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Many occasions where I'm in the company of those that 'get' me, there's a relaxed vibe and they laugh at my witty remarks.

Specifically - getting a telegram from someone I deeply loved, to meet him somewhere that night (I was living in a squat so no phone, this was prior to mobile phones too!). It was some kind of social get-together. He wanted me to dance but I refused (being too self-conscious) but he whisked me up and we were the only two madly spinning around. I was laughing hysterically and those watching found it amusing too.

In my hippy days with friends but the rest you will have to imagine....!

Times spent babysitting my niece, aged 3 and the fun made up games we played.

When a performance went down well (either as a singer/songwriter or later doing stand up comedy.)
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
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