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Originally Posted by kreidebrei
Hi, I had another post about various things which could influence my small business, and the fact that sales are not the way I need.
I picked up a feng shui book at the op shop and yes my entrance area is a mess and I am cleaning it up right now! I got three small orders already and I had a very good market in the past after cleaning up. (the entrance area is the career area)
It is funny that just before picking up that book, I had a very strong feeling that this is something which is hindering for my business. I find it quite interesting.
Does anyone have experience in feng shui? Does it has its roots in Taoism at all? Does it work? Did someone else had a similar experience?

Hello kreidebrei - I have grown to include feng shui practices in many aspects of my life/home set up. It stands to reason that the front entrance of any home or business needs to be without clutter and welcoming as it's the first area that a guest or customer sees. Equally so, keeping the all areas clear of clutter is imperative to uncluttering ones life in general. I try to keep vigilant over allowing anything to accumulate and clutter my home that, to me, quickly becomes an eye sore and disrupts my clarity in thinking/feeling while in this space.

A family member's home is jam packed with figurines, collectibles and basic clutter throughout her home. She tries to decorate my home by giving me things that don't resonate with me and/or I just don't want to have sitting out or on my walls because it simply clutters my space. I have very nicely asked her to stop spending her money on these gifts for me, that ultimately end up in the closet or given to Goodwill. That sounds cold-hearted, but it's my goal via feng shui principles to only have things out minimally that speak to me and fit in with the surrounding space.

Best of luck to you with your business! Reading about feng shui, IMO, can only aid a person in restoring order.
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