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Old 23-09-2022, 02:05 AM
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Perhaps Jesus suffers in hell too?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta went into the slums to hold smelly lepers, whose decaying flesh was often crawling with maggots. Hospitals would reject them, and no one wanted to hang out with them.

She , as many Christians believe, from Matthew 25, that it was Jesus in disguise, suffering in the poorest of the poor, those most difficult to love. And charity for them , is charity for Jesus.

Yet, I think the worst lepers, the poorest of the poor, are the ones who are damned for their sins and go to hell.

Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against his church. If the gates of hell will not prevail, that indicates an assault on Hell's gates, where hell is not on the offensive. It indicates there will be an invasion of hell.

God is omnipotent, all-powerful, omnipresent, so he can extinguish the fires of hell, he can have a prison ministry visit hell, and rehabilitate damned souls, demons, monsters, possibly even turn the Devil into the good, important, beautiful Archangel he once was.

I think the most charitable choice of action, should always be something for God to consider, because Scripture says "God is love". A lot of sinners were born into sin, when God cursed them with original sin.

A lot of people enslaved to sin, do not actually know what is going on, the demons that influence them, and many people do not know God cares about them, because the evidence for that is lacking, or many do not know what the true religion is, which contributes to them living sinful lives, or giving up on Religion, that might cause them to be rejected by God, and go to hell.

Those people who live evil lives, who are despised, who are chronically tempted to do things most people are not, they are hated, tortured, scared individuals, who often have suffered from being raised in impoverished environments, full of crime, lots of rejection, abuse, bad parenting, no parents at all, bad peers, exposed to addictive immoral entertainment at a young age. Such people are far more likely to display behaviors that might get a person damned to hell.

I think the most important ministry, is to end suffering and agony, where suffering and agony is greatest, including among those rejected by God. If the reward is euphoric enough, even damned souls would start doing good deeds.

There was a man who stabbed Saint Maria Gorretti to death, in an attempt to rape her.

As she bled to death from the stab wounds, she prayed that she could be in heaven with her killer some day. She appeared to him one day in his cell, and offered him a lily, a flower symbolizing purity, and she offered love and forgiveness unconditionally.

He was amazed, shocked, began preaching about it, converted to Christianity, and wrote many letters to the Pope to get her canonized. She and he became great friends, and he caused her to become a well known, canonized Saint.

His revolutionized behavior got him released from prison, and he asked her mother if she forgave him. She said, "my daughter forgave you a long time ago. I have to forgive you". He became good friends with his victim's mother.

His life became one that was so edifying and holy, that steps are taken to see if he might be a canonized Saint.

Yet , that man was extremely evil, and no preaching about Jesus or Scripture could have reached him.

He said what motivated him to want to kill this girl in her early teenage years, was how innocent, pure, pious, and holy she was. That is actually all the signs that this man was the epitome of evil, like the Devil himself. Jesus says of people like that "better that a millstone be tied around their neck, and they be cast into the sea, than to harm one of these little ones who believe in me".

Yet she prayed that she could be in Heaven with that monster, and God let her visit him in prison, after her death, and a man who was as evil as a Demon, was able to reform, and rehabilitate, live a holy life, because of that kind of powerful love, shown to a monster who was totally unworthy of it.

Likewise, if a soul is damned to hell, I don't see why it is good for them to be tortured forever and blaspheming, hating God, hating that they were ever born, and in chronic agony all the time!

They should be given euphoric rewards for good behavior, visits from the right people, who can love them, and help them the right way, give them healing, they should be given rehabilitation, anesthesia, religious ecstasy, the ability to love, and ability to not be a sociopath. Some people do not have the ability, so they can't be any other way. How is that their fault?

There is no reason that Heaven cannot be brought to Hell. It's a lot more charitable than torturing everyone forever. What does being a sadist, leaving people in chronic hopelessness, wailing and gnashing their teeth, chronic regret, chronic shame, what good does that accomplish at all?? Does it accomplish anything good?? Nothing!

What you do for the suffering, the poor, the least of God's people, you do for Jesus. The poorest of the poor are in hell, so in that sense , the poor suffering Jesus is in hell, and it isn't at all impossible for God to make the misery stop.

Not to mention, all of us were cursed with original sin for a crime we didn't commit. Scripture makes it very clear that God killed everyone, for a crime they didn't commit, as well as brought much suffering and torture to billions of people, God has given a death sentence to everyone, as is clear , for a crime we didn't commit, decided we are born into sin, as cursed creatures inclined to sin.

So I think if God is holy and perfect, while at the same time killing everyone, for crimes they didn't commit, he should not be so upset that a bunch of cursed people that he lets demons tempt, are going to behave badly, and maybe resent him for causing them so much pain and death.

I hope he keeps in mind that the person with the highest kill count of humans, is actually God, and the Bible actually makes that extremely clear! The serpent told Eve to eat the fruit. It was God who decided to kill everyone , and curse women so that giving birth is very painful, and for many thousands of years, often fatal!

So, if the Bible says God gets to torture and kill more than any one by far! killing billions of people, and we love and worship him as him being perfect and holy, maybe give those damned souls a break, and a little love ��. The book of Isaiah actually says God creates evil

Last edited by SaintMatthew : 23-09-2022 at 04:43 AM.
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