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Old 29-03-2024, 05:53 PM
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My Manasic View (concept) of Planal Sensations

After contemplating a few submissions about some "others" being influenced by so-called "hostile" entities, I felt compelled to give my opinion on exposure to entities of "ill repute". My conclusion is derived from an optimistic outlook upon the creatures of this world - where I hesitate to assign "evil" to individuals or groups. I would rather expect these "natures" to originate from planes of dwelling - and "harvested" for consumption at an entity's leisure instead.

As I assume that everyone has heard the phrase : "from the wrong side of the tracks," I find myself associating so called "natures" to be "subplane environmentals" that are actually being carried around by these "less than savory" entity types. Though any particular entity might believe that all choice has been stolen away, or that they somehow are, or have become, the epitome of the evil influence of question, those whom may be affected still have absolute control over deciding whether to put up, shut up, or all together avoid these enigmatic influences set upon their souls.

While its true, this is not an actual "case reference" on how to handle such intrusions upon one's soul, I believe that as an attitude towards such intrusions, one might find ammunition on how to fend oneself if such intrusions persist. So with no further ado, the following is my opinion on the nature of what I prefer to label as "the subtle reality" - for this in whole or in part - is the source for how the mind adapts, behaves, or finds its predeterminations :

The earth plane has gravity. Therefore all sensations about "place", "balance", "mass" and "weight" are oriented around this sensation that earth plane existence is based on gravitational pulls - and by extension; "layers" where densities of matter dictate such placements.

It could be that there is a delineation point somewhere between the physical plane and other planes not necessarily in the immediate transition zone between "physical" & "emotional" (emotional-astral plane being the next "nearest" plane to the physical). At this "transitory portal zone", a distinct loss of phenomenal and/or materialistic sensation occurs, typically being replaced with extraordinarily more elevated states of cognition.

On the topic of "subplanes", it is conceivable to presume that each plane of reality - no matter its proximity to any other plane of reality - has a substantially recognizable "lower zone" of existence which in essence, can be attributable to an entity's proximity to its own "gravitational pull" (so-to-speak), which tapers off exponentially as we assume and exceed the buddhic plane of our subtle reality.

This is to say that with each "negative/lower" connotation to a subtle plane's zone of "dwelling", perhaps its "gravity" is directly associated to how much selfish preoccupation or behavior is adhered to by any particular entity.

(examples of negative/lower connotation : the astral plane has such emotional things as "sadness", "greed", "lust", "envy", "jealousy", "possessiveness"; the imaginative plane has its assortment of imagery such as "illusions", "fantasy", and endurance of "kama-manas"; the lower manasic plane having such mental states as "arrogance", "pride", "vanity", "revenge", "wrath", "spite").

It would be obvious that "higher" & "more evolved" entities can utilize these zones to their advantage - when "advantage" merely defines a "purity" (such as would prevail after the lower and more selfish cognitions have faded away and have therefore been obliterated). This "obliteration" would technically have occurred during personal developments of psychic nature or during other temporary or more permanent methods - "stair-stepping" our way (as it were) through each of the 7 subplanes of each of the 7 planes of reality.

I suspect that this is the moment where sensations of floating and instantaneous travel to distant places, planes, or states of mind can occur with such normalcy that it barely registers in the mind function of any of these entities of such realms. I further suspect that all of us can mentally move freely within each of the subtle planes, yet willfully (via "conscious choice" alone) avoid all negative entities whom might be dwelling "in that plane" - and, at least for the most part, their influences as well.

So, for those who choose to explore only the upper levels of any given plane, the question becomes one of "how does a mind relate its 'organism' to such environments, when the celebration of such environments seem reflected - if not "one and the same" - within any TWR (Transaction With Reality) therein ?"

Every TWR within a substantively eternal realm seems worthy of its own memory, and therefore, having a "relativity" to any given experience that mind has in the kairos ("of that particular moment"). This relativity, in other words, might be nothing less than one individual soul's distinguishing feature to others whom have crossed paths with them.

Anyone else have their own opinions regarding the subtle planes and subplanes of reality ?
What is Love ... ?
It is "The Wisdom for the Desire To Return To Purity."
quoted by : "Sophia Of God"
written in the : "Chamber of Eternity"
witnessed by : "Alpha & Omega"
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