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Old 16-04-2020, 05:31 PM
deuce26 deuce26 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
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Post Need guidance, unsure about many things. (long post)

Hello, I'm new to this forum and been reading a bit here. I wanted to share some experiences I had recently and stuff about my life. I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight as I don't know what to make on it. This will be a very long post so a fair warning.

Before I get into my experiences I ended up recently, I want to explain some things about me. I've always been different. This has been obvious to me my entire life. I'm a loner and I suppose they call it social anxiety disorder although I've never been directly diagnosed with it yet...mostly because I don't open up to anyone about it.

My issue is I feel overwhelmed when I'm around people. Almost like it's a force that hits me all at once and just drains me. I get extremely frustrated with this and I've lived with it my entire life. I don't lash out physically but I can get mood swings verbally.

I also have an issue where I see things that are not there. I don't really know how to explain this. I'm not delusional or crazy. My mother told me she felt when she was younger she had ESP but it went away as she got older. I see people I guess they're like ghosts? Others do not see them when I ask. This is really the first time I've opened up about this other than my recent experience I'll get to later. I do not tell people about this because they'd think I'm crazy and want to place me in an institution so I've bottled it up my entire life.

I'm isolated, a loner. I don't have any friends irl though it seems people seem to gravitate and love being around me. I tend to push people away who try to get closely though. I've never been in a deep relationship with anyone mostly because I think I'd be difficult and I can't handle long periods of being around people. I don't like associating with other males. I prefer being around females and for some reason women have always been attracted to me(not necessarily physically I just mean liking me).

I'd rather talk to my dog than a person. I have difficulty sleeping at night. I get what I guess is sleep paralysis especially in nightmares. Sometimes I get things I can't explain in my sleep though. Like I'm someone else's body or when I get sleep paralysis I can see myself sleeping standing somewhere else. It's difficult to explain. I'm extremely articulate even my teachers growing up mentioned this. I'd say despite all the oddities with me that's not normal, I've a very down to earth person. I don't get manipulated easily and can tell when someone is lying. When I play cards like Texas Hold'em I often can read another player due to this ability.

I have an unusual ability to slow everything around me and soak the environment in. By that, I mean see smaller details people likely overlook. I have not been able to maintain a consistent job my entire life and I do not like people bossing me around. I would say my anxiety issues can also be debilitating too.

I'm posting today because a series of events have happened in my life I don't understand yet. I've been pondering more and more recently where my life is going as I'm 35 and it has gone nowhere in a hurry. I have no direction, I'm aimless and can't even say what my identity is. My parents/siblings know something is wrong with me but all they can do is be supportive as they're just as confused as me. I can't really open up to them because they don't understand what I go through.

That's why recently I started to see a counselor that my family wanted me to do since I don't open up to anyone and they're concerned about me. I was recommended to a psychiatrist to get meds to help my problems but with the recent pandemic I can't do. I've never seen a counselor or psychiatrist before as I've always just dealt with these problems myself.

This leads me to a recent experience I had. I was walking my dog as I like to do this everyday due to about a mile isolation around my house where I have no interaction with anyone and I can just enjoy nature around me. It's quiet and peaceful plus I get to see plenty of wildlife which I love. Out of nowhere this truck pulls up on me right before I get to my house.

This young woman starts talking to me and immediately got on the subject of something spiritual. She tells me that she has the ability of foresight and that this meeting with her today she already saw happening. To prove it she told me many personal details about myself nobody could possibly know because I never shared it with anyone. I realize generalities can be anyone but she was detailing very specific personal stuff and not exactly getting them wrong. I'm not sure how someone could possibly guess this stuff.

Anyways, she tells me these things then asks me if I have hallucinations of seeing things or difficulty sleeping and many other things that directly described my problems. She said that I have issues with controlling the energy around me that people give off which is why I gain anxiety on people. She said my aura was extremely strong and she could feel it immediately when she came up to me.

She mentioned many other things that made sense to me like she claimed I'm a traveler and have the ability to astral walk as she called it. Basically, this conversation went on for a few hours and she said she's love to help me with my problems and teach me how to control it. I mentioned to her about the counselor and psychiatrist and she begged me not to do it as it would ruin what she said are gifts.

She did not seem malicious at all in intent. The only thing she said that made me think she was being manipulative or trying to take advantage of me being vulnerable is she said she could even help me exert sexual energy if I needed help there. Even then, I don't think she was trying to take advantage. Wasn't asking for money or to join some cult.

I exchanged numbers with her because why not? This type of experience never happened to me before so I was interested in learning more. She told me to look up Indigo Star Children as she said this is what I am. This is why I'm here today after reading about it more.

She texted me very aggressively for about 2 weeks but I started to ignore her messages as I didn't really know what to make of our conversations. She seemed nice and not trying to harm me or anything. I have not talked to her this past week as she continued to try to talk to me but I ignored. I didn't want any trouble and I guess that's what I tend to do is just push people away.

I don't really know what else to do as the experience is bizarre to me and I keep rolling it through my head as to how someone could be lying. Some things just don't make sense how she'd know about things and I'm wondering if everything she said is true.

I believe in god(christian) and I do believe there's things out there we can't explain. I want to believe there's something greater than us out there as I've always gazed at the stars with profound thinking. I guess that's just how I am I always think about the greater details that maybe others will overlook or ask questions nobody else will.

Anyways, any advice is appreciated. I'm unsure what to make on all this and I'm still searching for a path.

Thanks to all who took the time to read this absurdly long post. I haven't really opened up to anyone before in my life and recently doing this seems to be helping more. I forgot to mention I'm a Libra too I don't know if that matters.
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Old 16-04-2020, 10:04 PM
Posts: n/a
Hi Deuce26,

Apart from sleep paralysis and seeing ghosts,you sound very much like me.

IF you haven't already done so,look up traits of Aspergers.

It may help?Though i see it as just another human label.

Apart from that,all i suggest is keep on beating life to the tune of your own drum.

And get out of your comfort zone and be open to new experiences.

As to being 35 and unsure where life is going,at the age of 35,i turned my life around 360.

All i suggest,is to have some goal in front of you eg:strive to eek out some existence in a job you
don't mind doing and save towards an existence eg:a house in the country.

Somewhere you feel safe,at peace and a place where you can be you and a place where you can freely express.

Something along those lines.

And that's on the presumption that the current system doesn't change after the pandemic.

Perhaps do a journal in the members section and just open up,like speak in third person as your speaking and relaying to your inner child.

Writing is cathartic and therapeutic,especially when one has been holding a lot within.

As for this woman,let her in and it will pay to just say to her politely and honestly,could you please back off a bit,as i'm feeling quite over whelmed at this point and i need some space.

Needing space and some time to process things.

Nothing ventured,nothing gained.

Find a niche in this world,where you can walk with your head high,
And where you,can be you.

Life is only as hard as you make it.
And or limited by ones own self defeating thoughts.

'You are the master of your own ship, pal. There are lots of people who fall into troubled waters and don't have the guts or the knowledge or the ability to make it to shore. They have nobody to blame but themselves.'

~Evel Knievel.

Keep the faith and have faith,blind faith in the unknown.
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Old 19-04-2020, 02:27 AM
Intuire Intuire is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 68
Hi, Deuce.

I am still not completely sure what to make of the whole indigo concept, but the website "sunfell" (indigo files) was a pleasant discovery for me when I first started reading about it. It was the only website I found that approached the topic in more depth and substance.
I come back to it every time I feel lost and it helps. :)

As for the young woman, it's a bit out of the ordinary that she keeps texting even after you've stopped responding, seems like she has a slight disregard for other people's boundaries. Be careful in any case and take everything with a grain of salt.
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Old 29-04-2020, 09:50 PM
WisdomOfErra WisdomOfErra is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 4
yeh you sound like myself too :) as for the indigo thing... it would be the crystal children that have more of an issue with boundaries as opposed to the indigos. Indigos are pretty outspoken and don't like people stepping on their toes. They have no problem speaking their minds.
I've dealt with spirits ( both negative and positive ones) my whole life, and been able to multi-dimensional travel since I was 3. perhaps, in order to protect yourself at night try visualising yourself with white, purple and gold light before bed, it may help with any negative experiences during sleep state.
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Old 30-04-2020, 05:50 PM
WildHairedWoman WildHairedWoman is offline
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posts: 466
Duece26, avoid that woman at all costs. All kinds of red flags have come up when I read your description of how she approached you. Even though she seems nice, you are right to not answer her texts.
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Old 06-05-2020, 03:17 PM
Dather12 Dather12 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 60
  Dather12's Avatar
You sound very sensitive, and very receptive. The walls you have set up against people are valid.

The woman may want to genuinely help you, and you ought to do it for her sake.

Set up a meeting, as digital technology has a way of ruining analog-based relationships.
Seasoned astral doctor and part-time devil advocate.
Merkabahs. First-eyes.

Contact me. 🌃
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