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Old 10-06-2019, 01:42 AM
olliebug olliebug is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2019
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Question Making a faerie garden

I want to make a small garden dedicated to the faeries and attract good ones. I've been looking around the internet for ideas for plants and objects to place in the garden but most of the stuff I'm finding are just miniature gardens made just because they look cute. I was hoping I could get advice from people here who actually believe and know what they are talking about. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Old 11-06-2019, 09:09 AM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
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Depends what you mean by fairies. If you mean flower fairies it's quite easy: a beautiful flowergarden and roses etc. You can Google fairy plants/flowers.
If you mean the Faerie, also sometimes called 'the little folk', the ones people (used to) fear... then I feel it's a bit more tricky to do in a small garden. You'd then have to resort to plants, bushes etc that fit in a smaller garden. You can still use Google or a good book to find out which ones, and make a choice that appeals.
It's strong, raw and pure energy, so not one of them cute overly tidy gardens. It should be more of a natural looking garden. If you have room for a shrub, you can hang dangly shiny things in it, which can be pieces of an earring, necklace or whatever. A well-tuned small chime, NOT a bamboo one or a loud, off-key chime. Meaning not one of them cheap things that look nice but sound horrible. A sweet, tingling gentle chime that softly tingles when there's a breeze.
You can have flowers but go for wildflowers, bluebell for instance, not cultivated flowers.
Hawthorn, hazel, rowan are also fairy bush/trees, but not always possible to plant in a smaller garden.
I thought of planting hawthorn in my garden as I too was creating a Faerie garden in a section. But I know they can grow to be quite big in the end and eat up more space than I'd like it to have. Plus, if you decide it's in the wrong place and want to move it... I'm not keen on doing that with a tree that so strongly connected with the Faerie. It'd disturb them, you'd have to communicate with them to see if they're okay with it etc. etc.
I simply decided against it.

I also have these small daffodils in my Faerie garden, the tete--tete. These come back each year and should grow in numbers too :) I don't feel tulips are Faerie plants, but these small daffodills, yes!!
If you got space and can get your hands on it: I got a tree trunk in my Faerie garden. Not just a trunk, but the part with roots on it. I got it from people who had to dig up a tree in their garden.
I also like a Faerie garden to be a tad hidden, separated from the rest of the garden, even though it's part of it and of course still connected.
And of course there's water... if you have space for a (smaller) water element...

Hope this helps a bit!
Enjoy :)

Anywho, here's a page I found on plants that are connected with the Faerie, mind you, NOT the flower fairies:
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Old 12-06-2019, 07:22 AM
olliebug olliebug is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 10
Thank you so much!!!
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Old 12-06-2019, 09:15 AM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 5,245
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You're very welcome! Glad it helped :)
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Old 12-06-2019, 01:34 PM
Altair Altair is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
Posts: 3,574
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You mean real physical faeries..? Or spirits? I'm always puzzled when people talk about faeries..

But try to make a garden that benefits insects. Maybe that will also attract the faeries, as a garden that looks nice but functions like a desert won't be interesting for them to be in, I reckon.. being nature spirits and all. For instance, consider planting loads of foxglove, as this will attract many bumblebees..

Go for a natural looking garden indeed, not just flowers like roses and tulips that look ''nice'' to tidy neighbours and conventional folk but will have far less ecological value. Foxglove and daffodils are both great options indeed..

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Old 12-06-2019, 04:35 PM
olliebug olliebug is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 10
I love foxglove it's gorgeous! Thank you! I dont really care what my neighbors think to be honest haha I'm sure that they think I'm pretty goofy for having a bunch of plants on my porch anyway. Plus I cleanse my tarot cards outside with sage so I'm sure they think I'm pretty weird from that plus I put the couple crystals I have in the windowsill to be cleansed sometimes too haha I dont really worry about what they think when it comes to that stuff because I figure if they dont like it then they dont have to look at it.

Edit: spelling, sorry I'm doing with on my phone haha
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Old 15-06-2019, 02:33 AM
sibeagsimhor sibeagsimhor is offline
Join Date: Jun 2019
Posts: 6

So.... I am a newbie on this site and in no way want to disagree or be seen as causing controversy with more experienced members here.

When it comes to answering the question of the OP there are many things to be considered. First and foremost is the happiness and wellbeing of any given plant. Plants are quite used to thriving without the input of elementals 'little people' 'Faeries' or whatever you want to call them. The presence and intervention of such entities in the growth cycle of a plant is a rare but welcome bonus But in this day and age it is rare .Plants do just fine without this intervention.
I do not believe you can encourage elemental life to come and bless you. They will come when they will come. However you can encourage within yourself a better way of consuming, of being, of doing less harm to this planet than perhaps previously you were.
When some form of harmony is achieved (even just locally) then good things will follow.

If you have any doubt about the existence of the 'Little People 'I can totally assure there is no need for doubt. But they do not really help us or even plants. They are kind of out of here and we are not.
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