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In my experience a lot of people will say to sage, but that’s kind of hard to explain when others in the home don’t understand. I get what you’re saying there. I also have really bad allergies so not an option LOL I choose just to use energy. I moved into a new place a couple years ago, a duplex and discovered pretty quickly that the other half had a lot of domestic violence going on, or what I suspected to be anyway. At one point I called the cops and nothing happened. So instead of just feeling my part of the house with Love and light for cleansing I put the entire property under a protective light. They didn’t have to accept it I wasn’t forcing it on them they didn’t even know. I just asked that love and light come influence the property and keep the “darkness” out. I did not want it impacting my peace. Of course I did do quite a bit of reporting and sent constant prayers for peace for the solitude of my home. It worked. I keep my little bubble around the property Sustained. And the bonus was, the drug dealer next-door ended up getting evicted. He wasn’t necessarily bothering me. I found him entertaining Because at least three times a week I got an outdoor concert with him blasting music in his driveway and singing to his dog end it was a different genre every time.
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