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Old 11-04-2024, 04:12 PM
AnotherBob AnotherBob is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
Friday April the 12th will be my last post here. LIFE calls me elsewhere.

Thank you sincerely for your efforts, may you prosper in all of your endeavors!

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Old 11-04-2024, 05:07 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,025
Thank you, AB

On we goi.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 12-04-2024, 12:56 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,025
4-12-24 …

This entire thread is drawing to a close with this post. May you all travel well.

* *- -* *- -* *- -* *

One of the biggest factors in advancement, growth, and discernment by Spirit … both levels … is a passion for learning … *wanting* to know the truth … and the willingness to take the necessary risks to find it.

Wanting to know more of what everyone else knows … is not true advancement. It might pass for it in today’s confused world … but willingness to go bend the masses … stands out.

The human state of consciousness is taught to be skeptical, wary, critical, and an eagerness to obtain goodies … on any and all levels promoted by business, religion, and society. To gather ones independence and individuality to go beyond the masses … is a rarity within the overloaded stance of the masses.

One practice that begins to develop what will forever lead one more deeply into finding the actual, viable Truth is … learning to intentionally investigate and experiment … things that might not “sound” or “seem” to be right or alluring to you … but has the possibility of opening doors beyond where you are at present. *Listening* to those that ate where you wish to be … even if you are reluctant in acknowledging that within yourself … considering what they suggest as a “next step” for you … which is … if they consider such-and-such important and you do not … that should be a red flag … or at least a yellow one … and then gearing up to plug in the new information or stance just to see what happens in your own daily life … in your perspective on life … if it does open a door or two … or helps to slide puzzle pieces into place.

Just quietly accept the suggestion and consider accepting it to the point where you can determine just what results it will lead to … if the viewpoint broadens.

Just … TRY it. Experiment with it. You don’t have to stake your life on it … but you can allow it into your life enough to see if it would be beneficial or not.

Get used to just trying something out to see how it fits … certainly not recklessly … but with an eye towards expansion. People tend to put up such resistance to accepting even the most minor of changes. Why? Find out *why* … for YoU.

Few points that need to be expanded are physically life-threatening. No one needs to know. Just try it and see … and develop as a pattern an eagerness … a curiosity … a passion to grow.

This would be a preliminary step to even revision … where you are going to go in and revise your reactions / responses to become more beneficial. This experimentation stage is before all of this. You can certainly take it inside and play with it … see how it works in the situations and conditions you believe it might be useful.

Let Spirit see that you are eager to at least … try.

Wherever there is greatness to be experienced … preliminary error is just as great. There is no automatic “ascension.” More often than not … what is supposed to lift overall humanity … backfires. Most simply cannot continue the new beliefs and disciplines involved. The “old ways” pull them back.

* *- -* *- -* *- -* *

This being my last post for perhaps a very long time … it will be much longer than usual … and I wish to say again here … every post I have offered … every thread … had more truth in it that many might have wanted to see or believe. If it weren’t true … it would have been a tremendous injustice to LIFE … for which I am unwilling to pay for in karmic implications.

Most every post offered valued opportunity … those were very real. Opportunity is either taken … or lost.Opportunity is to be gained when presented … and not when you just happen to have time. Clarity read and clarity interpreted are two vastly different perceptions. Opportunity is neither ever-present nor ever-lasting. It will appear … and then disappear.

It is always of interest to ponder by anyone … “I had a chance … what did I do with it?”

Greater truth guides someone to live their life according to the Laws of LIFE … to do it right according to the foundations and principles of LIFE … and not necessarily towards what is popular and conventional. True “guidance” does not necessarily make one feel “good” about oneself … only in what has to be done.

You do not become more popular when doing the above … you become less popular … because you are promoting beyond the traditional. You strength and value then come from knowing that you are living Life according to the Law.

People get mad when someone else makes them face themselves. This is why so many point their finger at someone else “making” them act a certain way or do something bad or that they do not want to do. Someone else *makes* them do it and they blame that other person … when it is that other person that is simply showing them to themselves.

The posts that perhaps offended … there was rarely inquiry as to why or what for. Confusion, misinterpretation, and judgement that resulted should have been addressed at the moment. LIFE does not suffer because of your misinterpretation … or because of your passivity in moving forward. Misinterpretations, feuds, dismissals … were launched and continued without inquiry and clarification.

A few members preferred such reactions … grudges, feuds, and misinterpretations. LIFE took notice of those who resisted, dismissed and rejected … more than most might believe. Most people enjoy being unaware. It dismisses the responsibility of being right.

Those who considered these posts as simply another “opinion” … know too that development of discernment comes slowly. Choice … has more value … than most wish to believe. It is neither no ones loss but their own that posts and points were misinterpreted or dismissed. No one is responsible for what another may misunderstand.

It will be easy to dismiss all that I say in this last post as the ravings of the ego. Please feel free to do so.

Valued advancement does not come by way of social popularity or personal demands of the way it should be presented. Advancement does not come by personal near-sightedness. Neither does it come by waiting for it to happen.

You have to make your own advancement … and this does not come through continuous juggling of mental opinions. If you cannot discern greater from lesser truth … then let that be your goal from this point on. ALL information is not of equal value.

Wherever there is greatness … great error is also to be found.

If the information is of the popular … the conventional / traditional … you will remain in that realm. If the information is of the individual … there is a distinct difference … that can be seen … if the single eye is interested in it … and not the double vision of the physical body experience.

From administrator, to moderator, to long / short-term members … it is *your* job to find the way forward. It is *not* the job of LIFE to *make* you discover it. It is *your* discovery to design and make. That is the prime goal of anyone and everyone … myself included.

You mostly end up looking for information that will make you feel good about yourself … and where you are. That is finally replaced by wanting to answer the questions that have perplexed mankind forever … you wish to finally answer the mysteries … with a perspective that is valid … and beyond the conventional … a perspective that holds … that is eternal. This is not found by mind.

In the end … knowing your weaknesses is of much greater value than knowing your strengths. Many things are pointed out to most of us … but we refuse to see them. As the old Beatles song suggested … “Living is easy with eyes closed … misunderstanding all we see / know.” Of the human experience … this is very true.

As reported earlier … LIFE calls me elsewhere. For the foreseeable future … this closes this thread. I hope to return … but when … I cannot say.

With this … I will make my exit and say goodbye.


- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 03-05-2024, 03:19 PM
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,330
sabbatical leave

Originally Posted by zorkchop
4-8-24 …

I am heading out of state this coming weekend to participate in some projects that the remaining members of my family are involved with. Demands on my time will be elsewhere. It will be at least two to three months … and perhaps a *lot* more … before I will be able to return … if and when I can.
* *- -* *- -* *- -* *

While we miss you and your esoteric whispering during your sabbatical leave and I am probably very late to wish , we wish you have good time and come back with much more vigor and fervor.

Wish a very great time ahead
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Old 05-05-2024, 01:33 AM
JoeColo JoeColo is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Colorado, U.S.A.
Posts: 135
I've visited this thread occasionally, will miss being able to come here to see new posts. Surprising to me, I see that this thread has in number of posts surpassed your other thread, zorkchop, Body, Emotions Mind ... and Beyond. (BEMB)

Which btw can be found just below halfway down on Page 7. The indexes, on pp. 37 & 50, are very helpful to find info about specific subjects.

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