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The type of entity can be spelled djinn (plural), djinni (singular), jinn and jinni and finally genie/genies. Jinn can do a whole lot more than grant wishes.

You haven't mentioned if it tried to harm you. If that has not happened yet, then I believe the entity wants to help you. If it has harmed you by now, banish it.

If you're really not sure what entity is hanging around you, I suggest you use divination to find out. I would start out with a pendulum for some quick yes/no questions. If the entity does make you uncomfortable then you can politely tell it to leave. If that doesn't work, then you might have to banish it.

If the entity does want to help you, then perhaps use tarot to find out why. Tarot can go deeper into divination compared to a pendulum.

If you do decide to befriend an entity, spend time with him/her and get to know it. Find out what it wants to help you with as entities have different abilities and personalities. Have you two known each other in a past life might explain why it's around you. Find out what it likes which can be used for associations/correspondences. Those can also be used for thank you offerings which are given after said entity helps you. Eventually the entity will pop an unusual name into your head. Or maybe tell you in a dream or during meditation.

Befriending an entity is the beginning of spirit keeping which is a part of my path. I'm taking it slow with my group which means, at this point, that none of them are bonded.

Good luck!
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Job 12: 7 and 8 (KJV)
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