpose was the same in those distant times. The animals? The forms and names described just above are those which correspond to the Earth however. On each planet they will differ. For convenience we use metaphors but within these are the truths which bring comforting structures to our memories. The souls of these animal companions remain even today. They serve still in the Earth’s heavenly garden. Though their forms differ to suit this new planet, they themselves have not changed. It is to be noted also that this spiritual garden which is so much a part of our planet, is the very same one that is written of by those who chronicle the history of mankind on Earth.

Note: The inclination for we humans to have loving animal companions while in the physical reflects the very same arrangement that exists in our ethereal garden.

We, the six hundred, sit in anticipation as the Lady approaches. From our vantage we see a bright globe of light in the distance. And as it slows and descends to the lawn upon which we are arranged, the form of the angel can be seen. She smiles.

Again the Lady speaks. “You six hundreds are to be the forerunners of your race, the first to travel to the new planet in a distant system. Others of your kind will follow later using the more common method of rebirth. And yet more others will leave shortly traveling in physical ships of great size. These will carry the devices and materials which will be so very necessary on the new world. Yours then is the task of preparation for those greater migrations which will follow.”

As the Lady ceases speaking we begin to feel enveloped again by a force which can only be described as a very high manifestation of love. This sense of well being, we found later, varied as did our velocity through the heavens. The Lady has set for us a portal through which we can see into the distance. Through it we are shown the rapidly approaching star or our system, Aryana. Of course it is we who travel, not the star. In the ethereal it seems the same as the physical yet different. Even when we near and enter it’s outer fields we feel no heat nor does it’s brightness, which we know is there, hurtful to our eyes. So easy to forget that we are now in the ethereal where such things present no obstacle.

The Lady speaks again: “A sleep will come over you all now and when you awaken we will have reached the other end of the journey. You will then see your new star home which is master (god) to the planet of our destination.” At this we wonder. Even though we do truly believe her words we are filled with such awe. But now we found ourselves within the orb of (the star) Aryana. Have we stopped? No. It only seems so. The musical tones which were with us are now changed as we felt or rather sensed another shifting. In this instant of recognition there was visible to us a light of tremendous brilliance. Some overpowering presence to which even the Lady reacted had been revealed. But this was for only a moment and then all was quiet. We waited.

It was Tholomo who awoke first. As he regained consciousness the Lady was looking towards him. “Come” she said. “Look in this direction and you will see your new home”. In a moment we six hundred were again awake. The new world was being shown to us for the first time. We were yet within the ethereal body of the star (sol) but we could see beyond. The solar system when viewed in the ethereal is different. There are no vast distances punctuated by denser material as in the physical yet we sense that these are present. Directed by the Lady we look in the direction of the Earth. She raises her hands as though in communion with some force now. In a moment we see a landscape appear before us. “No” she says to us. “I am not the creator. I am only the servant, the messenger, the guide, the speaker, she who announces.”

Before us is a garden in the ethereal plane conjoined with the physical world below. We have arrived at our new planet which later will be called “Earth.” Accompanied by our animal friends we alight onto the grassy expanse. Near to us is the structure, the house if you prefer, which was so familiar to us on Aryana. The animals and plants who accompany us are similarly affected. They, too, are momentarily confused by it all. The Lady again speaks. “We will remain here for a time and then we will travel to the Earth below while yet in our ethereal forms. For this journey of discovery we will use a smaller ethereal conveyance. One which will become very well known to you in the near future.” But first is the time for resting and assimilation. We find ourselves once more sleeping within an aura of well being.

Thus far in our story we have been going back in time and looking more closely at the events which surrounded the gathering and departure of our kin from Aryana. It all seemed so long ago. Now we are in a garden again but the feeling of deceleration seems to persist.

The travelers arrived at the Earth while yet in the ethereal. Remaining thus they descended to the surface of the planet and were shown it’s varied landscapes. Of particular interest were the vast oceans. These were unlike what we had been used to on Aryana. And we discovered something else. We were not the first human souls to arrive on this planet.

The Lady again gathered us all in the garden. We were seated on the lawn. Before us, all around it seemed, a display opened. As we waited the Lady speaks again. “This is your new home but you are not the first to travel here. There were others before you, some in the very distant past (as measured in Earth years).

“Shall we watch now?” We waited and soon we saw the planet in it’s earliest form. Fires and violence but yet with the vitality of the already existing ethereal fields which, within the scope of it’s nature, brought to the globe those spiritual qualities which would allow it to prosper later. This…. Under the watchful eye of the god of the star (Sol).

Time passed.

Now the series of events which would allow astrological influences began to radiate out from their sources (various constellations) and illuminate our solar system… and the Earth was bathed in a new light. When the time was ready the first group of travelers arrived to begin their work.

A very long time ago the Earth was blessed with the sudden appearance of life (biological life). This great event was through (caused by) the efforts of the first of those who came here for that purpose (the term Star Seeding applies). Now was the time of the great quickening. Those who were engaged in this work remain yet. They have never left the ethereal however. They are what we might call Post Human Souls who no longer require physical bodies. These are the ones who, in group forms, cause the continuing distributing of life upon new worlds. This great expansion is the dynamic which exists at the heart of creation.

Note: It was these great Master souls who also established the lesser spiritual lives which, to this day and beyond, are engaged in the modifications which are at the heart of what we know as Earth evolution. In today’s terminology we might call these the little worker spirits or other similar names. They are known in almost all cultures. They are real. Theirs is the business of bringing to physical forms the directives of the greater race of beings, the watchers and planetary guides, as they are given to become manifest. In other words, the workers carry out the orders given them by the guides of the planetary hierarchy (of great souls). It is the workers who do the work of creation and modification. This directed activity, everything that we see and all that is implied, continues to this day.

All these things we were shown. And more. As we watched the Lady spoke again. “You are not the first group of human souls to be assigned to this world. Others of differing physical qualities came before. It was these who prepared the way for the first human souls to be born into flesh on this planet. This was accomplished in three periods the latest of which was, in Earth reckoning, two million years ago. The stories of the great trial civilizations which came before will be told in a future time.” There is also another group en-route as we speak. They hair from a system in the constellation that men will call Orion. They are traveling in the physical and will arrive in just a few thousand years from now. Your group from Aryana will eventually interact and merge with them.

We knew this to be truth because we remembered in our own history the early times on our home planet, Aryana. It was the same. Yes. Life truly is universal. “As I, Tholomo and the others watched the Lady continued”. “You will begin on this planet in two ways. First you will establish a presence on the Earth’s satellite (the moon). This will be on the side of that body which never faces the planet. Here the later arrivals, those who traveled by more convention means, will live and work. Theirs will be the task of adapting plant and animal life which was brought in great ships from Aryana to this world. All of their efforts were under the guidance of those great Masters who were spoken of before. Thus we see or begin to see the root of the stories of “creation” and subsequent change (which we now call evolution).”

The Lady continues. “Remember that these men and women had been on a journey of exceedingly great distance. They lived and returned to spirit and were born again while yet their vessels continued on their way. This journey, in Earth years, was nearly three thousand. This was thought to be necessary because in this way they were able to bring more than knowledge, the devices which would be required to establish themselves on the new planet. Those who traveled here in the ethereal had the knowledge but they were restricted to the use of the materials found on Earth. They thus built in the stone that men find the remains of today.” She continued to refresh our memories. Because it was more compatible with the conditions found on Aryana you were brought to the high places on Earth. Most notably to the cold high plateaus of (the now Andes mountains) Here you lived and worked for a very long time.”

Note: These men and women who came here in both ethereal and later physical forms were slightly different from the previous arrivals. They were smaller of stature, had elongated skulls and on their hands were only four fingers. These lived and worked in the Andes mountains, in the high plateaus of both eastern Asia and in the country which is now known as Tibet although in these other places they did not stay for long. And later the second groups began arriving on the moon.

The Lady spoke again. "You will be shown a hint of your future. Watch the presentation now and see the means by which your kin moved about on this new world of ours. After the later party arrived in the great ships they were able to use the smaller vessels for traveling about on the planet in the physical. These were at first moved to their base of operations high in the Andes where special facilities were prepared for them.” As we watched we saw that, yes, this was apparent. A vast complex of stone build very strong as protection from the movements of the Earth’s crust. Built to withstand the ages. Dark volcanic Andesite stone, cut in precision, interlocking shapes. Intended to last for thousands of years during which the new arrivals would busy themselves traveling the planet making preparations for later times.

The Lady saw that we were following. She continued. “Do you doubt my words? Look to the hills and see the results of many thousands of departures and arrivals cut into the high places. These straight lines, overlapping indicating timelines of activity were made by the directed forces of our gravity powered vessels as they left this place for other destinations and then returned. Look closely at these lines. If you can, plot them on a global map and see by projection where, what other part of the Earth, they led to. Each of these destinations had importance in the work. In some materials were gathered. In others a continuing supply of planet life, food that was not available in our high retreat, was brought to us. In yet others the human beings of the day were carried to and fro for purposes related to our better integration into Earth living. All these were the common activities of our time.” The Lady continued reminding us of the center on the moon. It, too, was busily engaged now in the very same efforts as those below in the mountains. And between all of these the work of integrating, one world to another, progressed rapidly.

In the garden the travelers began to gain a fuller understanding of the scope of the work that was begun. They understood more about the processes of creation as it is guided and nourished by God and through the agency of those great ones, the angels who they had close association with. They discovered also their own parts, responsibilities. It was ordered, directed by the great ones about whom they knew so little. At this the Lady smiled. “Yes. You are correct.”

In the next part we will read of another group of human souls, this one from a certain star system in what is now known as Orion. We will read a little of their history and then we will see as our two groups finally merged into one in the land known today as Egypt.

To be continued.

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Old 26-02-2023, 07:58 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
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I enjoy reading these

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Old 05-03-2023, 04:14 PM
seigo seigo is offline
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awesome explanations Very much appreciated
for the time spent to share such an experience
having people that accept Such valiant awakenings
Like Alice in wonderland or CS Lewis head in dreamscape
where dreams seem more alive than reality
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