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Old 06-02-2021, 03:09 PM
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Manipulated From all Four Corner's [PAST TENSE]

This occurrence is suddenly slowing down; due to the factor that it lost it's drive. But in all reality it was a hard sum to phantom. To be Driven into from Sanity towards the Riddle What is Life OF (any) Matter; and Whom Can u Trust. Family Say's it's them but Even they Manipulate for their Agenda. Towards What End can this Place of Place be Platformed and How Should one Survive after a Long Battle in the Sum that has gone Wrong in the Wrong.

I've been through Countless battles in a Definition of Surviving the Reality they Placed me on; But in Illusions of the Artificial Matrix to the Starseed Traps they have set up; I Was Promised of What they Could Possibly Not Deliver even But towards an Introduction their-in to the New Worlds that In their Sum of Corruption Caused the Promises Made to Strive against the Will of the Sum of People That I Am. So What is their to Do If In all Fails these Promises Made are Now in Questionmark; if they ever Come to Proc/gress. In All the Manipulation, i have become the person i wanted to be; but not in the way it did. So What is of my Representation to the World in which i have To live in After all Is Said and Done.

I was in a Cocoon For a Longest Time. Waiting to Transformation into what Metamorphosis the Butterfly Came into Being, But this Was Disrupted by the Many Crittering Bugs that Did not Give Peace to the Surrounding that Disputedly Obliged them to Stay away for the Dawning of the Nature that Spoke to Life. God know it was necessary for a Butterfly as such to be born into the world of the World; But People in their deeming as Critters Suddenly Experimented around to try to Figure out before it was Born of What kind of a Critter i was to begin with never noticing the Nature of Butterflies in the Metamorphosis Stages that their Textbook already in the Beginning has Consumpted them to Place Such Endeared Species to be Grown without Harm. So What do you do if the World Wrong's?

Is it in a better Stage now, and Does This What Seems to be Not a Bickering Remark Speak Loudly enough to be Freed from any Obligations they Try to Pend beyond the means of Spectrum that they are allowed to in the Reality of Mankind? Thinking themselves of Gods they Speak Death to Realize the Reality of Life for themselves. But What of the Sacrifice. They Let the Christ Die in Thousand Deaths and Think it is Wholesome as he professed to Free them of Sin's. But What Sins he Frees of And What he Does is in his Own Liberty. So Why do they Still Persist in Doing so, Never Noticing the Harm they have Done. Even Duhkha (The Four Noble Truth's) Suffering has a End to it's Line. Even Death has one too many Summation When it is fought with against Faith. And Yes that Faith they Try to Destroy. So What is their Left, Even Hope they Try to Take From Them, Them Who are of the Virtue of Any Wholesome means, and Yes they Have Set up the Stages for The Lives they Take For Granted. They Still Earn a Wholesome Depth toward or To Themselves of What Labor he himself has done. a Share for Trade.

How Do you Say u do not wish to trade of Your Mark. People try all means to Trade with you of Your Essence, From one Nation to Another; They Took the Garments of the Messiah and Stripped and Split into Part's for Gains Sale in Gambling. What then have they Not Done, That they had done from the Beginning. Is Theirfore the Greatest Story Told a Lie that it should be played on all Side, Both the Good and the Evil By a Single Person. Or Are We or they Not to Do the Just Notion of Duty towards the Reality of Mankind in the Profession of What is Good; Rather then the Unjustness they in their Devise Corruption Still Try to Penetrated? Even So; One has Free Will to Chose with whom to make Trade of Or Over; But Having Tamed him or Me in the Means By the Torture of Death; They Play their Systematic Games on the Subject to Cause him to Submit to their Cause in all Derail of their Vanity. Simply to Play out their Ego's Sake. So is Ego Theirfore Good if in all Reality it does Cause so Much Harm? Granted i did my Due in the Sexual Nature towards The Tantric, But What Bedroom One Does Does not obligate them to have their Evil Envious Eyes to Strain towards another into the harm they Profess in their Ransack Random of their Homo Eccentric Nature to come Across Terms. Just to Steal one's What Artistically is seen of one's Feminine Nature to demasculinize one of their Mark in the Worldz. The Battle of the Masculinity is as Corrupt as the Next Persons Who Deem it right to go against the Human Right That in all Humanity is Set in Stones to be a viable Right. But Even to This House of Spirituality i have Some Things against them, in that many are of them Who Thus Do themselves in their Daily Live's Having never Looked into the Matters of the Heart to uncorrupt themselves of the Vanities of Life. Living on someone else's Hurt of Pain, So to Give them Enjoyment of What is already known to be Vicious and Mean; But in the Contrary i do not Say Mean as Mean; But Corrupt. What then is the Nature of Men if No Humanity Exists. in Their Folly they Profess to to be Good but in Due Reality they eat of the Same Tree that they Profess to Keep From; Yet the Fruit/Tree is Plucked of it's Fruit and they Fill Their Fill. As a Sum to Spirituality (I) See it Necessary That all Keep Their Hearts Pure in all the Roots They Acknowledge in the Devises of Religion. Without the Religious Aspect to Life, But in the Virtues that Stem of their Lessons. But the World Through Homosexuality Causes Harm to Another.

What then is the LGBTQ Community to Do about it, in that we Know that if one chooses not to be as such; They should not be Chosen to be Forced beyond their Believes to Render Service as Such; Forceful is Forceful. And Even if I Speak of Spiritual Mean's, These Rules Go into the Natural as Well. Seen that Who Can Force Someone to Change their Minds for Another One's Sake, Even if it is a Modern Thought that Stemmed up in the Generations of New, What is their Right to Cause another to Profess to their Rights over their Outdated yet Rightful Chosen in their Lifetime Without the Regards to some Compromised to be Regarded. So What then of the LGBTQ Issue and Community? Do they HAVE Right to Cause others to Change their Mind's and Be Forced of their Liberty into a New Norm? In One Sense it will Force them; In Another One, the Other [LGBTQ] are in Lack. Some Say Time Will Tell By the Notion that the Older Generations Will Die Out, and In Granted their Ways with it. But Humanity Goes beyond the Norm in Such a Compromise Seen that all become Old and One Day Might be Destitute to the Same Statement they Profess in their Hardened Heart. So What of the Nature of Man? What then is Right? The LIST is endless of the Changes that Norms are Profess in to Change; But even in Changes; it Changes. So What Is then the Best Notion? That we All Live Amongst another in Peace. IS NATURE Really What it seems to the LGBQT, and i'm stepping into Deep Waters and Tiptoeing Seen i have Not been Acquainted much with their Rights which they in their Existence Prefer to Present; EQUALITY. So I Will Not Say More then the Thought i have at this Given Time, Seen it Requires Contemplation and Gatherin of Thoughts by Devise Realities to Find it's Solution. But I Will Say This as Much as i have Said So that it Might be On the Open For Discussion as a Semi Platform of What i without the Regards of my LGBTQ mentioned Issued have embarked on the Notice of a Chat With a Member of these Communities. So I simple Stripped myself of the Burden of My Own Issues and embark on Another, So that the Self is not Puffed up into Vanity. Perchance their Issues is as Heavy to their Soul as My Troubles to me. But i hope of a Resolve both My Troubles and Burdens Which i But Mention so that the World Might know that People Suffer and that some of the Suffering is not of the Righteous Constitution Dealt with by Another, So in Hope i Hope that the Soul/Heart of another is more kinder in this Time of Need as all Times are Given in need of another ones Happiness and Liberty so to Console, one into the Rightful Position in the Peace Manner Wish unto another as unto Another and Oneself. So i hope that in all Regards something Meaningful Came Through and If You embark on any Comments to the Notions of What i have written, then we Might get on the Side of the Solutions rather being of the Trouble Wherein Which we all Gain of Win to the Summation of the Good Which we Profess in our hearts as a sum of Mankind in the Form of Humanity and the Humain in form of the Good. Words have meaning and in that we should be Kinder to One Another Testing ourselves in the Better Seen that the Soul Might Render unto another Stage Past the Life and thus we know not In the Right or Proper Accordance beyond the Means of our Personal Believes in Which i Stand Grounded on that the Life We Live will Come back at us in some sense in Due Reality of any Concession of the Lifeforms we hold in the Duration of Time. Thus if it is Said that Karma Has Windows, then Eyes of the Community has the Seen; Yet Without Condemnation the World Should Roam so i Revoke the Last Statement Seen it is of the Essence that i deem not Right For either Communities of the Good or Bad Seen i Myself With of non to be harmed neither myself in it as well. So as we Come to an End of This Message in However of a Degree You Deem it to be, I Simple Say Peace to the Earth/World and Goodwill to Men/Wo.
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Old 23-02-2021, 03:24 PM
SkyLights3 SkyLights3 is offline
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Very profound :)
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Old 28-02-2021, 09:44 PM
IRD ULO IRD ULO is offline
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Just my Casual Writing! : )
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