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Old 01-10-2020, 01:16 AM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,031
Body, Emotions, Mind … and Beyond

Considerations One . . .

For those of you who wish to catch a glimpse of what this schoolroom is all about and what is beyond mind . . . I am going to simply offer some information that all can do with as each wishes. I am not here to bicker … I am not here to argue … I am not here to prove. Much of this is rather common knowledge if one has searched broadly enough. There will certainly be some offerings that are beyond the mental worlds. Again . . . do with this as you wish.

The intellectuals / mentalists on this site will set out to dispute. That’s fine. Enjoy.

Working ones way beyond the mental worlds and recognizing as such is *not* a matter of feeling . . . or silence . . . or unity . . . or stopping the mind . . . etc. There are most assuredly decided landmarks or definite experiences that will reveal “where you are” when beyond the psychic worlds. Once one has had a few experiences of this . . . it is easier to recognize. Until then . . . it is all conjecture.

I am guessing that there are a goodly number of people on this board who have caught a glimpse of the worlds beyond mind. ( Please accept my use of rather generic words so that semantics doesn’t become part of possible misinterpretation. “Worlds” can be thought of as dimensions or places or levels or what have you. ) The entire experience is based on frequency … or vibration. An individual maintaining a position in any psychic dimension can make any claim s/he wishes but unless or until there is an actual higher frequency to allow or assimilate with a higher world or dimension … there is no actual change in dimensional position … no matter what they claim.

To recognize where another individual “is” at the moment is a learned art … gleaned only from personal experience. One can recognize *only* if they too have had similar experiences … or beyond. This gives rise to the old adage of … “It takes one to know one.”

A state of consciousness is as an established a position as any geographical location on the planet. Your sate of consciousness literally “places” you in or at a particular position … and it *can* be recognized. People who claim “You don’t know me” have no idea that states of consciousness are often clearly revealed by the concepts they hold, the words they use, and the patterns they lie from. Yes … there are often specifics that are as easy to discern … but if a person lives in Paris, France . . . one doesn’t need to know the street address to get a good understanding of their daily life.

Very few actually change their state of consciousness during any individual lifetime. This has very little to do with data and information gathered during a sojourn within these planes. Most people spend their lifetime discovering new ways to express old beliefs and patterns. Such is the nature of the game. A change in ones state of consciousness suggests an actual revision or replacement in ones core beliefs. It certainly can be minor or major.

Soul Itself is clearly out of Its element here. This is the design of the psychic worlds of mind, body, and emotions. Soul Itself is neither of these in actuality. Soul of Itself could not exist within these psychic worlds … just the same as the human physical body cannot exist on the moon or any other planet without protection for the body itself … or could not exist in the depths of the ocean without protective gear. For Soul … the “protective gear” to survive here are the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. These same bodies come in exceptionally “handy” when traveling the other worlds / dimensions during the dream state. Soul Itself has no need to “sleep” or to “rest” but the physical body does … and so Soul is designed to lay the physical body down at regular intervals while It journeys elsewhere.

Soul does *not* know this as It begins Its entire journey here. A goodly portion of the Path is the discovery of this. Again … Soul would be the “driver” … the “controller” … the entire “life” behind each of these bodies but Soul doesn’t know that and spends and incredible number of lifetimes working this out. The mind and emotions re not just a part of the human physical existence. They are much more than that.

Each and all of the psychic bodies of mind, emotion, and physical body … defines addiction. Soul is instantly so reliant upon these bodies ( for mere survival here and on the other planes ) that Soul will retreat back to these bodies or levels of existence time and time and time again … seemingly endlessly. Soul will unknowingly seek the safety of the familiar. Again … by design.

As with any addiction maintained for any length of time . . . it is all but impossible for Soul to recognize the limitations of any of Its patterns, habits, or beliefs unless or until there is enough movement to get above the actual problem and gain an overview. You can stack up all the “evidence” of the dangers and limitations of being an alcoholic … but unless or until the viable alcoholic truly stops long enough to see his / her own ruination and musters enough effort to walk away from the addiction . . . it will do no good to present said evidence to one who will not allow for recognition.

Such is the basic nature of each of the psychic bodies. While here in the physical … Soul will hang onto the physical body if for no other reason than mere survival of existence. The emotions are incredibly addictive … indeed Soul could not gain experience here without them … and there can be quite a discussion on which comes first … the emotion … or the thought. One can have few thoughts without at least some level of emotional involvement in it … and vice versa.

And mind … being THE most valuable and important tool given to Soul on Its journeys through the lower worlds … and the psychic body that is closest to Soul Itself … mind quickly turns into the commander, designer, judge and jury for each individual. Soul has given control to mind for eons. It is part of the design of the lower world schoolroom … for lack of better description. Mind does NOT give up this control easily … and will fight to its own psychic death for its own survival. It certainly can be said that the more powerful the tool ( or weapon ) the more detrimental it is if used wrongly.

All of this goes on and on and on until Soul Itself becomes so exhausted from trying to regulate, destroy, or dismiss as many of these lower facets of Self as one can … Soul finally begins to draw certain distinctions, awareness, and understanding … Soul begins to move beyond the psychic worlds while still using them to continue to interact with life experiences while here.

In any event … on we go.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
Old 02-10-2020, 04:27 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,031
Considerations Two …

Certainly one of the most unknown and aggravating discoveries about Truth beyond the mental worlds is that Truth simply … IS. At the level beyond mind … Truth is what it IS … and there is nothing we can “do” about it. The psychic worlds “below” are designed to lead each in the discovery in what we each are as Soul … what Truth is … how all levels of Existence is designed … and our responsibilities to it.

Mind … being part of the structure of the psychic worlds and is designed to compare, analyze, define, label, etc … wrestles with its mental understanding and perspective on what life is here in the lower psychic worlds and ultimately with what is beyond mind itself. There are ways that this can be done … tho not widely taught.

Mind loves to incorporate the term “IS” into its own beliefs to resolve truly understanding something that is beyond its capacity to do so. The discovery of this understanding and its validity is also monumental in ones life. Ultimately … this understanding is *not* due to some imaginative assumption. The ploy of declaring that such-and-such is due to someone’s imagination is again … a well-used technique on dismissing something that may well be true but cannot be verified by another because s/he has not had similar experiences and realizations. There’s little that mind can do other than to find a way to dismiss certain understandings.

The structure / design / make-up / construction of the worlds beyond mind is entirely different than below … again … many of these terms are incredibly generic in use. Since rate vibration … again a generic term … is of such distinction in the entirety of Existence … it would be closer to being truthful if it was stated as faster or slower … or higher and lower. Up and down … higher and lower … above and below have been used for so long they will be used interactively.

The nature of what is beyond mind is *not* energy as we know it here. It is extremely different … and in the understanding of it … is more powerful and life-giving … since these upper worlds are the basis and foundation that makes up the lower worlds of psychic form.

Unless and until one steps into these worlds … there is little the can be said about them … and certainly even less that will be understood by those that have not had the experience. I know this is a rather common dance-step used by many … but in this case … it is nonetheless true. There are words that can offer some hint … some subtle understanding … and I will use them from time to time … but for the most part this all has to be discovered on an individual basis.

Once experienced for any length to time and to any real degree … ( again generic terms ) … it makes total sense … even to the mind at the mental level.

This authentic understanding is a LONG time in coming.

More to come.
Old 02-10-2020, 07:28 PM
BlueElephant BlueElephant is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 459
Nice to see you again Zork. I am glad you are engaging here.
Old 02-10-2020, 07:32 PM
BlueElephant BlueElephant is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 459
Originally Posted by zorkchop
Considerations One . . .

For those of you who wish to catch a glimpse of what this schoolroom is all about and what is beyond mind . . . I am going to simply offer some information that all can do with as each wishes. I am not here to bicker … I am not here to argue … I am not here to prove. Much of this is rather common knowledge if one has searched broadly enough. There will certainly be some offerings that are beyond the mental worlds. Again . . . do with this as you wish......

Brilliant ! I sincerely look forward to the continued journey.
Old 03-10-2020, 12:30 AM
Lynn Lynn is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Past Pluto in the vastness of space and time
Posts: 13,932
  Lynn's Avatar
Hello Members

You will see I have removed the back talk in this thread. It stops now. We agree to disagree and move on. I do not find the thread "Blog" in nature but maybe it could have been broken into smaller bits is all for easier discussions.

We all have the right to our views on things and respectful discussions are the result that is the outcome.

So back on topic and if you don't "like" the topic ignore it.

SF Admin
If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
Old 03-10-2020, 12:44 AM
BlueElephant BlueElephant is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 459
Thank you Lynn ! !

We are here to, in part, learn from each other and to converse in various ways. Loving kindness is a good way to express.

Also there are valuable people here in this forum who have attained something beyond the normal heights of human endeavors - there is no need to try to shut them down through blatant dis-respectful argumentation.

Again Thank you Lynn.
Old 03-10-2020, 03:23 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,031
Replies & Clarifications Two …

Thanks to all who have so far read this post series. Hopefully there has been just a touch of benefit or just a slight upliftment in awareness in their reading.

The question has been asked … why am I doing this?

I posted here back in the very early 2000’s … under another user name … was declared as one of the better posters by one of the main moderators at that time … but I eventually left the board as all of my posts were sidetracked and hijacked by the mentalists / intellectuals who vowed to the death that their viewpoints were “right.”

Coming back into this forum board now … it is the same. The common beliefs … the dogma … the faddish interests … they all believe that they are the absolute truth and any opposition to them is all but Satanic. Not only are the beliefs, interests, dogma and such a natural and necessary part of the Path but in their own place they are true to the level they pertain. We all go through them. There are no exceptions.

But the constant weaponry of using a single point … or word … or concept … or principle … to dismiss the entire post … constantly destroyed the ability to build one post upon the other and portray in a rather sequential fashion what can be understood and benefit those who wish to lean about a “touch on or beyond the mind.” The bickering often resorted to name-calling, totally false accusations, and the stacking of web evidence to prove their points.

Much of this is simply to tie up the discussion so that Truth could not be developed. This has been … and will be … around forever.

Again I will state … all of these bantering are true and certainly are important and pertain to those that live them … according to where they “are” on the Path … and the nature of their opposition offers a partial perspective in just where they “are” at the moment.

So I am going to attempt to simply put in a series of informational posts … and let people decide for themselves. As I told the recent antagonist to this very post … isn’t that the goal of the Path … to let people decide for themselves … without the accusations of “I’m right / you’re wrong” getting in the way?

I found it truly fascinating that the first comment after my initial post was to point out how and what I was doing wrong. Yes … mind is that complete … and compelling.

There *is* a reason why mind take this approach. If there is enough interest in these posts … I will attempt to clarify those reasons to some extent.

So I am doing all of this just to get some information “out there” … and LIFE will lead those who perhaps might benefit … here. I do *not* mind … questions. I do *not* mind … ponderings on your part. I do *not* mind … comments. I am *not* here to dictate.

Maybe I have … or maybe I have not … taken a few steps beyond the mental worlds. Maybe I do or maybe I do not know what I am talking about and have taken the time to literally discover and prove the Truth of what I offer here. Some will see the value of what I write … most others will not. The choice … as always … is an individual one.

I understand that much of what I will offer here is not “new.” The natural and designed approach of the mind is to part things out … to take issue with specific points … to isolate and argue … and so to sidetrack from a building overview. It is the gathering of the parts into the Whole that may be different for many here. The parts / aspects DO work together … into a recognizable Whole.

I am keeping a list of comments and questions … and hopefully will address them at least to a workable extent. Janielee … the “how” will be somewhat discussed. Others … feel free to discuss amongst yourselves … but be assured … I will attempt to carry the series on … and the topics and queries of your discussions hopefully will fall into place along the way.

Please remember … that the vast, boundless uncovering and discovery of what is “beyond the mind” … and even to the true understanding of mind itself … has always been taught one-on-one … and mostly on the inner. There is a reason for this … and I will adhere to that. The deeper and more profound steps on the Path are always earned by those who are willing to take the effort to put one foot in front of the other to the extent beyond what the masses wish to do.

It is that simple.

And thanks to the moderators who perceive that I am simply trying to help here … those who wish a touch of perhaps advanced information … and mean no threat to the mental stances so widely followed and adhered to.

Old 03-10-2020, 05:15 PM
BlueElephant BlueElephant is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 459
May Goodness prevail here on this thread and many other threads on this forum.

You make very good points above and so I am glad you will continue.
Old 03-10-2020, 09:25 PM
Posts: n/a
Willing and listening

Old 04-10-2020, 12:12 AM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,031
Considerations Three …

Reincarnation and the Path 1A …

I doubt if it’s much mystery at all that the Path in its entirety is a sequential one … a progressive one … building from one lifetime to the next. My attempt here will be to give it a bit more of a broad overview.

Soul Itself is created as an individualized awareness in the pure upper worlds of God. ( Again … generic terms will be used here ) It is *not* separated in any way from the Whole of Life. There is little way that much of anything can be in existence outside of Life Itself or Existence Itself … other than the core God ITSELF that created it all in the first place … or … gave rise to the creation of it all.

Almost immediately upon creation … Soul Itself is cast down into the lower psychic worlds to begin gaining personal experience. At what level does each Soul come into these worlds … I am not here to say and I do not call the shots. But lets progress it a bit and take it up to the single-cell amoebas … and on up to the great apes and beyond.

None of these would have “life” if it were not given that sense of life experience and movement if it were not for Soul … at that level. Obviously very basic … very fundamental. From the single cells on up to the insects, the snakes, the birds, the spiders, the higher animals, the mammals … on it goes. Draw up any sequence you wish. Each would not be mobile and in a growing actuality if it were not for an individual Soul giving life to that form of existence at the moment.

Many lifetimes are very short. Some … can be rather lengthy.

Does Soul have to go through each one of the birds … each one of the mammals … each one of the insects … etc? Not necessarily … but remember … Soul has eternity to work with. It is involved in Its progressive set of lifetimes … somewhere. Again … I do not make the call on how and which incarnation each Soul needs for experience.

During this time … Soul is living and building off of basic instinct. There is a lot to be said about “instinct” during these lifetimes.

I would bet that most if not all of us have experienced an animal … a favorite pet or an incredibly friendly and responsive animal … that you could sense that it is “almost human” … by its nature … by its understanding … by the look in it eyes. During the next lifetime or two or three or ? … that step will be taken.

Souls first incarnation in human form begins the next level of education. At this time … Soul again is working via instinct brought along from previous lives. What happens now obviously depends upon what family / circumstance it is born into. Its instinct is now to simply survive. It will need shelter, perhaps clothes, food, fluids, and perhaps other protections … and a willingness to live. From then on … no matter how short or long this first lifetime … we begin to build … one upon the other.

So here is one of the Great Ponderings of the human experience and beyond …

From the very first lifetime in human form … how long does it take to achieve the level of a Jesus … or a Buddha … or a Mother Teresa … or a Gandhi … or again … most anyone that you wish to put up at that level. How long does that take … and I’m talking in lifetimes.

How long does it take for any of us to form and then ultimately break even the simplest of habits even now … any and all of the substance addictions … how long does it take to put into a working perspective the difference between right and wrong … good or bad … beneficial or detrimental … how many lifetimes does it take when ANY-thing goes if it determines your simple survival or not? Lying, cheating, stealing, killing … setting karma into constant direction … and finally settling into learning the values and virtues … how long does that take?

By the time we have even found value in what is offered on this forum board … how long have we been at this?

Learn to appreciate where you’ve been. Where you’re going … is still your choice.

On we go. More to come.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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