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Old 05-01-2023, 08:16 PM
aliensoul aliensoul is offline
Newbie ;)
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I identify as a starseed, and from what I’ve seen in regressions/meditations, my soul came from another universe (whatever that means, lol)- and helped start (seed) life on earth, and I’ve been reincarnating here ever since. I have seen in regression a life as a dinosaur. I haven’t seen animals otherwise- I think this was just my first option on Earth and then I could move on to being human.
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Old 20-07-2023, 08:31 PM
OldChap OldChap is offline
Join Date: Oct 2020
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Originally Posted by starseedtruth
I don't necessarily like labels as I believe all to be apart of the same collective however that being said I believe some labels may help adults and children better understand their place in the universe :).

Do you consider yourself a starseed?

Have you looked into the work of Dolores Cannon she has done extensive work on past lives. Her past life regression is called the Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique

Agree we are all a part of what some call God, Creative Source, Collective, etc.

(For brevity, will use the word God hereafter)

To better understand who we each are we need to understand what multi-dimensional quantum energies are.

God is that infinite meld of multi-dimensional quantum energies and much more.

Energies that are heavily biased in love, compassion, benevolence, and joy that flow in this universe and beyond.

Highly intelligent energies that could at will be anywhere or everywhere in multiplicities. Each of us and everything is one of those unlimited multiplicities.

Energies that are all intertwined, connected, and entangled. And so human concepts of hierarchy and superiority will not and can not exist.

This planet took a very long time to be meticulously refined to allow us to be here in the human form to have an amazing human adventure of finding ourselves.

There are parameters set in place for us to have the human adventure. A few of which are a self imposed Veil of Forgetfulness to temporarily not remember who or what we truly are, free will to freely choose, minimal divine intervention for fair free will, and a built in ego mind that some call the survival mind or the mind of lack to help us stay out of danger and keep us alive to have the adventure in this very small unfamiliar part of reality.

So basically we purposely went into a human form that is dumbed down in energy vibration and be “disconnected” from God, and then see if we could work our way to return to being connected with God.

Solving the puzzle of who or what we truly are will take many human lifetimes of learning and experiencing to gain the wisdom and benevolent maturity to choose to return to our true nature of love, compassion, benevolence, and joy that will return us to being in alliance, in unity, and in Oneness with God.

And when successful, we then could better do what we came here to do. And that is, to transform this young dark planet into a paradise of light. That means, we are all starseeds, and at the Soul level all of us are from elsewhere.

But being the stubborn humans we are most are comfortable dwelling under the influence of our ego, even when knowing that is not the best for us. Minimal divine intervention allows God to have a very very small percentage of humans with greater remembrance of who they truly are so they could remind others who we all are.

Some call them light workers, starseeds, or spiritually advanced human messengers. They are not more special or superior than the others. All are equally important doing our own part to make the human adventure possible.

As they are more connected with God they won’t see themselves as better than others, having the understanding that we are all in Oneness. Hence they do what they do tirelessly with quiet passion out of love, compassion, benevolence, and joy.

What an amazing human adventure we bravely and passionately signed up for when in our true home on the other side of the Veil of Forgetfulness.
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Old 29-07-2023, 01:29 AM
Apakhana Akshobhya Apakhana Akshobhya is offline
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I quit.
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Old 11-12-2023, 08:48 PM
OldChap OldChap is offline
Join Date: Oct 2020
Posts: 142
We are all starseeds. At the Soul level none of us are from here.

All came into this small part of the vast grand whole reality to be in the human form and self imposing a Veil of Forgetfulness to not remember what we truly are to start so we could participate in the ongoing test between high and low consciousness or what some call a test between light and dark energies on this young planet.

What some understand to be starseeds are the awakened starseeds who have more remembrance of what they truly are.

1. At one end there are starseeds who are newbies here, and at the other end there are starseeds who had been here for thousands of human lifetimes. And everything in between.

To assist with the evolution of humanity is an after effect. Focus is much more on what we will choose and how we will behave and treat each other given free will and forgetfulness of our divinity. That data is used as part of a much bigger and grander divine plan for the creation of new universes. We are being observed with high interest.

Within our DNA stored as multi-dimensional quantum energy is, among many things, our complete history of everything we had experienced here and in the cosmos.

2. Starseeds come here for many reasons. For example, some are here for a quick experience, for playing the role of an evil person to show others the harms of doing evil, for being an infant who purposely die soon after birth to push the mother hard to seek the love of God or spirituality, and for many many more reasons.

3. Unawaken starseeds are still under the strong influence of the ego mind that is built in to the human body. The ego mind shuns love and compassion for survival by instilling fear, greed, hoarding, selfishness, hierarchy, superiority, and separatism. So yes, some unawaken starseeds will not know any better yet and make very poor choices that will lower the vibration of this world.

Then there are some, but only a very small percentage by design, who come in with greater remembrance of what they truly are and could then immediately make an impact to raise the vibration through love and compassion that is their true nature. No point in having this test of consciousness if there are overwhelmingly awakened starseeds here.

We are too eager to place things neatly in their individual slot when each thing could be placed in multiple slots.

All the best!
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Old 05-03-2024, 08:40 AM
A Gray Vidar A Gray Vidar is offline
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Originally Posted by StephenDuffy
but I think it may be as old as when the temple mount in jerusalem was being formed from the molten rock at the core of the earth. It was definitely a time before religions.

funny i have memories of a star exsitance before the stars was sung in and the matter of the void was not created yet. but i still remember how god tore the heavens apart when he wanted a universe with consecence. it was the times before the fall of the lucifer and his morningstars and ancient gods.
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Old 23-04-2024, 10:35 AM
Tal M. Tal M. is offline
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As a crystal seed (Pleiadian) I confirm some of us have past incarnations here, as this is my 56th time on earth. This number is not considered a lot.
Since our vibration is so high (high vibrations are gentle, low are dense) many of us chose not to come to earth much as the eras before the one we currently go into were a lot denser, the suffering that plagued the human race was unbearable for such gentle vibrations. The souls that were created with denser vibrations were the brave ones to collect information for the expansion of the universe through the 'sophisticated' life patterns here and the souls' evolution from it. We did other stuff on the other planets of higher vibrations.
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