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Old 27-02-2024, 04:40 AM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Delhi, India
Posts: 11,167
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Who am I

be we in duality
or in singularity
essence of aliveness
requires a vibration
renewing itself within itself
or what we call consciousness

the screen of space-time
is the stage set for duality
of what is all that is manifest
as perishable phenomenon
within which we are containerised
in a decaying organic vessel

noumena of singularity is the bardo
no-thingness before the outpouring
self-existent light in ineffable peace
feeling complete in unending renewal
with full freedom but no urge to act
no adversity and therefore no learning

that the embryo of living light be enabled
with Christ consciousness awakened
namely, love, wisdom and power in fullness
entwined with self-existent will and creativity
these five fold aspects or limbs of beingness
may be likened to growth of the true Self
which though is inseparable from God
is as yet but a receptor, not a transmitter
so to learn and grow, living light descends
into this harsh earth realm with memory erased
that the trance like state enables It to bleed

upon attaining a certain level of maturity
the embryo begins to ask, ‘who am I?’
thus exiting both space and time in meditation
while in the waking state it connects with itself
astonished to behold Self resplendent with light
thus in truth nothing is attained when truth is known
all that happens is that false ego is instrumentalised
thoughts rested and employed only when needed
for the rest of the time Self dwells in bliss mists
bliss being the dualistic component of peace
wherein one that became two becomes one again

thus when asked: who am I
we answer: there is no one here
The Self has no attribute
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Old 29-02-2024, 01:37 AM
JustBe JustBe is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 3,361
  JustBe's Avatar
If in the reclamation of self
Where two becomes one
There exists one
And you as that reclaimed one
Exist as the one
Who am I ?

Answer- ?
Free from all thought of “I” and “mine”, that man finds utter peace. ~Bhagavad Gita
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Old 29-02-2024, 03:24 AM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Delhi, India
Posts: 11,167
  Unseeking Seeker's Avatar
As the transcendent
All that is is Self
Self alone

To feel contrast
The one becomes two
In the manifest universe
As polarities orbiting
Fulcrum of love

Thus trika or three
Male, female and void
As in the kundalini process
Shakti and Shiva
Unite in heart

Pangs of separation
The bliss of union
First concealing
Then revealing
It is a pulse

Now we are one as Self
Always were, are and will be
But our awareness is stuporous
And so on ensouling organic form
The earth interface, ego takes control
Then we believe we are this body
so go through life in trance
Oblivious to the truth

Silence & Stillness
Or thought cessation
Slowly dissolves the ego
Revealing light of true Self
Ego lost, Self reclaimed
In our active cognition
Awareness awake
Dream ends

As a disclaimer
Knowing is not becoming
Because assimilation yet awaits
Of awareness embodied seamlessly
Within in an unbroken continuum
Through waking and dreaming
As also deep sleep state
As the light of Self

Self is complete
Pulsating in a singularity
Renewing itself within itself
It is a soft white self-existent light
In time and space dissolved ineffable peace
Requiring no coming or going or doing to be done
Self as awareness self-aware has no attribute
With full freedom but content as it is
So why then shift into duality
But to grow in wisdom
Blossom in love
The Self has no attribute
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Old 01-03-2024, 10:40 PM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,968
  Ewwerrin's Avatar
Yes, the answer is unconditional love/joy/freedom.

Because it cannot be put into words. It's not a thing. It's a stream. An energy motional stream. An energetic thought pattern. Which is in alignment with your greater non-physical Source Consciousness.

It is a journey. An eternal journey. One of unconditional love/joy/freedom.

To understand it, one HAS to become the frequency that is capable of translating it. Vibrationally. One has to become the frequency, energy motionally, emotionally and energy thought pattern, unconditionally, of love/joy/freedom.

One has to use free will of focus and awareness to choose to place the awareness on joy for example. Long and consistent enough that one begins to feel joy. Then when you feel consistently joy. You are able to translate the perspective of the God Source Consciousness of infinite intelligence, unconditional love and eternal wisdom. The energy which creates worlds.

This energy is bombarding us with unconditional love all of the time.
But to be able to receive it, you have to match the frequency.
And to match the frequency, one must focus the awareness on unconditional joy.

So if you ask a question, like "Who am I."
Then leave the question, write it down and leave it.
Focus on unconditional joy purely for as long as you can untill you begin to feel it.
And if you feel it consistently, then you are ready to receive&transmit the answer to that question. The consistent feeling of joy indicates a vibrational alignment with God Source. It is one where you receive endless inspirations. In the form of thought forms which match the perspective of God Source. Are in alignment with it. Such knowledge and perspective is more powerful than millions who do not align with this frequency.

And this is our true natural state of being. It is the energy, pure positive energy, which creates worlds. Your greater non-physical consciousnss is made out of and is always purely in alignment with it. And when you focus on joy long enough that you begin to feel it consistently, you are allowing yourself to receive your own true nature. You become a blended being, a whole total being, one where physical and non-physical are blended or merged. Which is indicated by the primary manifestation of emotional joy. And secondary, the physical time and space reality realisations that are in alignment with that.

From that place, you can easily answer anything. You will receive endless answers upon answers upon answers. Solutions upon solutions upon solutions. You will be in the frequency of truely KNOWING without a single doubt! Absolute Knowledge.

Because you allow yourself to become of the frequency of it and so you can vibrationally translate it. You become a clear receiver&transmitter of your own true nature and that of everyone else aswell.

Everything that you have ever wanted to be do or have, before this life and all the way to now and everything that you may ever want to be do or have, it is all known by your own greater non-physical consciousness, which always in full connection with God Source Consciousness. Which is in connection with all consciousness that extends from it and further extends out into physical time and space reality extension body mind heart.

All that you want is being held in vibrational escrow for you. By your own greater non-physical Source Consciousness. And you are constantly being shown the way. Constantly being inspired.

But if your frequency of your habbitually practiced energetic thought patterns does not match that, then you will have no way of knowing it. It will never be known or experience or realised. The frequencies are not a match. And the indication is that you feel less than very good.

Only when you focus consistently on Joy, and then begin to feel consistently joy. Then your frequency becomes in alignment such that you can clearly and purely translate the vibrational stream of pure positive energy that is constantly flowing to you and through you, if you allow it, by deliberately matching its frequency.

And then any question you have can be isntantly answered, any desire you have can be instantly fully realised evermore. Not only are all your desires known by your greater non-physical source consciousness of pure positive energy. And held in evermore growing vibrational escrow. But your relationship to it is also known. And your path of least resistance to your evermore greater allowed realisation of all that you may ever want to be do or have, ever more and more and more, is also known, for all eternity.

It is all inside of you. You own all of it. Its all for you. And you can only allow yourself to receive it, by matching the frequency/signal of it. It is the frequency where you feel unconditional joy. And if you focus consistently on Joy, you will begin to feel Joy, eventually.
It takes about 20 minutes of pure focus. To begin receiving clearly God Source Perspective.

Sometimes it takes less and sometimes more. Depending on how used you are too it. If you're focused on joy very often, then your life will reflect that and you can enter the frequency at will very easily. It infact becomes more difficult to deviate from that frequency of who you truely are and all that you have truely become and all that you are now. That is actually normal.

But if you're not used to it. You have to focus longer and apply deliberate intentional effort to focus more consistently and take your time. Like dropping into a warm bath. You relax into it.

All you have to do is focus and the rest is simply allowed to happen. Then when you begin to receive the answers and inspiration. You may write it down under your question.

And you will never be the same again. You can keep that answer maybe even digitally store it. So it will always be a touching stone. Even if you fall into great forgetfullness you can take that answer and read it. And it will be undeniable. You can no longer lose yourself. Or forget who you are.

Even tho your frequency may go back into old habbitual patterns, you will not even understand what you wrote or why you wrote it or what you ment by it. And then you will understand why you cannot be put into words. Because your true nature is unconditional Joy. And you will never be able to allow yourself to know it, except if you allow yourself to know it, by focusing the frequency of your true self back into realisation. By focusing on unconditional joy.

It is always there. Always all around you. But you cannot perceive what you're not the vibration of. In the same way that the consciousness which realised the problem cannot realise the solution. There has to be a vibrational shift. You have to train your consciousness into unconditional joy.

And god would say, is Joy too heavy of a price to pay, to have anything you can ever want? You have to allow yourself to feel joy. By simply using free will to focus on it. Untill you do feel it more and more, more consistently and more consistently aswell. And all that you have ever wanted to know is there. And all that you will continue to want to be do or have.

You simply cannot EVER know who you are, untill you match the frequency of it so that you can see what was therefore invisible to you. It is vibrationally impossible. It is like blindfolding yourself and trying to describe the color of a cup in front of you, when you cannot even see it. If your vibration does not match Joy, God will be invisible to you, by figure of speech.

And when you do focus on Joy and feel it consistently You become a clear conduit channel for your own true nature. It may feel magical but it is truely your true normal natural nature.

Everything that is less than joy is truely the exception. The abnormal.

Just ask yourself. How weird is it when a person doesn't know who they are? It cannot get weirder than that. And yet within just 20 minutes one can begin communicating with God. By matching the frequency. So that you will be looking at the world through the eyes of Source. By simply consistently focusing on Joy. Long enough that you begin to feel it more and more. And you begin receiving and translating blocks of God Source Thought/Perspective.

How big a price is it to pay? Joy is not even burden. It is the release of all burdens. It is less than a price to pay. You are literally receiving a price.

Its like a radio channel. You tune your receiver to joy. And eventually alignment will happen. And you will receive God FM, or God AM, so to speak.

And it's so easy. All you have to do is just focus on the word Joy. Consistently. Placing your awareness on it and holding it there. It wont take long before you feel it a bit. And then you will naturally want to do it more. Because it is enjoyable to feel that. And that is how it is suppose to be! And in no time it will become effortless and truely enjoyable to allow yourself to give your awareness to Joy. And allow it to energetically expand. And you become a clear receiver&transmitter for God Source Perspective.

It doesn't get better than that? Right? No... It becomes infinitely and eternally evermore better.

So... Much joy to you and all.
Sharing perspective.
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