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Old 26-11-2020, 12:53 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,778
The Light Collective Channelings

A note about these channelings: I am going to place here channelings that I am getting from a collective of Light Beings. They didnít give me a ďnameĒ - donít we all need names? - so I am calling them The Light Collective, because that is what they are. A lot of the time that it has taken to connect is just finding the connection, then being in the love, basking, basking, basking, so it may only take a few moments to read through, but it took me a long time to get the connection and to get the words flowing because I was basking, basking, basking. Iím putting this here because, although this is very personal, it feels personal, if it helps one other person to feel this love that is shining down, then it is worth putting here. It feels so incredible to channel this light, and in this time of chaos I am looking for things that feel better, and this feels so much better.

The first channeling I received is under the one I titled called something about Thanksgiving. It didnít feel appropriate to put the ones that came after there, so I will put them here. And the spaces between the words, sometimes it is 10 minutes? I am outside of time, but it feels like a long time. There is so much that is just energy flowing and basking. I write down what I am feeling sometimes as this connection is being made, and thinking. I think it is apparent to tell the difference between my words and theirs, but if I can find the italic button, I will try to put my words in italic, so as not to confuse. Enjoy.

************************************************** ****
#2: 11/22/20 = 2/4/2 = 8? 2nd Channeling

I would like to channel the collective that I channeled yesterday.

Thank you.

Good morning. We want to take this opportunity to say to you, reach up higher a little bit.


Vibration. I can feel it now it is different like the needle on a radio dial - I find it (the station) then lose it, then find it again. I am practicing finding their signal. Vibration. They are helping me. I feel like my feet found the foundation.

Here you are in the now moment of time that we have established here today for you. You heed our invitation, just allow that you can do this and take as long as you need.

Oh i can feel it now i am vibrating i am feeling it fill up my bubble

I am letting go of what i expect it to feel like

Calm peace, like i have to focus on my antenna that is high up in the sky but i can feel my body as well as at the same time
So my attention is in two places

You are here with us now in this moment of time. Sit with that for a moment.

Stabilizing energy

Like a beam of light is connecting us and when i stray off the beam i lose the connection but can find it again

I feel like we both are learning how to connect
And the beam is getting wider

We are going slow so as not to fill you with too much light

Thank you

Just the right amount like goldilocks
We are secure
We can now take over for a bit

So on your planet in this moment in time there are things occurring that you do not like that you do not prefer and we want to explain that you can choose which ones you want to see and focus on that, focus on the dreaming of that, keep positive, keep a stream of conscious thoughts about that which you want and think positivity
If you cannot get to the positive, send it light and leave it alone for awhile

We see you. You are real to us. We hope that you feel the same way.

What do you look like?

We are light. Imagine a beam of light expanding out and coming down from the sky and enveloping you totally. We are in the beam of light. We donít have forms as you know them. We are formless but we are conscious beings of light, we are love, we are positive vibrations, we are sending you good thoughts, new thoughts, pulsing feeling thoughts of love and light. Now that we have your signal, we can send this to you all the time, just ask. If you are having a problematic thought, send it to us and we can transmute it for you and send it back whole and complete with a better feeling.

The key to manifestation, manifesting what you want, is to get clear about what that is. When you are muddled, the vibration is all over the place, and you lack the clarity needed to get a positive outcome. You know to get off that topic, as soon as possible is best, so the momentum stops. We can help restart the momentum in a better feeling place, and you do that until it doesnít feel good, then give us the thought and let go and we send it back to you later and you do this again and again until the thought just feels good, it is what you are wanting.

We can help you with many things, but it seems our time is short, as others have awoken.

(A family member was moving about in the other room.)

Let us sit for a moment and see .

This feels so good (basking)

Oh this reminds me of feeling safe as a child, this warm glow in my cells that all is well. That is what this feels like. My cells are expanding with this warm glowly feeling of safety.

Once upon a time in a land far away there was light and love and happiness. You all came from here, which is why it feels familiar to you. Which is how you can allow it in. You know this vibration, you know it well. As a child you knew this vibration, as comfort in a mothers arms, or a fathers, or brothers or sisters, love is the vibration you are feeling. Warmth of love. Safety. Security. We offer that to you now as a reminder that because you know this feeling, it is easy to access, but you must practice it everyday and soon you will be childlike in this momentum of emotions. Bringing you back to this childlike wonder will bring you many benefits. Your thought patterns will evolve back to their original reset without all the drama. Childlike wonder is a feeling and you can access it, become it, live within it. Practice, practice, practice. We will help you with this.

The more you can practice every day and feel this feeling, the longer it will stay each day.

Yesterday it stayed quite a long time, until you hit a bump in the road and it disappeared like the mist. And you wondered about that. And you thought about it, and it came back to a degree, but in the meantime you had time to process what you were feeling, and the feelings moved through you and there were some tears, but the feeling moved out of you. We were helping you get to the root of those feelings so they could move. And leave. There was no judgement in you for having the feelings, you felt them, and they were allowed to go.

We will help you with this as you have some stuck emotions that need to leave, but the more you expand out your light field, the easier this gets and one day they will simply be gone and your body will be more light filled, the light will take up the space that the emotions left, and you will feel more and more of this childlike wonder.

Soon your energy will flow as it is meant to flow through you and the light will stay as it is meant to stay as you are a light being filled with love.

Be at peace.

We love you.
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Old 26-11-2020, 01:33 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,778
#3 - November 25, 2020 = 11/25/20 = 2/7/2 = 11

This morning I would like to channel the Collective that I have connected with twice now. I would like to ask them to send me love and light and transmute any remaining fear I might have regarding Covid and all its many things. I would like a higher perspective on my life and my family.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Breathe. Relax. We are sending you energy and adjusting a few things. We have your signal, never worry about that. We are connected and it will be much easier to connect with us now that you are practicing. Feel our connection, you donít have to see it in your mind, just feel it in your body. Take a breath. Release it slowly. Feel the energy we are sending you now. We will wait.

I can feel it. It feels more than, on the left side of the head,

we are cleansing the trauma from yesterday that you felt.
Ok thank you.

You heard some of what you thought as bad news and your body reacted, not your brain. Your brain was in status, and your emotional body freaked out is the expression you like to use, so we will use that as it fits nicely. We are calming that .

Thank you.

Relax and breathe.

Leave yesterday in the past and move forward in your present with presence, with alacrity, embody the moment,

While we speak we are tuning your emotional body, so no worries. We are picking up your vernaculars and will be using them for emphasis. As light beings we can connect instantly to you now that we have your signal and you have practiced. If you keep practicing it will remain instant this ability you have to connect with us.

You are worrying this covid thing and you are creating scenarios in your head that are not real yet, so if you donít want them to come true you have to catch yourself thinking negatively about them. Focus on the positive aspects, the ones in your now and keep focused on that. Donít let anyone else sidetrack you from that.

You have many paths to choose from. Whatever feels right in your gut, do that. If there is any split energy, you might want to pause and dissect why there is split energy. Is it someone elseís concern? If you try to alleviate someone elseís concern you are not being true to yourself and you can get split energy. Focus on how you feel about the situation and listen to what your gut is telling you, listen to what your heart is telling you. You can postpone thanksgiving for a few weeks if it makes you feel better. Whatever gives you relief when you think about it, take that into consideration. Donít do something that you feel you shouldn't do, for someone elseís sake. If you can align with it for your sake and it feels good, then do that. If it doesnít, donít do that.

We are healing your gut buddies and moving energy around a bit. You may feel some slight discomfort for a moment. As it moves.

I woke up the other night and it felt like someone stabbed me on the right side of my body. Do you know what that was?

We will investigate.

It is gone, whatever it was, and left no trace. We get the feeling that you were being healed and woke up in the end of it and it left your body. It wasnít come from us, your guides and angels have your back.

Thank you

You are confused by the instant transmission and that we sound like the other beings you channel. You will learn over time what our ďvoiceĒ sounds like. For now, you donít have a reference point so it may sound like yourself, the entities you channel, your guides, but because we are using their signature as it were to communicate with you, that is what it may sound like to you until you can distinguish our voice from theirs. Practice will make that happen. We appreciate your attempts to contact us and appreciate the time you are willing to give us. We get something from the connection as well. We can send light through you to others as well, and if you give us permission, we would like to do that today.

Okay, you have my permission.

We are from the light, no worries, we have this, you can relax and just feel. Light is instantaneous so it is much quicker than you can imagine. Thank you for this opportunity to shed some additional light to your planet and its inhabitants.

Your welcome.

When in the course of time things of this nature occur and two beings intersect in this fashion of intersecting there is a magic that occurs that is outside time and space and it is difficult for you to grasp with your physical brain your thought patterns, your way of thinking, it is definitely outside your box of thought. We understand and acknowledge that you really donít understand the magnitude of light and love yet, but you are willing to try and grasp at what you can understand and for that we are very grateful and humble.


We can do two things at once and we are almost done with the healing so give us a moment.

Oh i can smell thanksgiving dressing. And love

Thank you!

Sorry I got distracted at the end.

You are most welcome. Be at Peace.
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Old 26-11-2020, 02:01 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Southwest, USA
Posts: 19,620
  Miss Hepburn's Avatar
Thumbs up

Wow....And I know the different frequencies ---exactly like a dial that was what
I was shown once; each level is different and I was taken to many levels to really experience these
wavelengths of 'mind' or awareness and
where it hangs out and how it perceives things,
and the dial can be turned up and up and up...right to the Top.

Innocence and wonder - yes.

Ok, inspired to meditate longer today ...BIG smile, sis.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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Old 26-11-2020, 03:12 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,778
#4: November 26, 2020 = 11/26/20 = 2/8/2 = 10 7:29 - 7:59 = 30 minutes

I would like to channel the light collective today, on this Holiday, and keep my connection open today, all day, and feel the love and play in love and fun. I am ready to plug into the love socket.

Thank you.

Thanksgiving. Peace on Earth.

I see white hands guiding me into the light, welcoming me into the warmth of love, encouraging me up higher. Goosebumps. I can feel it flowing into my body.

We are here. We are transmuting some energy that has occurred and filling it with light. Hang for a moment.

We are here. Today we wish to speak to you about finally putting an end to thoughts about (personal)

Lets start again.

We are healing that stuck emotion.


Thank you.

Women. Healing. There's a lot here to heal. It wonít take but a movement.

We are tuning your emotional body and releasing as we go. You may feel that as tingles and flowing energy and some pin pricks. I am allowing this healing. Thank you

As your body is healed and these stuck emotions leave you will feel lighter than before, more playful, not so full of concern for everything. Live is for fun, for excitement,

Let us take a moment as there is movement in your house.

Ok, I will bask.

While we can do two things at once we know you find it difficult but that is ok, you donít have to feel all the words just yet.

We have a strong connection, so we will start. If we are interrupted just keep going and we will practice that today as well, as you allow that other things can be going on around you and still keep this connection no matter what is going on around you, we are helping you to strengthen the connection from your side.


Today is Thanks giving. Thanks and giving in one word. Being grateful, being appreciative, puts you in the good vibrations, the light vibrations, the love. Giving puts you in the same space as you give from your heart those things that feel good, that feel right, that are energetic but kind and thoughtful and hopeful and loving. To give is of great benefit to those around you and to yourself, so keep giving, keep being in the love vibration as you give.

We will wait.


When in the course of time you find yourself here again with us, to us there is no time so it is all now, but to you it is spaced out in time and so you think that it is and you react as if yesterday was the past and tomorrow is the future and today is the now, but really it is all one and the same. It is all now. When you have stuck energy about the past or a probable future you have it now, it has not gone away. When you allow that it can move through you and just be gone and you don't have to carry it with you anymore the lightness comes into your being and opens up more space for the light to shine. The future has not happened yet and you can send it more love and light and hope, and fear will leave you alone in the future if you do this it can't get in.

Now is a time and a space and a meaning and a collection and a feeling.

Pieces of a puzzle that get put together into a different shape.

This time in your time of now when you were able to hold the connection when others were in your space it was difficult but you did it and that is practice and practice is what this is all about.

This is mediation for you.

We are turning up the light signal for a bit.

I saw my dogs in heaven and held them and pet them. That was love.

Now that we are alone let us sit for a moment .

So now let us speak about the wonders of your world, the joyful celebrations that are occurring, the lonely celebrations that are occuring, the happiness that is all of your right. Happiness is a state of mind, a frequency, a vibration that you can all access at any time.

When thinking about happiness, what does it feel like, smell, like, taste like, feel like, dream that happiness into being in your now and your now will reflect it back to you in ways unimaginable in your now moment of time.

Music, laughter, fun, enjoyment, zoom,

Feel that joy, feel the emotions of past love and joy and bring that up through your feet and up your body and into the now moment.

Go enjoy your day.

Thank you.
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Old 26-11-2020, 08:32 PM
ImthatIm ImthatIm is offline
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Nice. Another Love feaster.
It's like Thanksgiving everyday.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
__________________________________________________ ________________
Anything I write is opinion based on my present perspective and state of being.
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Old 27-11-2020, 10:23 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
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November 27, 2020 2:54 PM = 11/27/20 = 2/9/2=13= 4 End 3:17 PM

I would like to channel the Light Collective and keep practicing my connection.

Thank you.

Today is bright and clear and the sun is shining down upon the earth. You should go outside and enjoy more of that today when we are finished here. It will help your body to heal itself. Even though you may not find sun, the sun is always shining down upon the earth and filtering down through the clouds and the winds, the fog and rain and sleet and snow.

And isnít it glorious when the sun comes out again , even though it never left. The human mind cannot grasp the power of the sun and the energy that it has and how it is used in the human body. You are not plants but you have a similar photosynthesis system that absorbs the sunís rays and your cells need the sun to manufacture this photosynthesis that is not photosynthesis (we know you are having a hard time with this word, but there is not human english translation for that which me mean and that is as close to it as we can get). This photosynthesis, metamorphosis, this translation of the light into light codes in your body is necessary for the human, is as necessary as your breath and water.

You know this, but we want to explain that staying inside all the time is not good for your body, no matter the weather. You were built to withstand a certain amount of weather, and with your inventions you can go outside in most weather conditions and it is a prescription we are giving to you today to make sure you get outside each day and greet the day with love, greet the nature with love, give it thanks for sheltering you all, as you all live in homes that are made out of nature, natural materials, whether man made or not, they all started with nature.

To go outside and greet the earth, greet the sun, greet the natural world, plugs you into the human light codes that are available to you. The sun gives you many gifts, the earth gives you many gifts, nature gives you many gifts. Being inside hides those gifts from you, like an unopened gift it falls away. Open your gift each day and you will reap the benefits, your body will reap the benefits.

Thank you.

Sunshine from the galactic sun is a different sort of sunshine. A more expansive sunshine, a cleaner sunshine, a brighter sunshine, a transformative sunshine, a breathtakingly beautiful sunshine that you cannot see or hear or taste or smell or touch, but your body has more senses than you can imagine, that you are not aware of, that can access this sunshine and use it in the way it was intended for your body to use it.

Sing today. You will enjoy it. Dance a bit, if you feel like it. Be happy, have faith, have hope, have love. Fill up your cup to overflowing, and give of yourself as it overflows.

Be at peace.

Thank you.
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Old 28-11-2020, 08:14 PM
BigJohn BigJohn is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: अनुगृहितोऽस्म
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Thanks for the channeling.

Very nice.


      Happiness is the result of an enlightened mind
     whereas suffering is caused by a distorted mind.


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Old 28-11-2020, 11:30 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,778
I connected today, but it was mostly personal but I did want to share a question I had about Covid.

Is there something we can all do to help Covid disappear faster? It seems to be hanging on longer than any one of us thought.

As long as you stay out of the way of it, as long as you donít engage it, you will all be fine. Stay home as much as you can, stay away from people as much as you can, when you have to be around them wear your mask, and gloves if it makes you feel better. If everyone did this, it would disappear almost overnight.

It will begin to disappear in areas, and you may not hear about it at first, but it will go area by area. So, difficult as it is to stay away from loved ones, it is necessary to stop the spread. Do what you have to with care and then go home.

Do you have any timeframe for when it will disappear in our area?

Sooner than you think, so no worries. Be positive, donít fret, think positivity. Get happy, stay happy, when you fall get back up and get back to happy.
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Old 17-12-2020, 01:44 PM
Nameless Nameless is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Over the Rainbow
Posts: 2,778
December 17, 2020 = 12/17/20 = 3/8/2=13=4

All is well. You will be fine.

Out of the darkness and into the light.

Colors of the rainbow. Rainbows. Sun energy. Tuning in. Setting my tuner.

Breathing in love.

Welcome we are here with you now. We are sending you love energy so sit and bask for a bit.
We are aligning you, you are quite out of balance. Thank you. You went down the rabbit hole we are pulling you out of it.

Thank you.

I am allowing myself to feel the love.

And didn’t you get an answer yesterday about the virus. Help is on the wy, they have the drug already and they will begin using it in your timeline if you believe that it is possible. (I saw a video on Ivermectin I will link below). We believe it is possible, so just sit with that for a moment. I can see everyone taking this drug and being immune and going about their business as normal, there is no more virus.

Nothing to feed on. The hosts have left. The planet is healed. The work was done, you have all done the work and can let that go now.

In the beginning of the new, the letting out of the gate, from being trapped inside , the newness of the elements against your skin, whether it be whatever weather you are currently in, let it in, let it heal, be in the energy of the new.

Transformation was the energy of 2020, you are moving into the new energy of 2021, which is seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of appreciation of your planet and its inhabitants, you are all closer together now, you have a new found respect for one another for having gone through all that you all have gone through and realizing now what is important about yourselves.

And not taking for granted what you have, but savouring each new experience this new energy is bringing forth. Love, peace, reflection, quiet, happy, joyful, fun, laughter, excitement, just being in the new energy is almost like spring has come early, but spring is in the heart now, it is available as a new energy now, so you don’t have to wait until spring to be in the spring energy .

You can put yourself there by imaging it, imagining being outside in the spring, the new, the opening new doorways new paths new dreams new ways of doing things that make more sense, that are more deliberate, that are freeing from the old energy patterns that you had to realize as you were stuck inside much of the time are old patterns and wanting to break free of them and being given a chance to move out of them, you are all at the racetrack at the starting gate, chopping at the bit, so imagine that you are let go, the gate has opened, and you can move out of the gate and into the new. Maybe in small steps right now, before , the newness of before is quite amplified, so take a step out of the gate, go for a walk in your surroundings, just a small movement outside, into the world, smile at people, greet them with joy, tell each other you love them, put on christmas music, get lighthearted, because if you won’t do that for yourself, no one can do it for you, so it is up to you, up to the collective of you, to be the bringer of the joy bringer of the happy energy, be the happiness that is inside you, find it and shine a light on it and be that in your now.

We see you in your houses and thinking that you are stuck inside and can’t be let out, but that is not true. You can go about without having contact with one another, but seeing one another is possible. You can go for a drive to a place of great beauty and sit there for a while and soak in the days energies, the outside energies that are all around you now. There is much love outside. Open your windows and allow the air inside, the clearing air that breaks the static connection you have right now and fills your house with new air, new energy, the energy of transformation of the new.

Thank you

Here is a link to the video I watched yesterday that is bringing me hope.
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