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Old 08-02-2020, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by jonesboy
I am not star struck by Jeff. :)

I am blessed.

Jeff is my teacher and guru.



Seems that all this highlights the point of this thread

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Old 10-02-2020, 12:48 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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Originally Posted by jonesboy
A real guru can share his presence/oneness with another being. Can induce silence, bliss and help remove obstructions.

When in the presence of a real guru.. there is no doubt.
You got that right!

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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Old 03-05-2020, 12:57 AM
MikeS80 MikeS80 is offline
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Originally Posted by Iamit
There is not a state of "Being in Non-duality" as opposed to being in duality, as though it were possible to be in one or the other:) The whole of the manifestation is duality. There is not a part of the manifestation called nonduality that you can be in:)

Whilst in duality, you can encounter a concept called non duality which asserts that despite the very convincing, solid looking, appearance of difference that is duality, ALL is in fact ONE.

Having said that, there is the idea of enlightenment, which is often taken to mean that duality has been trancended and an apparent separate looking person is in fact no longer separate but has rather become One with everything.

But then again its not possible to know whether someone is enlightened or not. There are certain characteristics which are supposed to exemplify it, but the mind can easily construct these and hide behind as the separate self, contradicting every one of them:) It can often be very advantageous for the mind to do this, as there can be many benefits in terms of motor cars and other gifts.

Another issue with popular guru's is most popular guru's are dead and are of the past/memory. thus their Concepts of non-duality and duality are based on the past/memory. A person can not transcend any concept, including non-duality and duality concepts by being in the concept, guru etc of the past. All concepts and narratives are based on time/memory.

"Truth transcends, time, space, and causation. Note, that time and space create divisions. If something transcends time and space it has no limits or boundaries. Therefore, this Truth/Reality must be infinite, eternal, and indivisible, hence, all-pervading. Further, there cannot be two infinites."
"Not-being was this in the beginning; From it arose. Self-fashioned indeed out of itself." -Upanishads

Heaven, Earth, and I were produced together; and all things and I are one." -Chang Tzu

"It is from the nameless that Heaven and Earth sprang." -Tao Te Ching
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Old 03-05-2020, 08:46 AM
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non duality Gurus

Originally Posted by Iamit
There are certain characteristics which are supposed to exemplify it, but the mind can easily construct these and hide behind as the separate self, contradicting every one of them:) It can often be very advantageous for the mind to do this, as there can be many benefits in terms of motor cars and other gifts.
Yes if you look around the life of Modern 'Gurus' around , they may have gained lot of material advantages also. But trying to learn
non-duality sheerly from material gains perspective is really a Maya trap .

Yes many modern Guru's may have gained materially even with their fake non-duality . But that is everywhere . We get inferior / fake
goods and services everywhere . Not a single field is exception . Just that others have succeeded with material gains with inferior concepts
and practices , it should not be that its a good career to be in at every place and at every stage of life.

Originally Posted by Iamit

Whilst in duality, you can encounter a concept called non duality which asserts that despite the very convincing, solid looking, appearance of difference that is duality, ALL is in fact ONE.

Now about Non-duality . First about this word itself . Many use the word singularity / oneness / uniqueness for this to define non-duality . While that is absolutely correct at the experience of non-duality at individual level , that is still incompplete and insufficient to describe the experience the word non-duality is conveying about reality at collective level. With non-duality, spiritual masters try to convey that world is full of duality and that too with multiple layers & shades of duality . Person must be intelligent enough to understand the duality in the way those are manifested (ie the way others also understand and describe) and deal with those duality honestly/modestly / intelligently and yet feel the non-dual in all such dealings in a manner God would be happy .So just like any great thing these requires tremendous
analyses / knowledge / insight of duality and synthesis of all these to experience non-duality / to create something wonderful- all that in fraction of moment realtime 24X7 . Like feats of any great player/artist /professionals (which looks amazing feat for outsiders impossible for us normal people ), it requires lot of dedication and practice.

And God has given certain kind of non-duality naturally to everybody further to develop on it .So it is inherent and seekers just dont have any choice in it . e.g. When we sleep we are integrated with God's kingdom of non-duality and have wonderful bliss/rest,our all good memories vested in with universe at night are restored back to us at morning our bad/painful memories are restored with little less pain or purged . So when we wake our entire beautiful duality is restored back to us .Similarly a mothers in general are very much non-dual with their kids especially upto the age of puberty or lovers become non-dual in their intense love . So this basic kind of non-duality (switch-on switch off) is available to all without exception .Now the expectation is that real people build upon this basic gift to do this realtime 24X7 with with accurate understanding duality / layers & shades of duality .

Just to illustrate the processes and possibilities of non-duality , I would take the help of compute science. In electronics everything can
be expressed with on and off status when electricity passes in them . Brilliant scientists represented it to represent 0 and 1 (binary arithmatic which can be equated with dual/non-dual states) . They then went on to use the same binary arithmatic to human understandable decimal mathematics .Scientist then devised standards which use the same binary to represent latin numbers . East asian nations further built upon these to represent double-byte/multi-byte to represent their own characters .
The same numbering exploded with netowrking protocols (inherently using binary arithmatic) . They further built social media , enterprise apps , electronic commerce , mobile apps upon the same and united it all . The result is extremely wonderful experience for all in multiple spheres so much so that the we feel at home even with draconian lockdowns & demanding Work From Home ( of course sad loss of people is definitely painful)
Now all people need not know all these longer chain of rules . But definitely there must be lot of people knowing these all to sustain our
wonderful experience on an ongoing basis for us and posterity . Lots of people from many races / companies / countries have contributed in this
in last 50 years .

The same non-duality too has trmendous promise if it has been acted upon honestly by many people year on year widely . If recent example of this is to be found is that of Chienese people experiencing oneness with Chinese nation widely over last 50 years (Not to comment anything on current controversies) . From nowhere to pole position is a sheer story of tremendous hardwork & intelligence in duality combined with non-duality with their nation state in everything they do . And same is the story of other nations with their varying degrees of non-duality and varying degrees of versatile progress .

Now coming to orignial non-dual advocates . They have been able to impact the humanity in a postive manner with their non-duality and brought
the general well being with their non-duality . That is true non-duality . All else including mine is baby steps to learning ropes on non-duality .

PS - I reallize this thread is very old dating 2017 after i drafted this reply . Nothing in response to imply any superioriy / inferiority given that we have already agreed to disagree.I believe if any friction/differences /disagreement produce the fun and joy (like child mother feeling when breast feeding friction, like lovers experiencing bliss through friction in their union ) it's very much worth it .So in that anticipation to ameliorate our learning /experience & joy ,I still post the same.

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