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Old 21-10-2020, 12:18 PM
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The Shift - 10 17 20

Channeling the Sky

I would like to ask about the shift, as it is called in the spiritual community. And maybe this is a different subject, but I would like to ask about the 2012 happening with the light that emanated with the alignment of the planets that was coming our way. Is it still coming our way, did it get here, or did it take a different turn? Iím curious.

My intention is to ask a higher guide. Thank you.

Good morning.

We want to take this opportunity to answer your questions. In the time that it takes for you to write down this answer, a thousand lights will be broadcasting from the sky to your earth and filling up some spaces that were empty of light, the dark had receded and there was a void that was created, and in that void we placed light.

From a physical viewpoint that sounds nuts, right? But we are not from your 3D world, and so we are not bound by your 3D physics. So we are seeding your planet with light, filling in the cracks, so to speak, as the darkness recedes. For the darkness is receding, have no doubt, and when this happens, and the light is anchored down into the planet, the planet has more access to light, and its crevices are filled with more light, and your world is lighter, and that translated to the people on the earth that live upon the planet, they are feeling more light coming up from their feet, their toes, up through their legs and torso and to their head and the pineal gland and that resonates the human form to holding more light in their auric field and if you take a moment and feel what your body is doing, it is glowing in this new light, your cells are being rejuvenated, they are singing, but to notice it you have to sit for a moment and feel what is going on in your body.

The natural earth, the trees and flowers and grasses and rocks and sand and earth, is absorbing this new light and that translates out to the earth as more oxygen, some of you are needing more oxygen right now with this virus that disrupts the oxygen abilities in your body. This fresh new oxygen will help those that have been infected with this virus that were suffering from a lack of ability to breathe in oxygen, your cells are healing from this light and they are now able to absorb more oxygen.

When things of this nature occur, and it is a natural thing we are speaking about, not the virus, which was man made, has things out of balance, the earth sends out signals and those of us that are on the same wavelength can hear the signals and respond. So your earth always has helpers helping it to stay in balance.

Just as you all have helpers to help you stay in balance. You have so much help, you have no idea of the magnitude of the help you all have. In order to access the help, you must ask for the help. We cannot interfere and help you unless you ask. Be sure to always ask for a higher guide to help you, and a guide that is from the light. And then your help will come pouring in. We are just waiting to be asked.

That is also true of the darkness, but as long as you ask for a higher guide, one from the light, you are safe.

So in answer to your question about the 2020 happenings, yes, light is coming at you, towards you, from the center of the galaxy, and will be on your earth shortly. No time frames are given because of the nature of the light wave but it s gathering momentum, which is a fundamental law of the universe and that momentum is propelling it forward, towards you. It can be seen with your telescopes, you have seen this as well on something you watched. This light will transform those who need transformation, those stuck in the dark. It will change the human, infusing the human with more light and love.

Those of you who have been working on your selves, your work will be handy because the more and more you can shed of the baggage that you carry, and the higher your vibration is when this light comes to earth, the easier it will be to absorb the light and you will be able to do this more easily than someone who has not been doing all this work and this preparation.

It is a force of nature, this occurrence, but it has been many eons since it came to your earth. It is cyclical in nature and it has come before and will come again, like the planets that rotate around your sun, and the phases of your moon as it casts its shadow upon the earth, this is somewhat like that, it is an orbit that comes around The last time it came transformed life on the planet you are on at that time and will transform it again. It is a natural occurrence and so it is.


This is what I thought was the lightwave coming towards earth LOL. I found the video, and it is a series of photos. Let me know if you feel anything when you see these photos. I don't remember feeling anything when I saw them, but its been a few years. The you tube video is called Dolores Cannon on "The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth", and the photos start about 1 hour and 45 minutes into the video

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