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Old 03-08-2016, 06:38 PM
cloud9 cloud9 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 45
socks, past friends, bed covers, what the hell, grandmothers, parking lot, armor, shi

I don't know if I had this dream because I thought of this guy the other day thinking that he probably has forgotten me, which I prefer since I have been trying to forget the past. I'm no longer friends with the friends discussed in the dream because they were fair-weathered friends. In real life, I'm terrified of seeing this guy not knowing if he's judging me. I had these dreams about a week ago and haven't had another related dream since. Here's the first dream.

I forgot my socks in a suitcase I opened at a vacation home. I'm not sure if it was a vacation home, but it wasn't my home. I don't recall the details of dream of why I was there. A friend or someone was also staying at this house. I went back to my own house to get my socks. When I returned to the vacation house, it was my now my childhood best friend's house in the past or a different place. I am no longer friends with this person in real life because she betrayed my trust and turned others against me. As I walked past her down the stairs to go to my bedroom there in the basement, she was lying in bed watching television in her living room with a guy who hurt me in the past. I didn't want him to see me without makeup so I ignored them as I walked to my bedroom. I played my old favorite music that he could hear in the background. When my former friend entered my bedroom with some people, I hid under the covers so he couldn't see me without makeup. She whispered what he told her about me, but I couldn't hear her so I asked her to talk louder. She told me he said, "What the hell is she doing in our house?" I asked her if they were a couple since he said our house. She said no. The 3 other people who entered the room with her were motherly figures like her grandmothers. I recognized one of the women as one of her grandmothers I met before. They stood in front of me as I had the covers over my head, but I was afraid it was him with her and didn't take off the covers. These women walked away since I was not approachable at the time. In real life, this former friend is facebook friends with this guy and I have wondered if she ever revealed personal things about me. I also have ignored her in real life by looking the other way if she tried to get my attention to say hello because she's lost my trust.

I had a related dream as I took a nap this afternoon, but I can't recall all the details. This same guy was in the parking lot a past high school friend of mine were walking into. I was reluctant to walk into the parking lot because I didn't want him to see me. For some reason, he was wearing a robot-like costume made of metal like he was in disguise (but he wasn't purposely wearing it so I wouldn't see him him or he just was wearing it for no reason). Perhaps it was armor instead of a robot costume. The friend I was with was another untrusted friend who is also facebook friends with him in real life so I wonder if she ever revealed anything personal about me. She had no problem moving across the row of cars in the parking lot toward him, but I couldn't cross the row of the cars to where he was. I roamed to the other side of the parking lot. I'm not even sure if I had my car parked in the parking lot. All the sudden, I accidently farted silently and was afraid that he would smell it or know someone was there and notice me. I saw him moving closer across the row of cars, but I don't think he saw me since I shielded myself or hid next to a car.
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Old 04-08-2016, 04:48 AM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 6,896
  H:O:R:A:C:E's Avatar
you have a lot of stuff going on in these dreams.
within the dream, the behavior of your one time friend appears to be on your side,
and this may be true in your waking life (it seems recognized that way, by you,
on a subconscious level).
i kinda get the sense that the 3 grandmothers are representing a contrary view
to your desire to "forget the past" [older people may tend towards reminiscing over past events].
this could be your 'wise elder' self asking you to rethink some things (specifically, releasing judgments i believe).

fear is a prevalent theme in those dreams, as is "pretense" (the makeup, which is superficially masking 'the truth'),
and hiding from people.

the idea of the old flame asking why you were present seems to be an
acknowledgement that you have successfully distanced yourself from those
past relationships (he wonders why your energy lingers there).
later, the armor that he wears seems to indicate that he has insulated
himself from interactions with you (as a self protection for him).

i believe that judgments are, in general, attuned towards fearfulness...
they always choose winners and losers, and eventually, everyone will
experience loss through them. i'd say that, overall, your dreams appear to
have been confirming your preference that the episodes of your past are
truly in the past and hold no present significance for you.
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Old 04-08-2016, 12:36 PM
cloud9 cloud9 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 45
Thanks. The analysis makes sense.

There's debate among dream analysts over whether or not dreams involve psychic messages from the other side or if only your own mind analyzes everything. With that being said, I was wondering if you felt the old flame wondering why my energy lingers there (as he would probably have no idea in real life that I ever thought about him) since I have distanced myself from him and if his wearing armor as self protection was my mind analyzing it or if it might be a psychic prediction as the way it really is with him? And would the self protection be more that he is afraid that I would emotionally hurt or reject him since I have continued to ignore him or he is afraid that I might argue with him for being mad at him over all the **** I have gone through? You mentioned earlier that I recognized my one-time friend appears to be on my side on a subconscious level. So, I wonder if it's my own mind thinking these things, in which the human mind isn't always accurate or if it's the universe telling me this is way it really is? From past experience, this one-time friend has shown me she couldn't be trusted by sharing my personal information with others to try to get them against me. That's why I'm surprised on a subconscious level I may feel that she's on my side. And could the 3 grandmothers mean that I shouldn't be so quick to forget the past since there are judgments that still need to be resolved? I'm not sure if this suggests talking to this old flame or friend to clarify things...if we shall ever come across each other again. I have avided talkign to both of them because I don't feel liek I can trust them or they would use my words against me.
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Old 05-08-2016, 07:35 AM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 6,896
  H:O:R:A:C:E's Avatar
cloud9, what i wanna tell you may challenge some ideas that you hold.
let's skip the preamble and get to the core of things: you are a being of
immense power. the entirety of your experiences are things that have been
manufactured (created) by you, for the purpose of serving you [in some way].
to have had situations in which you have been betrayed was a means for you
to learn "life lessons"; such lessons may be used in order to steer your
upcoming choices. the point, i believe, should be to lessen your limitations,
and to expand your options [which is, perhaps, contrary to "common sense"].
the whole idea of there being a "past" which can limit our options is a fabrication of the mind
[this idea holds no power that we have not endowed it with (truth is not limited by this notion)].
what i'm saying, for you specifically, in the context of this discussion:
the people and events spoken of here were all creations of yours. there is no
universal understanding of things which exists beyond you; it is all inside of you.
this is the "big picture" perspective, and it overshadows [over illuminates?]
the "tiny self" perspective [which is nonetheless valid]. i feel that
knowledge of your being as magnitudes larger than the "tiny self" can free
you from the concerns that tend towards limitation, and further smallness.
[the fear of discovery, and desire to mask appearances are evidence of
limited, "tiny self" thinking... amounting to a mental imprisonment it seems].

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