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Old 09-05-2022, 04:28 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
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I heartily agree … but I personally include that with Faith. I ran outta room … my posts are long enough … but deep … deep trust is what makes faith work as a living perspective … so to me … that’s built in … but nice add-on. It’s good to point that out.

Thanks Mizz H.

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Old 16-05-2022, 01:01 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 416
Consideration 132 …

It is NOT … Unreal …

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This is another classic example of the either / or approach of mind … which leads to nothing but misinterpretation and so … misunderstanding. Such rather small misinterpretations can lead to massive limitations that handcuff any individuals understanding of Life around them … especially when trying to understanding it from the more broad … or Whole … picture.

So many have misinterpreted and so misunderstood that “all is illusion” … that especially the outer physical world is “unreal” … which leads to “suffering” … ( and this makes it all worse ) … thus leading to a dismissal of physical life around them … and if a more broad picture is desired … since the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies are “outside” or not part of Soul Itself … these in turn would also be considered “unreal” and “illusionary.”

Eventually one learns that no part of the entire perspective of LIFE can simply be … dismissed … or dumped into the “denial” trash can. Everything needs to be understood in playing some vital, teachable part in the understanding of Life as the Whole that IT is … and an individual can retract their focus on factors that play a severely limiting perspective. That does *not* dismiss or negate it.

Everything on the outer physical world is “illusionary” because it does not just happen to each individual … the outer conditions and experiences to not simply come floating along and capture the individual to be captured by the outer experience. All of this is driven by your inner perspective and understanding … which leads to the outer experiences being drawn to you as effects of what you perceive and carry within. So since the outer is not the “cause” but is the “effect” … “something else” is making the outer world what it is for each and every individual. That “something else” is your inner attitude and understanding of Life. You learn what is whirling around “inside” by what happens to you “outside.”

Now … before people begin to claim that “I didn’t do anything inwardly to bring this-or-that into my life” … understand two vital factors to all of this. 1) … whatever brought about any outward experience certainly does *not* have to have been set into action during the current incarnation. “Bad things happen to good people” more often than not is a result of past life scenarios. Exactly what that was can only be surmised from the circumstances that you must experience to balance it all out. LIFE does not play favorites. Cause and effect is exacting. It is up to very lofty entities to determine how someone will balance or pay off what. And 2) … since all of this applies to the individual … and since you cannot control someone else’s perspective or viewpoint … their viewpoint of YoU will lead them to interact with you by way of what *they* wish to do … how they wish to interact with you … and there’s not much you can do about this except … react. LIFE teaches us a *lot* through relationships … and will bring Person X into your life to help you learn more of … whatever … or … to balance a previous situation.

It has been said … that if any individual in your life plays any real, vital role in your present life … you can almost count on the two of you having shared previous interactions in previous lifetimes. This can certainly be “strangers” … finally coming into your life to fulfill their value to you … whether you like it or not. This … along with anything else … you can simply dismiss as “preposterous” … but it begins to explain a few things here or there if you allow this understanding to work for and with yo … which is true of most any recognition about Life.

It can be pointed out time and again that the inner brings forth the outer … but many disbelieve or are untaught. The metaphysicians teach us that the outer is an illusion.

The entire scenario is … our self-consciousness is never dictated by what happens outwardly around us … but … it *is* directed by our reactions to what happens to us. It’s not the outer circumstances … but our reactions to it. One step further … it is all the inner talk , our beliefs, expectations, emotional reactions, and maintained habits and patterns that control how e perceive what happens outwardly. So … illusion … is not the outer situation. The outer world is illusionary in the sense that we have brought it to ourselves inwardly.

At no point do we dismiss the outer worlds. They bring about and show us our preferred perceptions. Once again … it is a matter of walking between two worlds … acknowledging the outer because we have brought about the effect … but focusing more on the inner … because this is what will bring about new scenarios … often slowly … because physical realities take time to come about because of the slowness of life here.

The Path is not designed to strongly dismiss much of anything through denial or negation. That’s a mental ploy. It is much more beneficial to understand how the game is played and then adjust to it. If that means designing new habits to use … then get to it. If these habits are slow in coming … this is where the beginnings of faith come into play … we must have faith the eventual and new habitual perception will not only manifest but will be to our advantage.

The Path is also designed … to allow for discovering the “answer” to most anything you wish … if you are willing to put in the effort to find it … and then allow it to work for you. Please remember that this is all a process … a progressive unfolding … and a first grader will be unable to answer questions on advanced physics until one develops the capacity to understand at that level. If the “answer” you seek is “beyond” your current state of consciousness … your goal is clear.

Mind loves to simply dismiss this stuff. Most of the uses of “It really doesn’t matter … “ is simply that mind cannot find the answer and so … denies and dismisses. That absolves the individual from even trying … or finding someone who can truly help and not just regurgitate traditional views … for those that wish to move beyond them. For those that are developing the basics … information more often than not … abounds. You’ll do all of this either in this lifetime … or two lifetimes from now. LIFE can wait while each individual develops / unfolds.

Some may say … physical reality is at the bottom of the spiritual ladder so it doesn’t really matter. If it doesn’t matter … go stand in front of a car … and find out how much it matters. To find and determine just *how* it matters is an episode of discernment … of distinction … and not a handy escape route to dump everything into the “illusion” cauldron so one truly doesn’t understand its place in the Whole of Existence.

Look for individuals who can help you in uncovering the actual Self as Soul … find the individuals who are where you wish to be … in the traditional teachings or beyond … find out how they came by their own experiences to get them to where they are … find the complete set of teachings that helped them advance or unfold on the path … take on the teachings and listen to what the teachings suggest that you do … and move on.

More next Monday.

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A 90-post index is found at thread post number 370 … page 37

A second index for posts 92 - 120 is on page 51 … post # 501

If sincere … I will respond to private messages

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Old Yesterday, 02:39 PM
JoeColo JoeColo is offline
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
Look for individuals who can help you in uncovering the actual Self as Soul … find the individuals who are where you wish to be … in the traditional teachings or beyond … find out how they came by their own experiences to get them to where they are … find the complete set of teachings that helped them advance or unfold on the path … take on the teachings and listen to what the teachings suggest that you do … and move on.
People who think of themselves as soul are very rare. Many, or even most, people don’t know anyone like that. Organizations, such as the Rosicrucian Order, might be helpful. Do you think they, or any others you know of, are? Then, the next best thing would be for someone very knowledgeable such as yourself to recommend sources of teaching you consider to be the nearest to what you know, especially ones tailored to the especially susceptible early stages of the path, in which up to 99.9% of people are led astray.

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