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Old 03-07-2019, 03:08 PM
ValiantTurtle ValiantTurtle is offline
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The energy of numbers

I know little about the actual field of numerology and whats it all about, but I think this is the right subforum to post this. This from 3 years of experience of working with the numbers 0-10.

Numbers 101

Well, we all know numbers, it's hard to get around them actually. Our minds atleast subconscouisly deal with them 99% percent of the day. 24/7 Counting, calculating, measuring, comparing. It makes a lot of sense to have and use those, but where do they actually come from. Is it like a coincidence, someone just made up random pictures and names and somehow all of the world got stuck with them? Yes there is a definite need to count. But is there a deeper side to it? Could it maybe even be, that they are intrinsic to nature or the universe in someway?
Well, trees certainly don't calculate with binomial formula, but measuring and comparative processes happen all the time in all living organisms. The tree wouldn't know the sound or image of 1 or 2, but it will know by experience and memory that 2 is the doubled value of 1 . Atleast at an abstract level that is and as far as you can speak of "knowing" here. And does that just by dealing with different variables like temperature, hydration level and sun intensity. Granted, it wont become a math teacher, but it will handle it's stuff.
Yes that analogy is way to far fetched, but the thing is: math and geometry are EVERYWHERE in nature. From the atom the star and from a shell to the whale. You will find patterns that reoccure throughout all ages and continents.
And while you can't simply put it on a whiteboard by means of a fomula, you just have to look closely and anyone who can put two and two together will find substantial proof. So there arguely most be a deeper layer to all math and geometry from which our sciences are an expression or offspring. Is there a way to look deeper at what numbers really are fundamentally.
I will know try to do just that. The following is mostly from my own experience of working with numbers for the last 3 years after it they first peeked my interest. Until now I'm still trying to find new ways to look at them to find connections. I'm just saying that, so you don't think I claim any of this is scientfic knowledge. Because what is there to proof and what to test for? While I'm certain that many people came to the similar findings by just looking, because of the sheer universality of the phenomenon, I never studied any extra sources for that, besides basic school math and geometry, and I won't dare to claim any truth to this.
Please see everything from now on more than a work of art than anything else.
So let's just try to have some fun.

After 1 comes 2

Numbers and their consecutive relationship

There a reason we count from one to two to three. You might say "duh! yea, thats how numbers work, you fool!" and while I give you that, I must add that beyond that obviousness you can find a deeper layer that increasingly comes to light if you look at them in terms of inheritance or branching.

Nothing, nada, cero, niente
Nothing to be seen here and not a thing to be done
Not a single thing and nothing to compare it to.
No light, No darkness
Not even the faintest sound.
Neither a big bang nor a little one.
It seems to stand before even the beginning of time.
But how can something begin out of nothingness.

Embrace the void, the paradox that is 0.

Well it is something
It cant know itself in relation something else, but it to make up for that it simply is. At one.
Buddha surely would be proud.
Like how you just stand for youself, little one.
With no seed of doubt and no need of argue.

It takes one to know one,
So only if you have two there can be knowing of the other.
One is just to indifferent.
But is it a pair or are they opposites. How could one know.
Maybe it takes for a third party to see the difference
It seems like the begining of duality that also gives way for comparative thing, makes more problems that it solves and leaves more spaces than it closes.
While not is elusive as 0. 2 certainly is hard to pin point.
1 and 2, 1 or 2 .. or both?
yes or no?
It seems to always change it's mind. For better or worse I dont know.
But it somehow seems to make a difference of night and day.
Well choose for yourself, because with two you can. If you will stick with that is a different matter.

With three you cant have a pair, or someone will feel left out.
It's also better to have some distance because a threesome leads only to problems.
But what is this relationship then. Does one come after the other or are they on the same page.
While 2 gives room for a line with no percievebale start or finish. These 3 are properly aligned.
Like 3 mates who share a flat. In that way they are more at one than 2.
While they are certainly different and unique it is only on the surface.
Triangles are a fascinating shape. Three points where to lines meet.
Two point may give way to a line, but three of them are on a different level.

If four people want take each other by the hands only three can do so at a time. Even if you close the circle two pairs will always only be able to meet with their eyes.
So in addition to everyone haveing a neighbour; everyone also gets an opposite. These only know each other by reference of their friends. But this strangely makes them close; too. Atleast in that they share an interest. If know only they could meet, but that shaking of hands somehow never occures, because it always seems like they just don't find the time. They always briefly miss the perfect time window.
incidentally, a crossshaped window is also embedding four frames. And If you look out it for long enough you'll also see four seasons.
Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer again in an ever flowing fashion, while all have their own style their real beauty shines through in their transmutation into each other.
Where does winter end and spring start? It's seems like a change that can only be experienced.

The circle grows bigger
No friend or foe, but all eyes meet in the middle.

It seems like it has alot in common with three yet offering two more seats. But does it also inherit from 2? At last it's their sum. But it's influence is much harder to feel. But how come? Well 3 definitely has the numerical adavantage here. It's also a fact that an even and an uneven number will always add up to another uneven. Maybe that's why 5 seems closer to 3.
But why did we even settle with the terms like we did. From what we previously looked into it seemed more like 1 and 3 were the stable ones, should'nt they be labeld "even" and not the elusive and hard to catch 2 and 4? I get that with even numbers theres always a partner and no one left out, but the distinct feel they give of somehow tells a different story.
Also if you add 2 and 4 you'll get another even. Maybe it's this harmonius conjuction that also fostered the naming.
An uneven number will always drag it's even counterpart with it to it's unevenness, while two unevens will uneven themselves out. Is that even how you say it? I'm confused. Maybe we should take a more orderly look at the relation of even and uneven. It might seem out of place here, but so is the fifth wheel on a car.


`````/ Even / Uneven
Even / Even / Uneven
Uneven / Uneven / Even

When you look at it this way it's quite the harmonious unharmony. An unbalance in balance.
This feels also true for 5 the sum of 3 and 2. But let's not forget it has another side, it's the follow up to 4 with the addition of 1. That way it feels almost like someone has thrown a stick into the moving wheel that is 4 bringing our cycle to a halt. But it's not only a crash, maybe it's also a much needed time for rest.

Let's take a deep breath and simply enjoy the motionlessnes for a bit
Just sitting here on the floor the other cyclist pass us left and right.
But it's no problem. We simply enjoy this moment, because we know this too will pass.


Three pairs
Two triangles

Add in another uneven 1 and we arrive back in even land. At the spiraling that is 6.
Even the ouward appearance of the character that was chosen by society to represent the number, cant help but remind of a motion. Maybe it's the result of human intuition. After all it was not simply set, it was probably thought about often, changed innummerable times and then at some point we got left with this shape after the majority agreed on it, or at least, stopped having complaints. So it's anything but random. It's the product of a cognitive supercomputer that is the human collective intelligence. This holds true for every number that we use today. Maybe it worth to have a look at every numbers form to benefit from the work that went into it. Even if it was only on a subconscious level it's still quite the intelligent process that gave birth to them.

But let's not stray to far right now, maybe it's better to postpone this to another segment or we might get lost and not forget where we are right now. Because where 5 is somewhat like the tree you can comfortably lean on or it's stump which neatly serves a seat. Or like the whole that is the serenity of plantlife deeply rooted in earth.
6 is the primordial jungle with all of it's dangers. But let's not be befallen by terror and instead keep our cool. After all were intelligent human beings and not mere animals anymore, we have passed that stage in evolution and now have to act like it, or in what way are we better than the beast were so afraid of. Yes, there are many threats to our life right here. The venomous snake, the brutal gorilla and the terrifyig tiger. But besides all of that, this is also a realm blooming with beauty and bursting with all kinds of life, it's actually it's quite amazing. So heads up if we just pay enough attention we should be able to navigate the dangers and find our way out of this natural knot garden and maybe even on the way stumble across things we didn't even now were there and grow beyond our limitions.
That way we can surely find our way out of this jungle and before we even notice were already out in the open.
Popular science tells humans originate from monkeys. And now see how were grown. From hanging in a tree and eating bananas all day to the whole of the complexity we know as human society. Art, science and all of human relationship. It's hard to not see the evolution that has taken place. But an evolution of what?Who knows, but something we surely aquired over the monkeys is our intelligence and consciousness, maybe that is what we should expand on. Who knows where this can take us is we dont spiral back down in evolution with every minor conflict and again act like our ancestors, making undefinable monkey noises and gestures. If we just stop throwing **** at everybody and learn to debate in a civilised manner we should be well set up for progress. Maybe it's time to come to our senses and completely use our inherent potential.

Nobody likes confusion and fear, so it is only natural for someone who is trapped in it to try to find ways to escape. But what does it take to drag oneself out of this hole of ignorance? And maybe it's just that. You fear only what you don't understand and as soon as you shine a light on it, most scary things are revealed to be purely illusive.
In that way a keen and fearless eye should be able to bring light to even the darkest of shadows, disperse even the densest of clouds.
Clear as the sky should be the mind that seeks truth. It will be hard without courage, so lets take the right stance and stand attention. With our spine erect we can now much better face the obstacles that come about our way. And maybe one day even the biggest problem will just be a clouds passing.
Like the headlights who guide the driver through the night or the streetlamps which beacon us from here to there, the one who found his inner truth will be able to be a light for others.

The character looks like a moebius band. A moebius band is a regular band that is twisted an connected at both endings. What is created by that is a band, that has no defined inside and outside anymore, because they, in the process, become one and the same. Where 4 is a circle or atleast a cycle. 8 is two of those. Thesis and Antithesis completely at one.
8 also looks like a twisted 0 or an upward version of the infinity symbol.
There is flow but there is also great balance. Firm and soft. It's even hard to say if it is moving or still. What we think we knew about even and uneven doesn't really apply here.
It feels vast, but can it really be infinite? Maybe it knows it can't be, but is just not one to weep.
Change must come, it has always been like that, hasnt it? Either way, it stays in a posture of honor and acceptance.
Come what may come.

"Elusiveness is a property of even numbers?" Well 8 made you wonder about that thoroughly and now 9 comes to shake that belief even further.
So, what is real anymore? What to hold on to? Even numbers have opposites while uneven are on the same page, but does it mean anything?
It's the mirror image of 6 somewhat like its uneven counterpart. But is it really enough to call it an upward spiral? outward, inward. It seems like it doesn't care.
It values beauty to much to fall to the limitations of words.
Splendor forms of intriquing elegance coming in and out of existence. The peak of creativity and no artist far and wide.
A swirling nebula of ethereal splendor.
What is there to top this?

Both 0 and 1, but not 2.
It feels like the end of something important, but also a next stage to something distant, yet unseen.
What is that we learned? Is there even anything to be learned in the traditional sense?
But an undeniable experience it was.

If 0 is the dark night sky
1 is the stars shining in it.
How far does this reach?
There can be only wonder.
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Old 03-07-2019, 10:10 PM
ketzer ketzer is offline
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Yes, Yes, Ha ha ha ha, (que the lightning and thunder) excellent excellent, I love to hear someone counting.

BTW, "Well, trees certainly don't calculate with binomial formula,.." perhaps they have you to do it for them.

Last edited by ketzer : 03-07-2019 at 10:49 PM.
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Old 09-07-2019, 05:53 PM
ValiantTurtle ValiantTurtle is offline
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Originally Posted by ketzer
Yes, Yes, Ha ha ha ha, (que the lightning and thunder) excellent excellent, I love to hear someone counting.

BTW, "Well, trees certainly don't calculate with binomial formula,.." perhaps they have you to do it for them.

Ha ha, you cracked me up with that image, thank you

And besides, can someone that actually knows something about numerology tell me, if there are some overlappings between my observation and the actual field? I'm really curious.
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