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Old 30-01-2022, 02:29 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Still Waters …

Excellent use of quotations marks on “spiritual knowledge.” True spiritual knowledge … or perhaps *pure* spiritual knowledge … that pertaining to the Pure God World … would not be contrary enough to make a wall out of it. There would be no “opposite” to form that wall from. It is absolutely fabulous when anyone can begin to uncover and perceive how mind tends to believe something to be one way when it is truly another. It is an insanely valuable principle on which to build. Confronting the mind and its habits seeming continues forever. The “traps” that I’ve earlier discussed … many are specifically designed to trap those who actually do walk the Pure God Worlds but are here to fulfill a physical incarnation … for a variety of reasons … and the various forces will use mind to trap … even though the individual who walks greater Truth would know better via oversight but can be dissuaded when “in the forest.”

That’s why one great principle to always carry within … Be Aware.

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Old 30-01-2022, 02:30 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Greenslade …

It’s not an accolade at all … it is a recognition of opportunity. There would be many on the board that would appreciate comparing the approach to “greater Truth” through the stances of a true intellectual.

As far as intellectuals go … you would be one of the best to portray this … as your approach is mostly censorious and critical … finding a single word or phrase or concept and declaring your perception as advanced or superior to it … although I’m sure you practice it from a different perspective. Mind loves to do this … for various reasons … and you would help many see that. Your personal design of preferred definitions … such as “Shadow Self” … shows how mind can construct tangents on cloudy understandings.

Again … people need to … and could *see* … the differences in approach. I’ve put in many references as to the why and how the mind does what it does … but there is no substitute for seeing it in action. You would provide that. I believe it truly would be of benefit.

As I’ve said many times before … mind can find a contrary stance to ANY-thing … at any time it chooses. It is very easy to do.

As for where to start … start anywhere … and work onward. No need for exhaustive analysis or decisive comparisons and deconstructions. Hop in … let it flow.

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Old 31-01-2022, 11:29 AM
Greenslade Greenslade is offline
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
I’ve put in many references as to the why and how the mind does what it does … but there is no substitute for seeing it in action. You would provide that. I believe it truly would be of benefit.
Time is against me right now but I have something in mind, so when the thoughts gel I'll get to work on it.
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
Old 31-01-2022, 01:30 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Considerations 117 …

Influences and Impressions …

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I am planning to add a “Clarifications” post later in the week. Please read.

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Starting with an example … let’s say you must write up a document or perform some tedious task that will require a good degree of focused attention. You settle in and begin the task … and someone comes in and turns on the television and the stereo. These are definite distractions. The kids come in and begin chattering and playing about. More diversions. It’s all but impossible to put your full attention on the required task now … with so many intrusions pulling at you from the outside.

And yet … most of us have this degree of distraction ongoing in our daily lives without our even knowing it. The objective / outer influences constantly pulling at us … often goes unnoticed. Any form of today’s media pulls at us for attention. For any peace … we try to retreat to some area of relative quiet.

When anyone finally figures out the extent to which the Lower Psychic Worlds are designed to pull our attention outward … there is a tendency to find quiet time alone to quiet Self and find some let-up… only to find the inner worlds are just as noisy. The physical body itches and twitches, the emotions churn inside along any uneasiness or anxiety … and the mind … well … the mind just chatters away. Suddenly the individual is confronted by just what little inner peace they have when their inner worlds are clamoring for attention.

Eventually we can get the physical body to settle down and the emotions might drift into a lull … and we begin to focus on a single symbol to quiet the mind down. This is not an easy task. Finally it dawns on us that the physical body, emotions, and the mind … are “outer” to Soul. Once again … it is the outer distractions that grab for our attention and focus. We begin to realize that there is an “other-ness” to the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies … and we begin to sort them all as we slowly discover just what part Soul plays in it all.

Though Soul Itself can certainly “think” … it is the habitual use of word strings, their meanings, favored symbols, learned and accepted judgments, comparisons, analyses, definitions, and determinations that the mind relies on that distinguishes mind from Soul … and once “above” or “beyond” the mind … Soul discovers an entirely new world … or worlds … Its first voyage into Its true Home since It was individually created … and the overview of just what LIFE and Existence is all about … how its designed … and the why of it all … becomes much more clear as we now can observe it truly from an overview. Soul begins to work directly with Divine Spirit … not through emotion or mental perceptions … but with Divine Spirit IT-self … which is the building blocks and living substance of Existence.

Now that we have mustered the courage to “step inside” … we find the true confrontations begin. We will begin to face the inner onslaught of what we have allowed, carried, and entertained for many, many lifetimes. The mind is a “creature” of habit and will not let them go. We quickly find that the breaking of addictions to substance abuse is child’s play compared to convincing mind to give up its habitual perceptions. Many have headed inside to see quietude … and they do not find it there as long as mind runs the show … as it has … for eons … in our personal lives.

We want things to “quiet down” … so that we may gain at least a few moments of respite … then we get bitter when it doesn’t easily happen … then we begin to pressure the mind to do what we want it to do … and that makes it worse. Mind cannot be forced … but it can be led. If you make a game out of it … treating it as a child throwing a tantrum … and uncover ways to train your own mind to settle down … one begins to gain those quiet moments.

An old method that works for many is this … close your eyes and picture yourself in a large, long straight hallway. As thoughts, emotions, and images tumble down the hallway towards you … firmly promise them that you will deal with them later … and inwardly and gently sweep the thoughts to the left and the emotions to the right … or vice versa. Some put doorways that the intrusive thoughts or emotions can be swept into. Others just “pin” them to the side on the hallway wall. Try to assure them that you will deal sincerely with them later. This is not a substitute for “stopping thought.”

Make it work for you. This tends to clear the hallway directly in front of you but they keep on tumbling towards you. Slowly step forward and repeat the process. Promise “them” anything to just wait their turn and you’ll give your full attention to them later. Sweep them aside. Reward them. Praise them. Admire them for stepping aside … anything that will quiet the childish blabbering of mind and emotions.

Eventually … a day or a week or a month of this … the hallway in front of you will slowly clear … and you can step forward. Don’t demand immediate success with this. This is a re-training session. If it is difficult for you … pretend. If you get resentful again … mind will just feed off the negative energy. This is what is meant by not being able to *force* the mind into anything. Mind cannot be pushed or shoved. We have taken in our perceptions over many lifetimes … now we try to shorten that a bit in getting the mind and emotions to be more cooperative. You cannot even beg it to do whatever … but you can … sincerely … promise to give the thoughts their due later on while *these* moments are yours and you just want them to quiet down a bit.

As you do this … consider …

What is doing the “seeing?” Mind … has no eyes. The emotions have no eyes. You’ve got your physical eyes closed. Mind can use memory … but that is a different vision than an actual eyesight … and just what IS doing the seeing?

Eventually the spiritual vision gives way to a full, inner sensing. Yes … there can be imagery … but there is always a myriad of forces and energies swirling around within the personal aura that is very vague in form … if any. These are not emotionally felt. These … are very subtly sensed … just as the inner imagery of these visual forces are subtly sensed. It’s a practiced thing … and you *will* get better at it.

Do NoT get side-tracked by some ominous lofty voice telling you “This is God … “ … or whatever … and to do as the voice demands. More often than not … those are psychic tricks … and will … and can … mislead you into countless blind alleys. This is one of the first tricks played on the unsuspecting. Be aware.

Give yourself some time to first become acquainted with … then reassign … and then choose … the influences within. It will help what happens … without.

More next Monday.

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A 90-post index is found at thread post number 370 … page 37

If sincere … I will respond to private messages

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Old 07-02-2022, 01:20 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Considerations 118 …

Spiritual Knowledge …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

I decided to forgo any clarifications and to put in the time and effort on a new index that should bring all up to date … to be posted very soon.

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Still Waters … in post #492 … brings up a fabulous point concerning spiritual knowledge. The human state of consciousness has always considered that if something wasn’t physical … then it was spiritual … but this is only partially true and can be quite misleading. My working definitions of Spirit verses Divine Spirit is my attempt to keep this distinction clear in our perspective. Divine Spirit is the absolutely pure God Essence that radiates out from the Core Creator God … and sweeps out and “down” from the Center … again … using generic terms. At the bottom of the 5th Plane … the True Home of Soul … and the top of the 4th Plane … the Etheric … the negative element is added so that polarity / duality / positive and negative conditions can be formed and experienced for us to learn from. So Spirit … here in the Lower Psychic Worlds … is diluted to a great extent but still is certainly the substance that all life here in the Lower Psychic Worlds exists and subsists from. Pure Divine Spirit has no negative element in IT’s “structure” … so to speak.

In the Lower Psychic Worlds … mind is the tool that Soul uses to understand life as experiences in these worlds. Mind needs … and works with … data or information from our perceptions of what is going on around us at the moment … and has a facet of “memory” where mind can remember past events, conditions, experiences. So much of this data is not only necessary but very handy to use while involving ourselves with incarnations in these Lower Psychic Worlds … even to the point where the common phrase “Knowledge is Power” is often heard and used.

From many of my posts on or about the mind … one might believe that I am very negative against the mind … but that is not so. The bottom line is … that mind is *the* most potent and greatest tool Soul has in interacting with life here in the worlds … and it is the most powerful ally if and when it has been disciplined and trained enough to be used when needed but it is the most detrimental aspect that clearly works against us when allowed to run our lives according to the sponge-like tendency we all have in gathering tidbits, information, opinions, phrases, names, handy definitions that supposedly assist us in our struggles to live our daily lives. For so very long … Soul does not know what It (Soul) is … and the control that It has over the Lower Psychic bodies … and so allows mind to totally run the show. Soul tends to retreat into the background … and go along for the ride so to speak … as Soul does not know It’s responsibility in it all. That … is the crux of the Path … to learn the distinctions and the responsibilities we each have to ourselves … an to greater Life.

So “knowledge” in the Lower Psychic Worlds relies on data or information … what we know and how we use it. It is a necessary practice here. But since there is no “negative element” in the Pure God Worlds … there is no form … there are no “things” … there are no data or pre-designed conditions as we know it in the Lower Psychic Worlds. Logic and reason are aspects of the human state of consciousness. This does *not* hold true in the Pure God Worlds … and mind simply cannot understand how anything can interact with life without the reliance on logic, data, and reason. That is mind’s anchor. Without data, logic, and reason … mind cannot function as mind … and since … again … mind is not Soul and Soul is not mind … mind is totally lost … and until Soul gains enough experience to learn how to interact with life at the higher levels … so to speak … both are somewhat “lost” in it all and there are certainly periods of time and often entire lifetimes where individuals can be totally unbalanced.

To become a working part of the Pure God Worlds it is Divine Spirit that must filled the consciousness … *not* mental data. This is not and cannot be done by declaration or demand by mind that this level has been reached … a tendency that mind is clearly and easily capable of holding to.

As a safeguard concerning the maintenance of levels of purity and singularity positivity … the only way one can enter into the Pure God Worlds is by being connected directly to Divine Spirit by an authentic Master. This is all by design … for a reason … and it works. Absence of thought does not get you there … neither does controlling thought. If one uses the mind to interpret or understand the Pure God Worlds … then it is just that … a mental representation. This again is not a derogatory statement … but a necessary part and a level of learning we must come to terms with in “getting beyond mind.”

The overall design … and those true Masters that assist in its maintenance … are well aware of the misleading maneuvers that mind can conjure up and use.

The lessons learned in wrestling with the dilemma is part of the sorting-out process. People in the higher mental realms claim mastership within their various sets of teachings. Unless an individual is established on the physical plane and can work with others and take them from the physical level all the way up and into the Pure God Worlds … they are not an authentic Master. This definition has been incredibly blurred and the understanding of this has been lost … as mind attempts to sidestep this requirement.

Since Divine Spirit is the Substance and Force filling the Pure God Worlds and is the un-manifested or non-specific essence of Existence … there is no “data” to be gathered. This is a phase of learning what your individual awareness is … within the totality of consciousness. As an example … since the ethical abstracts are somewhat of a foundational phase of all of this … it would mean that you would learn with strength or courage or forgiveness or tolerance or tolerance or whatever is … unapplied. Just the generic non-specific understanding of the attribute … which you would apply when necessary. If you know what “patience” is … then you would know what it is and how and where to apply it while here in the Lower Psychic Worlds. As a further example … the learning of these attributes is not accomplished by book work or web sites. You learn this … as well as the other facets of the Pure God World … purely by experience.

This whole distinction is somewhat of a paradox … since no one can understand the higher realms until entered and traveled by individual experience … so mind sets about to come up with its own distinction and definitions to again … sidestep this step on the Path and claims to “know” all of this when it has never had the experience to determine or learn from … and further … mind does *not come along* when stepping into the Pure God Worlds. Mind is not part of that phase of the journey … something that mind itself absolutely abhors. And … as we have all heard before … there is no way to really explain all of this uncles or until one has taken that step. Until then … it is all a mental understanding of it.

More next Monday

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A 90-post index is found at thread post number 370 … page 37 … this will be updated soon

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Old 14-02-2022, 01:08 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Consideration 119 …

Passions of the Mind …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Many philosophies and most all religions have their ethical code or patterns of conduct … by whatever name they wish to use within the teachings of their beliefs and traditions. It is beneficial to look at the various groups and determine the general principles or entwining threads among the groups to uncover a flexible understanding.

Somewhere in most lists there is a reference to abnormal cravings … gluttony or lust … excessive passions running to abnormal levels. The central theme seems to be self-indulgence … often via substances … such as alcohol, drugs, sex, tasty foods … ending in largely sensuous pleasure. Modern advertising takes advantage of this one … holding each glittering, tantalizing object up for us to drool over … suggesting that “You want me … go buy me.”

Through countless lifetimes … we learn to counter all of this via discrimination … and we further uncover that the use of good or evil … or beautify verses ugliness … etc. … are often just the way the mind deals with the duality of the material worlds. We learn to make better and right judgments … to distinguish between those actions that will contribute to spiritual growth and those which are more of a waste of time.

Another main category is anger … in its many and varied forms or practices … such as lying, resentment, fault-finding, jealousy, impatience … there is a bitterness towards self and life that stirs up stiff, causes confusion … and ends in a level of destruction.

Forgiveness and tolerance are developed to counter such perceptions … and ultimately … one learns that one of the very worst practices of lies and deception are the ones told to themselves. We do not have to forget … but it is best to constantly remind ourselves to forgive … ourselves included. Draw the attention from one to the other. Slowly … the battles ease.

A third category seems to revolve around greed … wanting more … and more … and more … often acquired any way it can.

Peace comes when one rids himself of the desires of the world but finds a middle ground where the same items can be used for their intended purposes without accumulating the excess. Contentment tends to slowly blossom. Serenity comes from walking right down the middle an knowing the how and why each is on their respective side.

Attachment is more of an infatuation … a true binding. One tends to define self with possessions or status or the environment. Detachment sets one free when you simply become independent of them but can recognize their worth in the responsibilities of and towards life in these worlds.

The last main category is vanity … and this attribute most often takes advantage of the attempts to identify as Self. Soul eventually is able to recognize Itself as an individual awareness … and mind struggles with wanting to become one with everything so that the unity of Life is complete … trying to merge with all of LIFE … or … ones understanding of God. One attribute to nurture in countering such viewpoints is that of humility … which is not necessarily a weakness or a submissiveness or a subjection … but is often understood to be a simple willingness to listen. Vanity tends to build defensive stances … and stubbornness is often misinterpreted as strength.

It is amazing how much LIFE whispers to us in our everyday lives … and we simply do not listen. When verbal opportunities are revealed … counters and objections are thrown up as a defense. If you want to push LIFE away … simply become offended … by EVERY-thing … whether slight or commanding. You’ll be too busy to listen to much of anything.

So very much more could … and has … been written about on each of these facets. There are many versions. As long as one is involved in an incarnation within the Lower Psychic Worlds … these are never totally and completely resolved. I have seen authentic Master become quite angry … but They often portray the anger as an attempt to get the individual to listen or pay attention. Individuals who often walk the Pure God Worlds tend to quickly let any residual effects of these actions go. In many cases it is the perpetual carrying these inside ourselves as we interact with others … and with ourselves … that clouds the viewpoint. Additionally … many will try to develop these facets only when interacting with others and neglect the development when we interact with ourselves … which takes on more meaning when we deeply realize that the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies are not our authentic Self. Each body or sheath is a separate covering around Soul to allow for interaction here.

So this tends to be an ongoing exchange with others and with Self. Once again … it is not specifically what happens to you in experience but in how you react to it … and further … how long you carry that. Each situation and condition seems new … and Spirit seems to have an uncanny ability to slide us into such a testy experience when we are least willing to deal with it … when we are busy … or not feeling well … or in unfamiliar situations … etc.

There are designed reasons why the Path takes so long to resolve … and the above factors come into play more towards resolving the final stages. They make a difference. The incredibly subtle ways that each of these cloud our perception is amazing. These five tendencies tend to rule us … without our even knowing it. Often the struggles can be exhausting.

The above beneficial sides to each of the sectors will begin to develop a deepening interchange with Divine Spirit. Three main attributes to develop are love, faith, and humility. Love can be basically understood to be feeling and / or desire for or towards something. In many ways … a basis for “love” would simply be focused attention. A prime difference in the types of love would be towards what is it focused and for what reason … is it power / control … or growth towards greater Truth and understanding. Emotional love tends to be a human factor that adds a warm, romantic sentimentality to the above that tends to bind to that object or condition.

Faith … is holding to a belief of things not yet experienced - but there is a real expectation that the future experience is not only possible but beneficial and most probably valid. Belief often runs towards logic and reason … shored up by already-established individual experience. To step beyond belief towards faith … is a colossal and eventual practice … following many levels and variations.

An authentic Master once told me … reminding me once again of the consistent unfolding of all facets of the Path … to “believe until you know.” Expanding on that a bit … one could easily see a progress from wish to hope to faith to belief to knowing … each developing according to the life situations and conditions of the individual. Yes … that “progress line” is quite crude … but it carries the heart of the principle.

Humility … nudges the individual to listen to what they are told … often in very subtle and unprepared ways. Easily understood as the opposite of vanity or egoism.

More next Monday

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Old 14-02-2022, 02:57 PM
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Three main attributes to develop are love, faith, and humility. Love can be basically understood to be feeling and / or desire for or towards something. In many ways … a basis for “love” would simply be focused attention. A prime difference in the types of love would be towards what is it focused and for what reason … is it power / control … or growth towards greater Truth and understanding. Emotional love tends to be a human factor that adds a warm, romantic sentimentality to the above that tends to bind to that object or condition.
Just wanted to comment a little more on love - agreeing, just adding. :)
I would add love manifests in different ways -as in -
simple patience with another.
Helping, offering a hand. Caring about the neighbor
the stranger ---are they getting along with food, their heating bill, there snow removal.
Having compassion and understanding where they are coming from rather than taking things personally,
feeling indignation of some sort.

(Getting that they are wounded - usually from childhood mistreatment - could be simple emotional neglect,
lack of encouragement or a home in anger and blaming, name calling, etc. Doesn't need to be physical abuse.)
Learning to love by not judging and shunning, but, simply being consistently kind and just pleasant.

Boy, that was a pep talk for me! Lol.

Expectation that things are possible - yes, very important.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru.

Old 14-02-2022, 03:57 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Mizz H …

I whole-heartedly agree. There is a bit more to “love” as actual Divine Love … but in these worlds … going with a general core as “focused attention” … then if one wishes to offer that love in a more specific way such as patience, kindness assistance, compassion, understanding … many, MANY more … all would apply … and be very appropriate. The warm, sentimental love is what we most want romantically … and that’s so much the basis of all male / female relationships … amongst other facets.

Just a generalized, pleasant “good will” carries one far into the whole arena of unconditional love and is a suitable approach.

And expectations that the goal or ideal even exists. Incredibly vital but often difficult to hold to. It’s all a continual and advancing unfoldment … which involves more of a getting out of our own way and not a real “developing into.” Another way of saying … letting go of the limitations and uncovering more of what Soul actually is.
Old 21-02-2022, 12:53 PM
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[Mod Edit: Some posts may be 1 or 2 off due to deleted posts changing the post #s]
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Con 92 … Post Number 377 … Miss-Definitions

- - Con 93 … Page 39 … My Definitions 1

Con 94 … # 386 … My Definitions 2

- - Con 95 … Page 39 … Deeper Consciousness

Con 96 … # 393 … Addendum

- - Con 97 … Page 40 … Great Illusions

Con 98 … # 400 … Sidestep the Parts

- - Con 99 … Page 41 … Sorting Illusions

Con 100 … # 423 … What is / is not Ego

- - Con 101 … Page 43 … Wrong Thinking A

Con 102 … # 432 … Wrong Thinking B

- - Con 103 … Page 44 … Two Refreshers

Con 104 … # 438 … A True Spiritual Student

- - Con 105 … Page 46 … Prime Determinants

Con 106 … # 459 … Assumption Provides an Example

- - Con 107 … Page 46 … Mind and Thought

Con 108 … # 462 … The Greatest War

- - Con 109 … Page 47 … Nothing is Automatic

Con 110 … # 472 … Revision

- - Con 111 … Page 48 … The Prime Directive

Con 112 … # 476 … The Solution of Two Worlds

- - Con 113 … Page 48 … Independent Thought

Con 114 … # 479 … Cornerstone, Impressions, and Beliefs

- - Con 115 … Page 48 … Beliefs verses Ideals

Con 116 … # 483 … Walls

- - Con 117 … Page 50 … Influences and Impressions

Con 118 … # 496 … Spiritual Knowledge

- - Con 119 … Page 50 … Passions of the Mind

Con 120 … # 500 … Focal Point

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The first 91 posts are found at thread post # 370 … page 37

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Considerations 120 …

Focal Point …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

There is a new index just above … for your use. This index covers post # 92 to the current post … # 120.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

It should be common knowledge to all who read these posts that Divine Spirit of the Pure God Worlds and Spirit of the Lower Psychic Worlds are the living / life substance and sustenance of all Existence … save for the Core Creator God IT-self. Coursing through two levels of existence … from the Pure Positive “God” Pole to the dual “negative” Lower Psychic Worlds … Spirit on one level or another has and does form everything we individually can experience.

The great, vast majority are unaware that there is a “Pure” region beyond the psychic worlds. These are two very distinct regions … or levels. Mind tries to make all that is the “structure and organization” of the Pure regions to be a part of itself … the psychic regions … and therein lies much confusion and misinterpretation. Until one steps into the Pure regions … mental assessments are all opinion and theory … which mind loves to juggle and distort.

There is a source to and for everything … and everything develops or grows beyond its current state. There is an advancement or expansion to everything … and this should not be new information to many.

I will say again here … Divine Spirit … at the Pure God Worlds level … has no shape or restriction or manifestation of IT’s own at IT’s creation point. Divine Spirit would be absolutely of NO use to anyone or anything if all was left to Divine Spirit’s original essence … so to speak. There is no “governing mind” between the Core Creator God and Divine Spirit IT-self that shapes Divine Spirit into anything. Divine Spirit has no power of IT’s own.

Let me be clear here … that this is the purpose of and for Soul Itself … to be the focal point for Divine Spirit and all below. Spirit … on either the level of the Divine or the Psychic levels … is formed, shaped, manifested, conditioned, guided … use whatever word you wish here … by the nature and ability of Soul Itself to focus Spirit into manifested or shaped levels. This is the purpose of the hierarchy of incredibly lofty entities … if one can call them that … that focus each plane or dimension into existence … which in turn … lowers the vibration to a new level where a new “entity” again focuses that dimension into existence … all in a stair-step fashion … from highest to lowest. Since there is no form or manifestation within the Pure God Worlds there is no “throne” or “white beard” or “gender” to consider … upon which most traditional “Gods” are based. These entities in the Pure God Worlds are mostly colossal points of awareness only that design and continue their designated area or level or dimension and then release that level to the next lower one … formless but beyond powerful … continuing until the 5th Plane. Each dimension or level is stair-stepped down to the next.

The 5th Plane or True Home of Soul is the “equator” … a dividing point between the pure realms and the lower levels where the negative element is added and “things” take their shape through the slowing of the rate of Divine Spirit to a dual Spirit … and the Lower Psychic Worlds come into existence.

My main point here being … that YoU have focused Spirit into whatever your life existence may be … right now. One does not originate Divine Spirit but one *does* originate oneself … through choices made on what and to what extent to focus on. ALL Soul’s are “used” by Spirit at one level or another. Soul … depending on It’s level and area of existence at the moment … is being used by Spirit to focus into the Lower Psychic Worlds or by Divine Spirit to focus into the Pure God Worlds. Depending on what each individual Soul focuses on … adds to that level of It’s own life existence and the overall Existence of Life.

Obviously … Soul makes choices on what It wishes to focus on … and most of the choices are directed by the society, culture, planet, family, political, religious levels Soul has developed into to continue It’s education. We are told that we must act, behave, believe in certain ways in order to interact with life around us. Again … this should be nothing new. There is very little doubt that most of our individual belief system is the result of influence and pressure by others … whomever they may be … and … whenever it might have been.

After living hundreds of thousands of lifetimes in the various ares and regions of the Lower Psychic Worlds … ( and this is a very conservative number ) … one can only imagine what influences have been pressed upon us and what these influences have done to “form” our belief systems from which we live within our daily lives. If one doesn’t like where they are … they have only themselves to turn to for its change. One can always ask for assistance … but it is always up to the individual to make the changes. This is why the Path is an individual one. Someone can belong to a group … but the group does not advance as a whole unit. The individual within the group either advances or contracts according to the focused point of view … via attitude and structure.

In trying to tie many past posts into this one … whenever anyone is deeply immersed in any kind of habitual problem … physical, emotional, mental … the old maxim of “You cannot see the forest because of the trees” prevails. One rarely … if ever … can get a true glimpse of an issue or problem or restriction will deeply caught up in it. It’s much easier to see this taking shape in someone else’s life but is much more difficult to see it prevail in our own.

This is one of the true purposes of inner work … to settle the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies of physical, emotional, and mental down … to the best that one can … so that you may gain an overview of what is going on at the moment and uncover newer viewpoints from which to live your life to either resolve or ease your own limitations or restrictions. To simply treat into oneself and stop all mental thought … although a fabulous ability to develop to some extent … does little to solve and resolve issues.

This is all done one step at a time … and often one lifetime at a time. We are … and live … our past lives … newly shaped according to the situations and conditions into which we are born. Karmic influences brought along simply revise themselves into current viewpoints. They strengthen or lessen according to our efforts. To get above the “habitual” level so that we can gain an overview cannot be under-estimated. To get out of the forest so that we can see … prevails. Experimentation abounds. The world often presses us back into what the world influences wish us to believe and accept. We find this same “influence of the old” at work within each of us … as the mind, body, emotions prefer to remain with the old familiar ways.

Soul is an individually created “unit” of awareness that totally drives It’s own experience … on and at all levels.

More next Monday.

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If sincere … I will respond to private messages

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