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It depends. I think generally speaking it sooner happens that someone's rising vibration affects other people. That of the house could be possible but it depends. The energy of people and that of a house and the ground underneath aren't necessarily related. Up to the point that someone got attracted to that place and bought/rented it, yes. Which doesn't mean you change the house, it just resonates with you so you subconsciously feel attracted to it.
It could even hold a not so good quality. I think that happens a lot. Sometimes people feel this (subconsciously) and move house only to have the same thing happen because it also is active in them.

Each house has a specific energy, of course based on what happened in there through the years, and the ground underneath also has energy which can be even older (ancient even) and is not always easily sorted when it's not so pleasant.
There are houses where people never live long. I happen to live in one of those. But I've lived here for 8 yrs now. I do want to leave btw.
The people who lived here before ruined the house's vibe, that has been restored by me, my crystals etc, and my energy.
A prostitute with a little girl who received customers at home here, a drug addict and whatnot have lived here.
The house wasn't vibrant anymore. I cleansed it thoroughly (taking a few hours!) put happier colours on the wall, moved in. The house is now alive and kicking :)
That's not to say I CHANGED the house's original energy though. I just undid what was done by previous tenants.

Now I do think it's part of my Soul path to do this with houses. And I think it was my dad's too.
Uplifting people is easier and faster I think. Like a depressed person presses down on all others in the house, so does a happy person. This effect is almost instantaneously. A house takes longer.
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