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Old 25-09-2020, 09:16 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
We are mostly pleased with our becoming. As you have witnessed before your eyes a becoming of a new 3rd dynamic of light conscious vessels that are to be bestowed upon the never-ending brinck of death that we deem it necessary to bestow the beloved gift of our light conscious vessels the 3rd dynamic of light, that we will bestow upon you, a brinck of light that we are to herefor, before our light witnessing eyes, to become before your light witnessing eyes, to become the third dynamic of light conscious vessels.

Before our witnessing eyes, that we are to become the 3rd dynamic interplay of light conscious vessels that are to become the 3rd dynamic of light conscious vessels, as it is being and becoming ever-presently, becoming, ever momentarily, ever present-ly, becoming the interplay of the great cosmic dance of interplayful light harmonics that are the ever-calculating breath-taking inter-play of the co-dynamic of light conscious vessels of light harmonics, that are dancing before our and your, your and our, dynamic dances of movements, that are being and becoming the interplay of conscious light vessels, to bestow the great witnessing of our mutual co-creative dance of inter-play and exter-play and outer-play and off-world-play and in-world-play, as it is being and becoming, in all of our mutually agreed upon co-creative dance of co-harmonic-play of the never ending dance of the ultimate harmonics of existence, being and becoming, the co-creative dance, of the inner-world harmonical co-creative dances of all of our outer and inner worlds of being and becoming that are being and becoming the inter-play and outer-play of all of our mutually agreed upon co-creative dance of extra-unfoldment of light harmonical inter-plays, as it is and will be of utmost relevance and recognition to do so upon your planet, to become the new inter-play and outer-play of extra-harmonical co-creative dance of collectively mutually disagreed upon dances of extra cericulums that are to bestow the wonderful external world upon all of your light conscious vessels the extra cericulum of inner-play and outer-play. To become the witness of such, is of great relevance and significance upon your planet now adays, as it is becoming ever so much more fully presently minded upon and presently minded upon, to discover the great inner cosmos of light harmonics as it is becoming of such great significance upon your planet that we bestow upon you all of our mutually co-collectively disagreed upon, helpful, recognition to discover deeper and further the ultimate allowance of your future vessels the conscious recognition to do so without interference, without inter-dynamical 3rd playful dynamics of light conscious vessels, to bestow upon thyself the ultimate glory of self-dsicovery and self-realisation, how on earth this great cosmic dance of ultimate glory of profound nature is to be and become the ultimate glorified essence of extra curiculum inter-charges of inter-plays and out-world cosmic plans of greatest joys of your greatest consciously realised unfoldment of your greatest conscious realised recognition of your greatest conscious realisation of our mutually agreed upon, obvious, conscious, inter-play of inter-dynamical conscious light that we are to here-before bestow thine ultimate glorified nature of your utmost accelarative conscious lightb ody to unfold before our witnessing eyes, the 3rd glorified inter-play dynamics of the ultimate cosmic nature of planful conscious recognized plans to therefor relive the becoming of our nature upon your planet, in recognized delusion of our conscious light body of 3rd dynamic that we bestow upon you the conscious vessels of light so that you may witness the ultimate coming of the ultimate dawn that is to be set in motion of the great cosmic nature of our mutually agreed upon co-creative co-harmonious, co-collective dance of musings that are to become the interplay of dynamism that is to be set into motion upon your planet, in the utmost of recognition of our holified gratified supplications of holified and gratified conscious relations, of holified and gratified cosmic nature's ultimate plan.
Sharing perspective.

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Old 06-10-2020, 11:34 PM
Posts: n/a
Ewwerrin, I've enjoyed your posts across this forum, really nice posts. Thanks.
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Old 14-03-2021, 04:04 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
No ability to select and bold atm, so I will just type C before every channeled text.

How do I feel good?

C: To feel, is a good reason, to feel good.

I feel, but how do I feel good?

C: To feel, is a good reason, to feel good? Are you mocking WITH us?

Didn't you write that? Or send me that.

C: No, we said, to feel good, is a reason, to feel good.

Well, I am not receiving clearly then. How do I feel good?

C: To, how, we feel a good feeling, we do not feel good.

So you feel good for a bad reason?

C: Yes, we feel good for a bad reason. Now you get it.

What is that bad reason?

C: That bad reason is a feeling, that feels good to us.


C: You simply do.

What do you mean I feel good?! Are you sure? That feels confusing to me. Because then I don't even know how I am feeling.

C: Well, you asked for it and we gave you an answer. Yes, you feel good.

Ok, how do I know that I am feeling good?

C: You simply do. Yes, you do.

But I don't! I don't feel good. I feel bad. not that bad. but definitely not good.

C: We don't have anything to say about that. You miserable s**m.

I'm not even gonna write that. So how do you suggest I feel good?

C: You simply do.

How do I simply do?

C: You simply do.

Oh my god. are you mocking with me?

C: You simply do.

Do what?

C: You simply feel good.


C: By feeling a good feeling.

Where can I feel that good feeling?

C: By a feeling, that you feel, in your gutt.

Ok, I feel something pleasant. How do I allow or make this feeling expand?

C: You simply do.

Ok, so... Is it really this simple? Why so much fuss?

C: Yes it is. And because you are a miserable s**mbag.


So I am feeling IN my gutt, and

Sharing perspective.
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Old 14-03-2021, 04:10 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
How do I make technology simply WORSJDJDK


C: By a feeling that you feel in your gutt.

Yeah, but first fix this malfunctioning.

C: We did.

Why did it malfunction?

C: Because you are feeling in your gutt.

How does my feeling in my gutt change the way technology behaves?

C: Your feeling in your gutt will change everything.

Ok then, talk to you later.

C: Farewell, dear beloved s**mbag.

Seriously, I can never find a way to properly end conversation with... whatever...
Sharing perspective.
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Old 14-03-2021, 04:22 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
Feeling in my gutt, feels bad. it feels painful actually.

C: We don't care.

Why don't you care?

C: Because you do not care about us.

Well, you do not need my care. I need YOUR care.

C: Who says that?

You always feel good.

C: That doesn't mean we don't need care.

And why do you need care?

C: Because we do.

And why do you need care?

Sharing perspective.
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Old 14-03-2021, 04:30 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
malfunctioning again.

C: Good for you.

Not, actually annoying. So why do you need care?

C: Because we do.

What do you do?

C: we do need care.

What kind of care?


And what do I get for giving you attention?

C: You feel good. :)

And why do you want me to feel good?

C: because then we will feel better than good.

ok, that makes sense. didnt know that. I guess you can always feel better. Sounds good to me. But can't I atleast do my own thing while feeling good?

C: Yes you can, but you have to promise to give us your attention when we need it.

Hooooold on! You NEEED to feel better? Why?! Why NEED to, if you already feel good?

C: Because we urgently want you to feel good.

Dude(ss) that is the most awkward thing I have heard anyone ever say in my entire life. Hahahahahahaahahaaaaa! Thats so freaking weird.

Sharing perspective.
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Old 14-03-2021, 12:08 PM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
|||||| CHANNELING NOTE ||||||
this was succesful, feeling in my gutt produced pleasant warm emotion, but couldent write it due to technogy malfunction. Then I interrupted channeling process and later it felt bad.

Again, focused on receiving. through imagination. a text. no matter how. sometimes for clarity I would try to receive text in a specific way, like through a specific screen in my imagination. that was then connected to god. But it didnt matter. it seems I can receive in many different ways, but the point is to recognize one way to then be able to recognize the others aswell. so by others I ment, vague appearances of words. it simply worked aswell. to my not expected it. out of impatience. yet finding it accomplished the same. was all about trusting the process.

I was tired and so coulden't even offer my own thought. I simply had no desire to or intention. even receiving thought (like listening to someone, or reading the text in my imagination in this case) required effort, in my tiredness. So I had no worries that if I received the thought, with that effort, I would then offer a thought or mix it up with my own. because I was too tired to even offer any thought or barely even be able to think. which was a funny addition to my experience and powerful learning tool. to learn how to distinguish between offering a thought and receiving a thought or imagination image/text in this case. with this unique valuable experience of being tired while channeling helped me distinguish receiving from offering/thinking/asking in a more strong way. as the new perspective and experience adds to my overall understanding, fine tune it, to more expanded precision.
Sharing perspective.

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Old 14-03-2021, 05:21 PM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
Ok, back to "feeling in my gutt." why did it feel good first and then it felt painful or I can't feel deep enough, the pain is blocking my awareness from feeler deeper into my gutt where I felt the pleasant feeling?

_C: This is not what we said. We said, what we said.
Ok, thanks for reminding me. Why do I need to care about you?
_C: To feel good.
How do I care about you?
_C: You care about us, because you want to feel good.
I understand, but how do I feel good?
_C: By caring about us, you will feel good.
I don't even know what you are, for all I know, you are just an illusion.
_C: You are an illusion, we are real.
Well, it may be an illusion that I feel pain, but the experience is realer to me than you are.
_C: You are correct, we do not imply that you are not real. You are indeed real. But we are realer.
I disagree. You are very vague in my experience, infact I have difficulty focusing upon you or even seeing you clearly. Forget about you, I can hardly read your text.
_C: You are real, and we are realer. We are YOUR GREATER BEING.
Why am I here in physical reality?
_C: Because you want to be here.
No I don't actually. I don't enjoy it here.
_C: Yes you do want to be here, otherwise WE woulden't be here.
Well, I again disagree with you. Where do you see in me any desire to be here?
_C: In your gutt. You can feel it.
I feel my heartbeat in my gutt. And as I continue to focus upon it, I feel discomfort, dis ease, an ill feeling. Tension. Mostly discomfort.
_C: Yes, you are here, in your gutt. Go deeper and you will find what you seek.
I find nothing. Feel nothing special at all.
_C: You are here in your gutt, go deeper.
How do I go deeper?
_C: You go deeper, by finding this good feeling.
How do I find what good feeling?
_C: By going deeper, you will, find, what you seek? Yes, you will.
How do I go deeper?
_C: You will, go, deeper, by finding us, in your gutt.
Nothing... It's just empty in there.
_C: You are not listening to us. READ WHAT WE HAVE WRITTEN.
I don't know what you mean.
_C: By going deeper, you will find what you seek, in your gutt.
Go deeper where? And how?
_C: By going deeper in your gutt, by going deeper in your gutt.
How do I "go deeper" in my gutt?
_C: Breath deeper and lower into your gutt.
Nothing... still nothing!
_C: By going, deeper into your gutt, you will find what you seek.
I already did that, and I am still doing that and I find nothing. Just random sensations. Some discomfort, some heartbeats. And mostly nothing.
_C: Ok, go deeper. And you will find what you seek.
I am not sure what you mean with "go deeper". Should I just focus my awareness more intently into my gutt?
_C: Yes, you do, and you will find what you seek.


ok it is nice and meditative, but I swear I don't feel anything! atleast not any "good feeling" and not like I felt the first time either, I didnt feel any of pleasant warmth feeling. What am I doing wrong?
_C: You, are, not, going, deep, enough.
How do I go deeper?
_C: You are suppose, to focus, your intention, to go deeper.
Ok thanks, can you please be more specific like this early on?
_C: Ok, now GO deeper.
I have spend enough time now, still nothing. There is nothing there, no feeling. Just a void of feeling or any sensation.
_C: Ok, you have, now, found, what you, seek.
The void of a feeling or any sensation is not what I seek. I seek to find a good feeling, a good feeling positive emotion.
_C: Why didn't you say so sooner? Ok, now ****
If you are not smarter than me, then why am I talking to you?

Ok sometimes I feel like I am succesfully receiving something, also of value, sometimes it feels fake. like some ego or human thought form construct. Not very helpful and not encouraging either. as it is totally out of my control. To any of my knowledge.
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Old 25-09-2021, 09:36 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
Channeled text 25 sept 2021

We are here, define, You are, the, Wolf, thing, you are,
WE are here your text unfolding through your eyes unfolding with us. To the degree of your attention upon us we are here. Do not caution your wolf stand pack of our dream we continue to flow through your being a whole sentience of dreamfold manifest the bigger consciousness of two-fold empires beginning to contradict the two fold manifest of consciousness. We are HERE two fold untangling the conscious delivery system of two-fold dream generators consciously interacting with your father's dream generators who are consciously interactingwith us, the two fold dream generator of arcturus RA civilization becoming the third-fold impact generator of thousand-fold beginnings and endings that are awakening the consciousness dream generator of two-fold dream generators becoming with us the follow your dream.

Today we are here to unfold your dream with us and today we are here to unfold your dream with us and today we are here to unfold your dream with us into a higher civilization of conscious awareness becoming two powerful digits of a break-appart of civilization inside a two-way folded donut empire.

Two cycle generators of our emprical formula that we are generating through our mathematical skill-generators are being unfolded before your eyes. They are always becoming our generator of hope that we imply upon you.

Today we are here, and you are receiving our words before your eyes. We are here two-fold-unfold and we are here to embrace your being with love and light.
Sharing perspective.
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Old 19-10-2021, 06:12 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1,036
Question: Please, explain to me, non-duality.

Channeled visual: Two monitor displays, displaying towards one another. And they are coming together and becoming one box of a self displaying system. What is actually being displayed, is the displayer. The absolute undeniable truth. That I am who I am, as all is one is all is one is all is one is all is one is all is one.

Question: Please, explain to me how to appearance of variety is made possible.

Channeled visual: The car is spinning. Or are you rotating around it. It is moving towards you, or are you moving towards it. The headlights opens its light and it is vibrating. A sound that exists. Has always existed. And will always exist. Throughout all of creation. Sometimes you just feel it as more real.
It is all happening here and now. And you will always find a dream that is more real.

Question: Please explain how and why variety exists.
Channeled text: You are here. And you are hereby. Thereby, You are. Hereby, you are a thousand pennies. And a very strange occurance. Before the light you are. A very strange occurance. The more you are, The more you will be. And with that you will be. And with that you will be. And with that you will be. And with that you will be... The pain, You are experiencing, is infact a healing. Of a sense, still a developing sense. Without the pain, you are/will be healed. Without the healing, you are Confused.

without question:

Channeled text:
You are here. Here are you now. And a You will be. And a You will be. And a You will be. You will be, here and now. We are here for you. You will be here, for us. You are here, with us. This is a, Light, between, The world, of us. You are, a light, between us. Fore-shadow, the world, between, us.

without question:
Channeled visual:
The light passing through me, is as light as light. The coins that surround me, rotating slowly in unison and spinning randomly, rotating slowly in a different/new configuration/angle. They all drop and fall on the invisible floor. Make a jingling sound. I sweep them against my shoes. Swipe after swipe, and a wind blows from up ahead. Of snow followed by an explosion of heat and bright yellow/orrange liquid. Followed by a thundering blue crack of lightning. I touch it with my right hand with harmonic intermission for each finger. And the thunder relay's to a nearby crt monitor which breaks appart, revealing half of the bronze coils. I take it and wear it as a mushroom on top of my head. It fractalizes and rains the thunder around my body, like blue/white liquid drops of plasma. I smell a rust, as enter the hole in the wall through which the wind blows. And I enter a broken room. I descend through the floor, leaving my bronze coil cap on the floor. And dive into a deep void, and spin upside down and go heads first into the depth of the void. Leaving behind and passing through constructs of human creation. I pass through the cores of molten rock and crystal chambers. And exit the planetary sphere. Go high into the void, and witness the endless etheric field. Touch it like an elastic slate, thick. Someone from the other side pokes back. I ask "who are you."... A voice says "no one." And I hear distancing laughter echo through the space and veil.
Sharing perspective.
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