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Old 16-01-2021, 07:04 PM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 609
He's Gone to a Stronger Soul Mate. Confusion.

This person I felt. Their energies. Their thoughts of me, such as, I'd awake from a really great night's rest, going to bed with them not on my mind, and not on my mind for a few days, and than as soon as I open my eyes, as soon as I am conscientious, BAM, I see him, I feel him. What is that?!

He comes into my dreams, I can see all of him, I rarely saw people in my dreams. This only happened a couple of times.

This person came back to me, and pursued, showed interested, was caring, and encouraging, but denies it. Blames me, as soon as he found I'd left the city. Tells me he did not mean to be hurtful as he is seeing another.

Tells me he was not pursuing me, and he is sorry he asked where I am, and that I am confused. Spiritually, I was told this was supposed to be true & pure love, there was supposed to be reconciliation.

I shared too much.

Ever since I came where I am, I've been sick, I've been heartbroken, on many levels. The biggest, that he would be something, that hope I was giving up on, the last chance of having babies. I haven't had an appetite which is unusual for me, and for 2.5 months.

I was told at another time in the Summer, that he could feel my pain. I have been told in all of this in the last couple of weeks, that he "skipped class" spiritually.

I was told when I met him that he was my one, and long lasting, and marriage.
& I feel like I am coming by as a nut job. On a conscious 3D level, I'm a nutso. So I need to let it go.

It's just that, I see things spiritually. Someone said wrap yourself in gold light, for a protection barrier from sharing energies with another. I was doing it before I even knew why, it came to me in my thoughts.

It wasn't even someone I knew for very long, but I feel a connection, a VERY STRONG connection was shared between us. I don't know why. & it hurts so much. & I don't know if this pain is just imagined, or my inability to let things go due to my mental health.

I have to stop thinking about it. He's gone. He's with her. He wants me to let it go. I was so hesitant in letting him back in, because I thought I'd known already that the Universe had given him another. I never thought to ask if he was, I just assumed, and in the physical 3D, he asked me how I'd even known if he was even seeing another. & my physical conscious mind, said I don't. Than he pursued, until...it's just been a terrible hurtful ending. I've felt angry. Sad. Frustrated with myself.

I kept chasing. He's in a happy place now, and I would not want to take that away from anyone.

We had a lot of missed occurences throughout the year. A lot of it I self sabotaged, once I felt it was all my fault, and he answered it wasn't. He is the divine feminine, and I am the divine masculine, I've been told.

I know what I have to do though, to care for myself. & get grounded. I have to release as he seemingly has, because the heartache is keeping me stagnant. I thought to go back there, but other than him, I would not be well I feel. I don't see something I can do there to work on my passion.

& the reason I fight back so much is because my mental health isn't balanced, and I lose everyone. I can't handle feeling so deeply.

I was told we'd shared many past lives together, over thousands of years. Maybe we were just meant to show one another our inner most fears that hold us back. The only thing though is, I know this of myself already. So what else, other than if I don't get grounded, I will never have this magnitude in love, and care for myself, and to another. idk.

It's time to put the work in, but I need help to do it.

It hurts so much to be told, goodbye forever. I have panic anxiety when this occurs.

Over the last couple of weeks, I pray at night, and have asked for the strength to keep going, and in the morning the next day, I have gone from terrible sadness & low mood, to to feeling cleared, and better. Stronger, and like I've been given something. I'm turning the mind.

I know it is not healthy to be stuck in this. & to anyone else feeling this, Just pray, and ask for guidance, and love, and protection.
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Old 20-01-2021, 07:45 PM
Orion_Lion Orion_Lion is offline
Join Date: Jun 2019
Posts: 563
  Orion_Lion's Avatar
How's the praying going?
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Old 21-01-2021, 04:09 AM
heart heart is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: I live, why need a location to do that
Posts: 1,352
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Reflections and mirrors....

You recognize within him what you already have within you

The love you have for him is the illusion of desire to be with him when you already emanate a loving energy

he is the exploding light energy to your inverted inner light bearing soul

letting go of him is easy if you see him as a reflection, a mirror of self, how insane would it be to confuse your love for him if universal loving energy is sourced from your own heart

my advise to self healing in these connections....

invert your love for him inwards to your own heart, allow the universe to decide what it would have you do with it, now..... let.. it.. go.....
"fear is energy that's judged...
by only a conditioned mind"
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Old 24-01-2021, 02:13 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 609
I get things in prayer, and I give things.

I have been praying for a friends who is ill, and they were not supposed to live much longer, but have just been told they will make it to their 60th birthday in October!!!
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Old 22-01-2022, 05:51 AM
violathesiren violathesiren is offline
Join Date: Jan 2022
Posts: 33
On the liminal/spiritual plane you probably are close, but his conscious self is just not aware of it, or what his spirit is doing. and most of all remember ‘no one will take the one who is destined for you’, that’s an old Italian proverb. Someone is meant for you, make way for them. Trust in that.
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Old 23-01-2022, 05:06 AM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 1,294
If you've been thinking and feeling this person so long and so deeply it naturally takes time before you don't, we're human of habits, our brains are too, our thoughts are too.

Wishing you well on your healing.
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Old 26-01-2022, 05:02 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 609
Hi, this "stronger" soul mate, was a karmic for him...

We were aligned this past year to come together.

I found out I am or this is a karmic twinflame situationship, from my understanding in what I have researched is that, our souls missed union in past lives, and there were other issue's. Due to this, we are given "time lines, and activations"

I was told since the beginning of this time last year, that If I self cared it would bring him to me...I was lead by spirit all year and his higher self who was here in spirit form, and by here, I mean, his spirit was physically here - touching me, he showed an apparition of himself, stopping there, and I was lead in how to do so, prayer, meditations, getting outside into nature, doing things I love, proper nutrition, cutting out sugar & gluten, taking supplements, cleaning up after myself (simple for some - not for all when you grew up in trauma), routine (getting up on time every day, & going to bed at the same time), exercise, hydration...

I battled it. Often I felt it was the end when it was not.

In late September the energies read he was coming in. Almost the next day I felt him again, crying, depression, and passion. I did not understand it, and I went to watch an energy to confirm. Anyways.

I did not self care enough, he awakened in late October & he told me we are way too different in that I don't self care enough...

Than I was given multiple paths, and still opportunities to get it together over a period of 4 months. I am now on the 4th month. Because I did not self care at the right time, his higher self & my soul were reworking the contracts on the 5d in both September, and November. His higher self had to help me to release...I almost did not make it.

However I was still erractic & a mess, and upset and I thought it was over, and I self sabotaged yet again...and his higher self channeled through my dad at Christmas dinner, and said, you're not ready for marriage, kids, and a million dollars...you see my twin got a multi million dollar inheritance, and he was going to gift me a million dollars, for my charity so I get it off the ground.

In Feb last year, he wished for a million dollars so he could come to me, because he is very much ego & power & what you have instead who you are...& he didn't understand why I liked him so much...anyways when I was trying to figure out how much I needed, I wished for over a million ironically in the Summer, even though I didn't think I could ask for it. But Spirit doesn't see money the way we see money or society..

Anyhow, it is all sorts of ironic.

With Time line activated twins one is aware, and even if the other is awake, if you miss the activation, even with them coming to you & feeling the pull & offering you something....once you miss it, it's like eradicated from their mind. IT SUCKS.

Like most twins, if you go down your life's mission and heal, you come together....

A) he awakened, I had not self cared, other steps were put into play & I was given final chances.

B) a healing soulmate came in with similar energies to him, I was meant to start dating this man, but I got triggered, and ran. Had I not run, my twin would have come back & apologized and confessed.

C) The only way I would now bring him in was if I had an emotional release by working through trauma with a past parent. It was painful, but I expressed this. Right at the last moment,

D) a few days later my twin came in, I was unfortunately so upset & angry with this whole situation & with the emotional dump I'd just made with this parent, that I couldn't handle having my twin come back in.
-I blocked him & than realized he'd friend requested. - so unblocked, than intervened on his apology (which was to be about this time last year) - & lastly, he asked me if he could send me something....I was to just say yes, but I couldn't. Missed that opportunity

E) Ironically, the energies were all over the place, and I did not know what to believe anymore.

F) I prayed to his higher self & cried that I always mess everything up...which I hadn't entirely, he was still on his way to me for marriage, even though he told me he wasn't looking for that but a fwb & was starting to see someone new.

G) I felt vulnerable after asking his higher self to nudge him & reconsider the gift, and fled, and disabled my account.

H) that is when his higher self channeled my dad &

I) I got a gut instinct that said it wasn't done yet, but I never listen, and I fell into sadness.

J) There was still a last chance if I'd not stopped self caring ( I had started in late November through December ) & and stopped at the beginning of this month. He was to come back as a fwb, with a secret to marry. We were to bring a baby into this World.

K) Right now, after that 2 weeks ago, I again fell into a rut. & some other things, gut instincts came to light....we won't be coming together now for marriage. He is going to come in as a platonic friend and help possibly with a monetary gift...but I have to self care, and it's shaky. If I don't, I will be rerouted from my project, and he & I won't come into union in this life time.

L) He is going to marry and have children with this new soul mate, and I will be a friend on the side (when it did not work out with the last chance as a couple ( I was shown a sign that, "he now loves her", we will come into union years from now after they divorce. I don't know if I can or want to do this. I also think there will be so many more tests that I won't over come (please don't say that is being negative ) but whether he actually gives me money or what have you if he comes in as a platonic friend in Feb, if I have not missed that (the signs are starting to come in, that he may be coming in...I missed them for the fwb because I don't watch energies anymore, and I have not self cared enough to heal parts of me to hear well enough my soul...

SO one of the prophecies is, I will heal & have my project (spirit/universe has been healing me since Dec/Jan (but I've been really struggling on my end, it is said ), but not him. Two other prophecies since all the rest have come to pass, 1) come into union later in life when we have both matured more & come into our spiritual gifts, he will have a home & kids. 2) we will not be together in this life time.

I think sometimes it is not meant as you say. But I often beat up on myself for not self caring. I was only working on my project, no rent...all year. I had plenty of time & employment insurance to not over spend and get a steady foundation in.

All of those & some were shared with me in Oct when the energies went A WALL.

There is said to be a soulmate on my horizon but when I have my project up & running. Spirit is saying in order for it to happen, you need to just start. & I'm like but I need money for food, and I am back in another abusive job and I've only been there for 8 days and it is snow balling, but this is the path I am supposed to be on if I quit the job, I won't be in alignment to see if my twin even comes in. It's like I don't know if I want, it's not fair, it hurts, I can never heal from it, but I will soon, when he with does or doesn't come back in.

I've never had a long term relationship, and I don't feel I am meant to have one in this life, in all honesty.

Irony is, I never thought I could have children because of the mental health, and when he & I met in person the first time, he expressed how he wanted 3 children. All year his higher self or the reads, the energies kept saying how he thought of me as nurturing, and motherly, and wanted marriage and children...and that is why he came back to me late December 2020 and early Jan 2021, but than he found out I had moved, we had plenty of chances to come together, and he always took advantage. He always had & wanted the upper hand, and he I guess didn't think he was good enough. but still a player & young mentality and thought he could play me & she. He's had growth in this past year, it's like he is just lead by spirit, every time he comes to a hurdle he surpasses it...I don't. so he is rewarded.

The problem at work is one I've had time and time again. So I'm gritting my teeth & baring it. Hopefully I will make friends that will come to my aid because it is getting pretty abusive. as it always does, and it always has to do with men.
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Old 26-01-2022, 05:24 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 609
Originally Posted by asearcher
If you've been thinking and feeling this person so long and so deeply it naturally takes time before you don't, we're human of habits, our brains are too, our thoughts are too.

Wishing you well on your healing.

Maybe, but I went to a healer, and she told me last year this time, that he has more attachments than I do, I just feel them more. When she tried to cut the cord between us, before I knew anything of what was going on, she said he is very aggressive, and every time she pushed him out, he'd come back in. This went on for about a period of 10 - 14 days. It was severed when I disabled the accounts, and waited a few days. but I wanted HIS physical self back, so I did what I did, and the healer said be careful or he'll come back...well he did...& the things that happened than on...well it does not matter,

Anyways, for a good while until he went into therapy in this past Summer, he was constantly in the back of my mind, like it wouldn't go away. & than on top of that, I could literally feel his emotions, cravings, passions,

I was told by spirit that this was meant to happen. That when he healed, his vibration went up, and mine did not match his anymore. So I stopped being able to feel him, and spirit said this was so that he would begin to miss me and come back to me...which he did...but I freaked out first and I thought the reads were telling me to go to him.

Whether this is a karmic TF or just karmic in general,, I don't know, no one does. I've read that people can have these experiences that open their kundalini, heart chakra ( which happened between us ) and than another and another that opens extensive pathways for them. The exact same experiences as a true TF, but again there are different kinds of TF's..and there is not a one size fits all. Other than the, you heal we come together. But I am healing and I am doing my life's mission...and I for sure don't care to cling onto someone that is and has been long gone. I left there November 8 2020. I said to myself, if he comes back to me or I get a call back, I'll go. I got a job up there and found a new place to rent for April 1 2021...and his higher self came to me in a dream and said, give me up, and go work on your project. Than I started waking to serious panic attacks... I had an incident up there with another..

I know when something is my emotions, my souls, and his....when it is his higher self's, I get a vision.

In September I felt him again, and all throughout October and November.

Healers, energy workers, mediums cannot see into the connection. It is between myself, my soul, his higher self & him (he's not aware or can't speak on it due to his own blockages) than people try to tell me it is because your twin is not aware because he is not awakened. But he awakened in October/November...and again an awakening...we can have many. He is now in full emperor energies...and I've grieved that loss already.
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Old 26-01-2022, 03:32 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 1,294
Green.Heals thank you for sharing your story and feelings so openly about this. I've edited my answer and just hoping you haven't read the first one. It is really reflecting to me what you write about the connection, how it works, how you've figured it out. Thank you so much for sharing that valuable information!

I suspect my first love was more open, gifted, had visions than I was. I think that and him causing our break up, even if he did not want to own that quilt, he did not want to apologize, he was angry instead, entitled, thought because he wanted me and he was stubborn enough i would go back to him on his terms. He had by then a drinking problem. I wasn't going back. He never acknowledged what had gone wrong when he caused our break up. Because he did not stand up for my, my truth what had happened, I guess in a way he died to me. I couldn't' be safe with someone like that.

Could it be you think - that you are more open than this guy you're "talking" about? And do you have quilt that it didn't work out? Because you did so and so, and because you didn't do so and so? It comes through that way to me in your writing, all that self-blame.

All and all from what I understand, and this is from a friend, not the ex itself, is that because of the things he told this friend, he felt me much more than I felt him.

I think all components did this:
-Being "the same" as in the same level of energy, understanding things
-Being more open spiritually (than I was)
-feeling quilt, self-blame why it did not work out, self-lout (I did not have that. I had not been the one to have caused it. I was more free than he was. It had been his decision, he had done it)

It is as if you and him - you both go forth and back if you want each other or not and it just makes you go back in history and present to this self-torture, you can't change the past, either can he. Where you stand today - OK so it is, to my understanding that he has "moved on". Then you have to let go too. I think the absolute hardest thing is where one is right where you are right now, in that one can't make the decision and it takes so much energy from you.

With me and my current luv, I was shifting in my mind, heart, soul, it was such a lonely emotional struggle, roller-cost, if I should stay or leave him. He felt he was loosing me but did not know what to do about it and neither did I. Then i came back. Then I was gone again (in my mind, physically I was there, we were living together). One time he said "When are you coming back to me?", that was the first time I knew - that he knew. For some reason he would say that he would never leave me so I never had to worry about that. But on the other hand what he had done - while staying - had hurt me, tremendously. He has hurt me a great deal. In his own way he had too shut me out in a way he was not aware off. He tended to do that and we disconnect.

I remember the struggle to be where you are, to go forth and back, stay, leave. Each day on my way to work tears would start to fall on their own, when I was out of the home, on my way, when no one could see me. It was like that for a very, very long time, I never told anyone. As far as anyone else was concerned we were happy. I could not make up my mind to stay or to leave.

But all in it's own time, it had a too high price to pay and I told, and the reasons why, I had to now put an end to it and I had to leave. Even though that too was hard and painful, I felt clarity and I felt lighter, and I had more energy, I had more self esteem and self respect. I loved myself more. It was almost as if I fell in love with myself, LOL. I had myself back. I had missed me! I loved my body more, how it looked, I wasn't ashamed of anything and why would I be. He was an expert of making me feel not good enough. He had high standard, and you could never reach, negativity. I found my own power. We later found back to each other again. I remember before when I made the decision I had to leave it was because I also knew that other people in my life depended on me. He was one person. There were other people too in my life that I loved and who loved me, and I had a responsibility to them too - to function the best I could. If I should try to describe the feelings it was at first as if I was "up" (normal) then I went down and then up and down...you get the picture, and then the last stage just down...and down...

You can not allow yourself to drown because of this. You have your life now. You have other people in your life that loves you.

I don't know enough about him, your guy, but I know enough people, male, female, who play a little game. They will be interested in you when they do not have you. They will not be interested in you when they have you. I know this is gonna sound cruel. I am not implying that he has no feelings for you, because if he had not had that he would not reach out to you either the way he has when he shouldn't. But he isn't sure enough in himself, his self esteem, I fear at this point, to function fully in a mature way. It also stirr things up inside him, feelings that can be difficult for him to face. I've been terribly shy before in my life and even if I liked someone I ran. It wasn't really the guy I was shy towards, I was trying to run from myself, and it was a kind of shock to me I could feel, act like that. But then over time I grew up, a little bit...

If I remember right he tried and did contact you when you had shut the door, when he was in fact busy with someone else? Sad to say it but hat there - is typical. Typical behavior of someone who's not mature enough to be in any serious relationship.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh, and I know I am far from perfect myself.

I've seen the same thing in friend's when they have fallen for "bad boys" - it is the same game. I don't know why they do it, to get their own (fragile?) self-esteem up a little by flirting with an ex or someone new, and then don't act on it - fully?

It is to give as little as possible, to get the hopes up, and to still always have that door to open - that it is never really closed. As long as it isn't really closed, I would not be surprised if he did this again, and again.

This is more on them than on you.

I have girlfriends - who are playing that very same game I see him play, so this is in no way a gender issue, just want to clarify that I don't think it is.

The friends, girlfriends I know who play this game - they have always played this game, and their self esteem, it hasn't changed that much over time as I would have hoped by now. They come out and say it too (to me that is, not to the guys) that they used to have (how about still have?) low self esteem and they like to get attention and appreciation, if it is just a text message, so be it. They do not want that door closed - for good. It is as if they after a while of silence - they just have to try again - and again. It gives them temporarily a kick, the kick they get from the excitement and then the kick from this extern source (the guys) that makes them feel attractive, but mind you it is only a game. A game people play that do not have a good self esteem but try to act as if they have. They think what they are doing is just fun, is just harmless, and it always stay at the same level, that's the most important part, it never leads to anything - to a real, serious relationship. They might also think what they are doing is harmless because they can't phantom that the guys value them so high even if they want that. Contradiction.

The only one who can stop this - is the receiver (is the guys in this case if I should now look at the friends, being female). I have had low self esteem too but I have never been a player like that. I think I understood, and this was early, one of my siblings friends (a male) came home to us one night, and his face expression - he was so, so crushed. A female had just been playing with him.

As I have read through your words I know one thing - you are not a player, but I fear, in all honesty, that you are a victim of one when he's acting like this, and you're making yourself vulnerable to this sort of game that someone like you who don't play them can't understand the rules, and I mean that in the best possible ways, you're too good for this. He does not take responsibility for his own actions, and instead he projects that on to you - that he did not mean for you to react a particular way when he had been the one to contact you, him claiming he did not even remember that. He sheds from responsibility.

You're too good for this. Each time you get up on the ground it is as if he resurface and bump you on the nose, and that is his own doing that (self esteem I gather) or else he would not be acting that way.

I'm sorry if I have written anything here that is going to hurt your or upset you in any way, if so that is not my intention, I just want you to feel better, in time I hope you will.

Last edited by asearcher : 26-01-2022 at 05:37 PM.
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