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1. A horse used in war. Also known as a charger.
2. An experienced, dependable person, thing, etc., one who has gone through many contests, battles, struggles, etc.
3. Something, such as a play, a piece of music, etc., that has been performed often to become hackneyed.

I am a warhorse.

I have a very long pony tail. It looks like a horse's mane. A pony is a small horse. A pony tail is a mane of hair.

I have announced the white horse (in 2014)
I have announced the red horse (in 2017)
I am currently bridled with the astounding black horse (imminent strike and when it happens my mouth will be LOUD)

I am an End Times expert. Many prophesies are already fulfilled.

I've posted before on this topic but it was removed. Now I have to be more cautious in what I communicate and how.

Don't fear the end times. See here,

"As for the future, the book of Revelation reveals the justice of God in all its glory during the end times. When the saints watch the destruction of the earth, their song will be of God’s righteous judgment upon the inhabitants for their ultimate sin of rejecting Him (Revelation 11:16-18; 15:3-4; 16:7; 19:1-4). And as 2 Peter 3:13 says, we are promised that someday, when Christ physically reigns on earth, God’s righteous justice will finally be on full display."

Be thankful you are not an embattled warhorse like me.

Be a saint! Seek out the songs of Christ's righteous judgment. Sing along. Believe in it.
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