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Old 29-05-2023, 11:18 AM
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Part 6 Egypt and The Land of the Two Rivers

It is I, the son of Tholomo who speaks. “I am called Tholomo-met (son of Tholomo) as is our custom. I am the newly incarnated of the same soul who was the Tholomo who came to this planet from the distant star, Aryana”.

The line of Tholomo had continued. His later descendant was known as the son of Tholomo or Bar-tholomo and much later Bar-Tholomo-met or still later, “...mew”. In truth this was more of an honorific title or patronymic than a given name.

Note: It was and remains today an indicator of lineage much like the central European tradition of appending “ski” or “sky” or “skiy” (in the archaic, "son of) to a family name. When in Egypt this was amended, changed to read Tholomo-set in order that those in attendance would know to whom they addressed. But what about the land?

In those days, approximately 13,900 years before present, The final convulsion ending the series of ice ages had not yet occurred. The island nation of Atlantis was yet alive and thriving. In lower Egypt the great monument, the Sphinx, was yet to be covered over.

Note: Whoever may be interested in the location of Atlantis as it appears today may follow these coordinates: 32.321867, -27.936155 Here, in the mid-Atlantic, we find what was the main island. Do we recall the report of a large and fertile central valley surrounded by mountains? Here are the remains of those features. And just to the south are two others. See the report by Plato.

Note: The Atlans are known to have occupied other lands as well. Look to the west of Ireland. You will find an almost round submerged landmass. It was an island outpost of the Atlan peoples. For any who care to see this as it looks today it can be see at these coordinates. (52.606781, -14.227900) (Google Earth generated coordinates). There are very old maps in existence today which show this island when it was above water. It is also supported by certain Irish legends.

In addition to these two sets of islands the Atlans ventured to the mainland in two areas where they established permanent settlements. The first of these was in North Africa in certain coastal areas of present day southern Morocco. Lastly the Atlans established themselves in the protected and very lush mountain valleys of north-central Spain. In both those areas people of Atlan bloodlines remain today. The people of Atlantis were largely Rh negative. Look for this trait in the lands that I have mentioned.

The lands that would later be called Egypt were about to undergo dramatic changes. The sea was somewhat lower then. The great sands of the north were not yet in existence. Instead the lands on the north of the African continent were wet and green with all manner of life. In the regions just to the west of the present day Nile delta there did exist an inward expanse of shallow, warm, sea. In these protected waters the whales of the time found refuge for annual calving. And the great river? Before the crustal shift the Nile turned west in present day Sudan and found it’s way to the west emptying into the Atlantic ocean. Evidence of this can be found today by searching NASA space based radar images.

The group of travelers remains seated in the room within the garden as all this is shown to them by the means of memories directly impressed on their brains. They wait. When the moment is right the Lady speaks again. “Do you see the world, our world, as it was then? There were others but the two dominant cultures were the immigrants who traveled from the Aryana and Atlans star systems. It had been thus for a very long time during which the practice of inter-marrying between the two became a common practice. It was recognized, after all, that the future of the Earth would be better realized through the hybridization of peoples. This decision was made in the times previous to the great Earth changes.

Note: It is of interest to say here a little about the Atlans and the great pyramid(s) at (now) Giza. The three great pyramids were built by men who, some tens of thousands of years before, had migrated to this planet from a lesser star system in Orion. They called themselves the Atlans.* They were physically similar to Earth humans.* They were tall and slender, their skin tone was golden, their hair tended to be very light. In the main they were blue eyed. Unlike the Aryans they had little interest in joining with the early Earth humans of the time. They preferred isolation. With a few exceptions they lived in the Oceania areas of Earth before the flood but like so many others were later displaced. Arriving in Egypt when that land was only just changing from wet and green to deserts they lived. The pyramids, the three in Giza, were built to commemorate and remember their home world. They had hopes that someday after they returned to spirit they would be able to return. This explains all the little mysterious elements to the structure. For them it was a religious edifice much in function like the temples that came later.

Note: A little more here about elongated skulls of the Aryan peoples. It was this physical feature that resulted in the long lasting tradition of stylized head gear for Egyptian rulers. We see depictions of prominent women wearing these. They had the skull shapes that required such. It is also worthy to note here that these people came to be thought of as “gods”. This was because they possessed great knowledge and also because they were a gentle folk. They were widely respected. Even today we find traditions of wrapping the skulls of children as they grow so that the elongated skull shape will be apparent as adults. This was done in emulation of those leaders those “gods” that were so well loved. Today we find both the genuine and the man made and wonder. The answer is so very simple. The more pure blooded Aryan descendants were known to be long lived also. This is also known in our history.

In old Egypt we find three groups of human beings. The first were the native Earthlings who tended to be taller, more muscular, with dark skin tones. The second were the Aryans was, as we said, had arrived earlier from the high places in what is now Peru and Bolivia. Thirdly were the Atlans. These had migrated more by necessity now as their homelands had gone, sunk into the sea as was later recorded by Egyptian historians then recounted by Plato. All three groups blended to some degree. A new society was begun. There was partisanship and discrimination in many ways but none of this was in any negative way. It was simply a well ordered society. The centuries passed. Kingdoms came and disappeared and as they did the traditions of the day began to be less like old historical accounts, more like tales to be told to children. This led to the reshaping of the Sphinx. This was done by the descendants of the Atlans who had established a city state at the mouth of the Nile. Except in quiet temple rites the connection to Leo had been all but lost. It was thought that adapting that great monument in the image of the king would be better. As so it was done.

Note: This process of hybridization was the natural consequence of physical human beings moving to new environments. They endured modifications in order to conform to the new requirements. Thus we find in antiquity suggestions of very tall, very long lived, some with physical characteristics in variance with those of today such as elongated skulls and four fingers per hand. These sorts of things. We should note to that this will happen again when Earthlings move to new worlds. Consider Mars with it’s much lower gravity. How will we adapt to that? But adapt we will.

The Lady again speaks and a visual representation is seen by all. “As our story continues you will be shown, for your understanding, an event which was, then, of great importance. And now listen as Tholomo speaks.”

“It was our custom on the home planet and later to commemorate great transitional times or events in metal for all to see and benefit from. Even on our old world this was an ancient rite. Through such monuments we never forgot who we were. Here we used stone.

The Earth changes were yet to come when it was decided that we would build in the old ways a monument intended to preserve. Since the astrological age of Leo was near it was decided that a great figure in stone would be appropriate.” It was in Egypt that the Atlans and the Aryans met and intermingled for the first time in a new and permanent arrangement. These two, combined with those others who had come north when the river changed, constituted the genesis for what would be the first, the elder, the true ancient Egyptians.

Note: And so what is today called the Sphinx was created. It should be noted that in it’s original form it represented a crouching feline, watching over, protecting/consecrating the land. Much later when the body was covered deep in the sands the head was reshaped to represent a King of those times. this was changed to the image of a man (of some importance in those times). This is the reason the Sphinx’s head seems too small for the body as we see it today. It was originally the head of a lion sculpted, body and head, all in correct proportion.

Do we see the differences in wear, erosion, between the head and the body? This tells us when the modification was completed. It occurred within centuries of the post flood arrival of the Atlans

Tholomo continues: “The great statue was built to commemorate the beginning of the age of Leo. This was before the great flood which so dramatically marked the changing of the face of the Earth. It’s location was important because it was in the lands which had been decided on for another migration.” In those days it was an outpost only.

Note: In those days The plateau selected was high above the wetlands which had extended several hundreds of miles south from the sea (present day Mediterranean availing much and varied life homes in which they would prosper. But all this soon changed.

“The last of the floods had ceased. The redistribution of the lands and waters had stopped. A new time of often severe volcanism began. The world was again in equilibrium. And the great statue remained whole and glistening the new suns of a much drier land. Later when the rich soils were replaced by sands it was buried as the winds came and went through the centuries.

But the people, the Aryans and the Atlans, endured.

Again Tholomo-met speaks. “I Tholomo-met, descendant of Tholomo the traveler, record the beginnings of this new time of the world. We have found our homes in this land of changes. We have arrived. The seas of turmoil, subsiding now, have brought us. The river that existed before the great Nile was less in stature. As a result of the changes which included the redirecting of the Nile to the south, this river now was huge. It swept away the earlier city of the new peoples leaving only traces. This is the way it was in those days. The symbol of our new society, it’s foundational expression, is the boat on the waters of life. We are the boatmen who prevailed. We were carried here and when we leave to return to spirit it will be also a water conveyance which will carry our spirits on the return journey to the lands of the Gods.

Tholomo-met continues by including a short tale, one which we find irresistible. We have told of the sacred nature of the great river and the boats which ply her waters. There is more though. In the earliest times our ancestors came here using the very ancient aerial vessels for transport. These were the very same gravity powered craft that were carried here in the ethereal so long ago. There are two places where they may yet be seen. The first is on our old Moon station. The second is in India. Both are quite hidden even to those who unknowingly approach. But in Egypt it was the boat that substituted the aerial craft and it was the great river which now paralleled the ancient memories of our migration from Aryana. And so. The river and the boat traditions are, in reality, metaphors for we Aryans. Of all this only tales are left. Even the priests in Plato’s time, with all their records, had forgotten. “I, Tholomo-met say further that it is this very old truth which exists in the form of boats secreted away in hidden temples or near to the tombs of the great ones. When such a boat is seen by us today we may rightly understand that it is a representation of our original migration and the river, the Nile? She is the pathway through the heavens. It is all there for those who have eyes to see.”

Note: Here the first of the peoples who would become known as the Egyptians tell of their memories of the highlands of present day Peru although they knew it not for certain. And of their true origins? The priests of even today know the truth but only in much fragmented tales. This knowledge is held close as it is thought to conflict with the culture of the present.

“Here we settled, integrating, as we did with the others, our brothers and sisters who we called the Atlans, the sea peoples. Our two cultures blended. A new world, signified and remembered by the symbol of the great stone Leo, remains even today.

Note: It was these two, in cooperation, which also built the halls of memories which are only partially known but never yet entered. The times of the next phase of Leo will close the circle of this story.

Note: The reader will perhaps understand the great cycles of the Earth which begin then complete some 26,000 years later. Do we see how this also relates to the study of the stars?

Again the Lady speaks: “Return now to the present. You will be shown a brief history of those people, those new people, the Egyptians as they came to be called as they began a new migration.”

As we watch we see, through a moving vision impressed on our minds, a group, a large group of those who left Egypt and traveled east. Into harsh lands they moved, often by night under the stars. Slowly they progressed. Their journey into the unknown would find them stopping here and there leaving small settlements in their wake. Through the lands of today’s Arab world they went. Finally they stopped and stayed in a land which was to be their permanent home. In Todays Iraq they settled between the two rivers.

This, for those who love history, was the series of events which are well recorded today. These people brought with them the skills which had originated in Atlantis. It was the arrival of these peoples in (Iraq) which explains the sudden emergence of the city state, of previously unknown animal husbandry and agricultural methods. The more primitive, men of the area lacked these. The Atlantian refugees brought these in the form of gifts, with them. In the next story part a little more will be said about this series of events. It is spoken of now because although our history records these events in anthropological context they lack knowledge of the fact of the migration of the Atlantians.

There will be a further point here to make. In this part we have read of the migration of a group of people who, leaving Egypt, are said to have “wandered in the wilderness” for a long time. We will also discover a tale, one of a group of “new people” who, in today’s southern Iraq, constructed for themselves a garden in which they lived for a time before emerging out and combining with the earlier peoples of the area. These older folk called themselves the People of Nod.

For those who wish to consider these tales we might remind them of their existence in our own religious lore.

At this point the Lady bids us rest.

To be continued...

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Old 29-05-2023, 01:52 PM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
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Truly fascinating...........Thankyou.
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Old 29-05-2023, 07:02 PM
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I have to Echo what Hazada Guess has said

The Spoken Word Always Comes Back As Whispers In
The Wind
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