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Old 29-03-2021, 03:06 PM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: united Kingdom
Posts: 991
Considerations 64..............Brilliant.Thankyou.I really understood that post.it contained everything I wanted to know.
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Old 01-04-2021, 02:18 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 282
Considerations Sixty-Five …

Indescribable Resistance …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

One of the great dangers in putting detailed descriptions about mind … Soul … LIFE … Divine Spirit … all of this … is that once mind reads accurate detailed information … it will build its own case to accept that it is there already … or that it already understands what is being mentioned or discussed … or perhaps such-and-such is unnecessary because “I’m beyond that … I know that.”

This is certainly true of the staunch intellectual … and there are many individuals out there that have fabulous minds … well-trained … well-informed … educated by both everyday life and written text. The gathering of a wide range of information … so easily available now … makes most everyone an expert. There are people out there that have astonishing memories … even photographic recall. When these people read tales of the “Great Beyond” and what it means and how to get there … it is all but impossible to find a dent in their mental knowledge.

This is why I have aimed to stay generic in all of this. Much of what I have recently submitted are merely the mechanics of LIFE and the design of Existence … as modest as it has been and will continue to be. There are signposts that help in understanding where one is … and isn’t … especially in these lower psychic worlds. Most people will just gather and categorize … and believe they are “lofty” in their perspective.

Without a doubt … mentally … intellectually … many are exactly that … they are lofty indeed. They are extremely knowledgable in the written word … and many have applied what they know to interact with the world about them. They make it work. They are successful.

I have said it before … and I will say it again here … if this is what fulfills you … you are incredibly fortunate. Don’t rock the boat. Ride it for as long as you can. If you are physically, emotionally, and mentally content … stay where you are. There’s no need to look any farther until YoU feel the need.

I have also mentioned before that one of the greatest problems the authentic Masters have in working with any student is to get them to “look again.” There’s an incredible amount of resistance by most any individual to do that … myself included.

The greatest obstacle to discovery is NOT ignorance - - but it is the illusion we already know - - when we don't. What people believe prevails over Truth. When challenged … people put up a tremendous battle. When people begin to question their own mind and their belief system they may form an antagonistic towards their own mind … as if it’s “someone else’s mind” that has taken control over them … and they begin to extinguish their belief system … or try to.

This is also a common stage where people strive to “stop thought.” It’s a great talent to have … but it is far from the “answer.”

There are very few “how-to” books that will tell you how to get beyond the mental worlds and what you’re gonna find there. Before you get there … the mind believes it knows what will be there. When you get there … your expectations are unfulfilled. When the mind finds this out it is totally thrown for a loop … and does NOT like it. There will be inner and personal warfare. This is when you find out just how quickly and in what direction your own mind can turn upon you. Mind *hates* the moment when it finds out it is not in total control.

Very few can make true advancement beyond where they “were” in a previous lifetime … or where they “are” now … but they can add tremendously to the “evidence” that shores up their current perspectives.

One more time … this is *not* a judgment or criticism. It is part of the designed path. It is all in how one reacts to all of this. What will it take … to make any one individual … deeply and truly … look again.

Certainly … only when they are moved to do so … to take the risk … to gather the courage and strength. There are those words again … but they are deeply applicable.

The power is within you and the way is within you. You are not really anywhere outside yourself - - but inside.

The road to God is long, and every inch of the way HAS to be won against resistance. No quality is needed more by the student than patience and single-minded perseverance … with faith that remains firm through all difficulties, delays, and apparent failures. We hesitate even before the spiritual traveler … and when the time comes for departure from the physical body into the other worlds … resistance is so strong that it will not let us leave the body.

Just about anyone who has made any discovery that was at all worthwhile ran into … and had to cope with … mysterious obstructions placed in his way. It is like going uphill. There is a law of gravity against us. The desire to go uphill to discover God is the impulse of life, and there are those who constantly study the laws which govern it. Those are the ones whom you must learn of. The downhill pull - - the activity of ignorance / prejudice / passion / superstition - - is the law of death, and there are those who study that also, revel in it, and identify themselves with it. They are the enemy and are deadly dangerous.

Understandably … we … ourselves … turn out to be our own worst enemy. To honestly … privately … intensely look again … is one of the greatest fears we each hold … no matter what we believe as to its validity or value.

I do not tell you this just to reprimand or berate. I have been told this from entities that deal with it constantly … I have seen it work within myself … and I have seen it constantly in others. In the end … to “look again” turns out to be a very difficult task. One can refuse to take genuine stock of what is inside … wait twenty lifetimes … and then take the risk. Is it worth it to wait? It’s a quiet, deeply personal endeavor. No one else has to know. Even baby steps are better than tightening ones grip on current viewpoints.

Most people who read this post will silently say … all this applies to everyone else … but not to me.

Reading about the “mechanics” of LIFE is very easy compared to diving into ones inner world. I understand this. True advancement comes from these personal yet secretive and private deep dives.

The road to God is not walked on a bed of roses.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Tidbit …

Man is conditioned by opinion and authority.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 05-04-2021, 01:52 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 282
Considerations 66 …

Grow into LIFE …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Reading through various posts on this forum board displays a wide variety of questions and answers from all levels. It is fascinating to read through the postings that people offer.

One factor that I mentioned little of concerning Divine Spirit IT-self might shed some light on a number of personal wonderings.

Besides the one and only source of all of LIFE and Existence … providing substance, subsistence, consciousness, and more … a prime feature of Divine Spirit is that IT grows. IT’s movement radiates from the Center and expands. An endeavor of Divine Spirit is to grow from less to more … or the unknown to the known … or from darkness to light … or from untruth to truth … all of these … and however else one might wish to word this.

Another way to look at it is … Divine Spirit is not static or fixed at all. It moves … and is alive … or more that it is the basis of life itself.

So no one … or nothing … stays the same … for long. Yes … here in the psychical world … a rock might remain as a rock for quite some time … but those whose consciousness has developed enough to be a moving, conscious part of life will grow at a rate that is a combination of both Divine Spirit and the individual.

Where does “drive” come from … where does “inquiry” come from … where does “desire” come from … all of this. At any particular moment in time … in the psychic worlds of MEST … ( matter / energy / space / time ) … any individual is at a particular “stage” of development and Divine Spirit is providing the deep, subtle urge to go farther … to expand … to continue … to develop … again … however you wish to describe this. It is all built into the “system” … so to speak.

There is a factor poetically called the “Divine Discontent” … that causes a vague unease within the Self. It’s often a call to search … to explore … and again … to expand and grow. Most of us are way too busy to even allow ourselves to feel this … but it is alive and well nevertheless.

Don’t get me wrong … there are many, many lifetimes that we each live … and have lived … where we are thoroughly content with where we are … and though there will be daily struggles and issues to deal with … we are basically content. If and when you find yourself in such a lifetime … *live* it. Enjoy it. Just ride the contentment. It’s a blessing to be content with where you are. Divine Spirit is *not* asking you to constantly beat yourself up and question your values, ethics, and Self. There’s plenty of that without our seeking it. If you are living as such … you are truly fortunate. Be grateful.

But the air around us is constantly filled with the quests and issues of the world. Media pounds on us every moment of the day and night. Pressures from everywhere are constantly thrown in our way. Exactly where the intensity comes within Self to move … to change … to grow or resist … can be anywhere from old, old habits that still need to be addressed … subconscious remnants that are whispering faintly in ones ear … long-ago promises we made to Self that we haven’t even really considered … an article read online … a recently viewed movie … a phrase heard somewhere they sparks a distant memory … all of this … and much, much more.

How long has the question “What the heck is this all about?” plagued mankind? How is that even to be asked … and when?

Behind it all is the quest of Divine Spirit to grow from Truth … to Greater Truth. The individual interprets and explores this in their own way and time. What is right for a 9th grader is the wrong time for a primary student … and this applies to every feature and concern in LIFE … let along in understanding the depths and responsibilities of Self.

Each of us have lived hundreds of thousands of lifetimes … and their residue remain as shadows … sometimes identifiable … most of the time not. We can sense that some experiences are morally or ethically wrong but we can also sense that we have done them … somewhere … to some extent … at some time … long ago. There is a soft recognition … and an acknowledgment that it’s probably wise not to try it “that way” again. We do … learn … slowly.

We eventually find that life is not so easily explained as “either-or.” It doesn’t work that way … although mind would love to have it so regulated. If factors are to be either black-or-white … then the entire color spectrum between the two extremes has been denied and / or dismissed … and yet if we look … we find that the most experiences do indeed fall between the extremes. They are *all* … meaningful. Anything that adds to what you are … whether something to move into or something to avoid … is part of the adventure.

The drive forward … the passion to grow … the present into the greater … is built into the system … so to speak. Sometimes it’s strong … sometimes it’s barely a whisper. You have eternity to experience it all. To demand that it be defined often detracts from the possible overall experience. Just acknowledging whether it is a forward or backward tendency can assist in catering to or resisting the impulse … and just figuring *that* out is a huge issue to many.

As stated in previous posts … Divine Spirit in the Pure God Worlds is positive only. IT cannot work for anything other than positive growth and benefit. IT cannot work detrimentally of, for, or towards … anything.

After IT is “revised” into both a positive and negative structure … this aspect is over-ridden by the negative additional component. In the Lower Psychic Worlds … everything changes … most everything “dies” in one way or another … “growth” can certainly go downhill if that is the directive according to the individual attitude and focus … knowingly or otherwise. Positive Divine Spirit is out of IT’s realm here … so to speak.

I have tended to use the phrase Divine Spirit for Pure Spirit … and Spirit for Spirit in the Lower Psychic Worlds.

But remember this … IT is still the same Spirit … everything is of this same Spirit throughout Existence … save for the necessary structure of the Lower Psychic Worlds for the purposes of form, manifestation, and experience. Let’s just say … the generic Divine Spirit is “watered down” a touch … but it still very much the same Divine Spirit to the extent that IT can be expressed here in the Lower Psychic Worlds as opposed to IT’s generic pure form in the Pure God Worlds. There is a distinct line at the “bottom” of the 5th Plane … the true Home of Soul … and the top of the 4th Plane … the Etheric realm.

Again … we have forever to walk the Path.

More Thursday.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Tidbit …

No individual can retain and maintain ones old habits and patterns and expect any “new ways” to have any real expression.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 08-04-2021, 01:41 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 282
Considerations Sixty-Seven …

Climb the Staircase …

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

This is a very generic and beneficial exercise … that is purposefully kept so. If “themes” are needed … please try to keep them broad and inclusive … such as beauty or appreciation. If music is used … as discussed below … try to use soaring, beautiful, flowing music instrumental music. This exercise can be developed into any number of specific directions. Be wise … and careful … in doing so.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Finally … the time when you can have a few moments alone with yourself arrives … perhaps the very early morning hours … the later evening hours … perhaps when everyone else is gone … and it’s time for just you and yourself for some quiet time.

You settle the physical body into your favorite position for comfort and quietness. A few deep breaths while telling yourself to relax … and the eyes can drift close. The back of your eyelids are black. If you have basic peripheral vision … it is dark to the left and right … directly overhead and underfoot ( so to speak ) … and if your peripheral vision is very good you can tell all is dark directly in back of you … in all directions.

You are unafraid. Acknowledge that this is so.

The one direction I did not mention above was the direction directly in front of you … and even in the darkness … you clearly see a wide staircase … at least five feet wide … the color of golden oak … complete with grain. It is not vivid … but distinct. The first step is only three steps in front of you and you move forward and take that first step with anticipation. The staircase is wide enough that you will not fall. Just be … unafraid and assured.

You ascend the stairs … slowly … perhaps one step per second … slower if you wish. There is no visible landscape to either side of you … the haziness continues. Perhaps 10-20 steps upwards you do notice the surrounding space getting lighter … as if watching an approaching sunrise. As you continue upwards the surroundings continue to get lighter but there is no “form” to either side … just soft lightness … growing in distinction … beauty and vastness.

( All of this takes MUCH longer to describe than to experience … but during the exercise … take the time to appreciate every step … literally and figuratively. )

After a goodly number of steps … your choice as to how many … you see up the staircase that a “last step” is approaching. You can see the staircase end. You slowly close the distance and take that final step … and there is instant clarity. You find that you are the edge of a vast precipice … perhaps only 4-5 feet wide … and before you is the vastness of the cosmos. You can view this as scenes from the Hubble Telescope or just fill in your own design. The ledge is wide enough for complete safety.

It is beyond … beautiful. You are awestruck. You are filled.

One distinct feature … you feel the soft breezes against you … like a soft breeze on a hot summer day … or the Kiss of the Spirit of LIFE. It moves against you … through you … with the most comforting feeling imaginable. Let it breathe … let it cleanse … let it uplift. You close your inner eyes and turn your face to the breezes … reverently.

As a variation of this … you can do all of this to music … preferably instrumental uplifting music. Sound Garden type of stuff. Movie soundtracks are good. ( Hip hop and heavy metal won’t do here. Don’t know as I’d try this with the Star Wars soundtrack … or similar. Be aware and wise in your choices. YoU are designing this. )

You can wear headphones during all of this and take your steps in time with the music … and when at the precipice … inwardly sing the music back out into vastness. No words are necessary … vowel sounds prevail … with “ooo” and “ahhh” being quite good for all. Sing the melody. Give your own gift back to the Spirit of LIFE. BE the melody … back to Spirit.

Another variation … the vastness beyond the precipice can be colors … preferably pastel colors … with soft misty hues of most any color you wish. Experiment. Let the color(s) breathe with you just as the wind does. You can have incredibly rainbow effects … or one predominant color. Experiment x whatever.

To return … give thanks … and give expressed gratitude for any benefit you believe you experienced. When done … turn and walk straight back to your physical body without descending the staircase. Carry the upliftment with you. Open your eyes and appreciate.

If you get too “buzzy” during or after all of this … you can quickly ground through any technique you prefer.

This entire exercise can be simplified or developed in any direction. With practice … this can get quite involved.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 12-04-2021, 01:38 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 282
Considerations Sixty-Eight …

Divine Spirit vs Soul vs Spirit …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

There continues to be some wonderment about the “differences” between Spirit and Soul. I have offered more detailed information in Considerations 63 and 66 … Post no. 217 and 223 … but I will attempt to summarize here.

Admittedly … this is *not* widely taught. Whether you consider it … let alone accept it … perhaps believe it … and then build upon it … is decidedly up to you.

Much of the dilemma comes from the unawareness of the state or condition or the level of Divine Spirit. The position of Divine Spirit … ( I shudder using such words as position and condition and such … but … there are no good generic words for such facets of LIFE ) … is that unqualified Divine Spirit is just that … a purity … not yet designated into anything in particular … but ITs sole function ( if you will ) is to provide the *Life Force* and substance behind and of everything that exists … within all levels … save for the Core Center Creator that sets IT into motion.

The Core Center sets the generic Force into motion through exuding the initial Sound of LIFE. Divine Spirit then radiates out from the Center … setting IT-self up to be the life and substance of everything from the Center on out … or down … or however you wish to term it. There is no “brain” running this design of Divine Spirit. It is an unformed, all-inclusive, unfocused, un-differentiated Force … undesignated energy so to speak … but yet not quite that either … not energy as we know it in these Lower Psychic Worlds. IT is the foundation of consciousness … yet the various “states” or “levels” of consciousness have yet to be designed. This is a pure … undirected Force … simply put into Existence and Motion by the Core Creator Center.

In a sense … as an example … this would be like the initial issuance of electrical energy from a hydroelectric dam … or any major power plant that is set up to just put out energy. This electrical energy is doing nothing but leaving the power plant. There is no controlling distribution into designated areas as of yet … such as to city centers … house … lights … televisions … whatever. The generic energy is simply leaving the power plant. The same set-up is exemplified by Divine Spirit issuing from the Core Center.

Even at this very center existence … there is a “need” for an ability to begin to design or designate or specialize or refine Divine Spirit into … features. This … is the prime purpose and function of Soul. Soul … is the entity which can eventually learn to be consciously aware of Itself. Divine Spirit is not consciously aware of IT-self but is the Force behind it all … or “pre-specifically conscious” but is the Force behind it all.

Soul then … is the designator. Soul … as It grows … becomes aware of this ability and begins to design Its life and of everything around Its primary life. Soul … is conscious enough to learn of this ability. Soul … begins to be aware of what It is.

Yet Soul is certainly “made” out of this Divine Spirit but Soul has the added ability to become aware of Itself. They are the same in substance … if you will … but Soul has this added distinction.

If you consider Divine Spirit as an ocean … and you take a drop out of the ocean and give that drop the added ability to become aware that it is a single drop from the greater ocean and to continue to develop this awareness limitlessly as an animating principle of the Whole … that would be a close example.

Neither Divine Spirit nor Soul really have any “form.” In the Pure God Worlds … all is formless until one gets to the development … designed border … level where the negative element is created … which gives the negative aspect to the atom as we know it … which then gives rise to energy as we know it … which continues to be developed into forms, actions, and conditions.


Spirit … as distinguished from Divine Spirit … is of a positive / negative state … so that it can be used to form the entire schoolroom of the Lower Psychic Worlds. This is all that most orthodox religions know of and teach. Mind is used to conjure up anything and everything to describe and deal with life here in the Lower Psychic Worlds … and this is NOT easy … the emotions give power to the mental thoughts … brought all together into the human condition … by which we eventually learn what we each must learn to become a knowing, responsible facet in creation.

Soul eventually learns that It lives in two existences … a lower and an upper … if you will … an energetic and at a pure Force level … learns to interact with both … learning what is appropriate and when … and as long as a physical presence / body is the vehicle of ones present lifetime … one cannot totally live in the Pure God Worlds even if that individual Soul can go there any time It wishes. There is a constant interaction between the two “levels” of Life or Existence … and learning when and how to do this is an advanced part of the schoolroom.

Soul cannot get into the Pure God Worlds by will power alone. It cannot simply “believe” It to be “there.” It cannot simply “demand” that It is there. There are distinguishing features and abilities learned by the individual Soul to be able to set foot … so to speak … into the Pure God Worlds. It is designed this way for a reason … and … this entire upper / lower / schoolroom has been designed as it is … because it works … and has … for beyond eternity.

One can accept all of this and begin to let it work for him / her … or not. That too … is part of the schoolroom and the training of Soul.

More Thursday.

On we go.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Tidbit …

Those who “believe” tend to gather into groups for support. Those who seek beyond tend to be loners.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 12-04-2021, 02:17 PM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: united Kingdom
Posts: 991
Those who “believe” tend to gather into groups for support. Those who seek beyond tend to be loners.

So true.
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Old 12-04-2021, 02:22 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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Gosh, you are SO good with words, Z!!

"Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by riding daily in a balloon of divine perception.

Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones...Meditate unceasingly,
that you quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence" ~~Lahiri Mahasaya, the guru of Yogananda's guru.

I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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