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Amateur numerology opinions of possible future events

Dear people,

My hobby is amateur-numerology.
In my own home-made way I tackle this topic and there is great fun for me in trying to figure out numerology-cycles.

Currently, the presidency is an interesting topic.
I have tried to make sense of the coming period in a numerology-way.
Below are some interpretations of mine I made earlier for myself a while ago already, at my own leisure.
Obviously they are just that: my personal interpretations of the symbolic numerology numbers, not facts.
The numerology interpreting is what makes it soo hard.
And I am, obviously, fallible, so please take this text below with a grain of salt.

Have a nice day!🌻
Kind regards, Pepijn
Living in America: Perhaps a possible numerological outlook for the coming years:

~ A Shift ~

- It will be a contested election.
- Two days after the general election, on November-5-2020 there will be an important announcement by the Biden/Harris camp. My interpretation of this announcement is that they will claim victory. Legal contesting will start, because
- On November-3-2020, the general election date, I interpret that Trump/ Pence will have claimed victory
- This legal contesting and recounting perhaps will start on November-4-2020
- The contested election will be fought out in all the courts and the disputing or talk of this contesting seems to go on untill the spring of 2021. On May-5-2021 there could be an announcement concerning the past general election.
- There could be talk of a bypass of congress meanwhile during late 2020-early 2021 (via an obscure[?] law/ rule?), and...
- ...Trump will stay in office perhaps longer than expected, but...
- ...The democrats will win the long-term contesting in courts. There seems to be talk of a spring delay in the new Biden term.
- The topic of presidential pardon potentially seems to return in late 2021 or early 2022.
- Around the month June of 2022 seems to be important in connection to the presidency of Joe Biden.
- The Mueller investigation or elements of it will return in '21 and '22. The Deutsche Bank Trump-saga will also come to the forefront in 2021 and especially in 2023 (which will lead to an eventual overhaul of sorts for Deutsche Bank in 2023-2024).
- Trump could fall from personal power after his presidency in the summer to late summer of 2023.
- Possibly a change or adjustment of press or media regulations in 2022.
- There will be a change in the voting system in 2021-2022. Possibly a change in gerrymandering. The year of 2022 is symbolic in this regard: a sort of closing of a (20th century) chapter, and the beginning of a new 21st century chapter.
The change in the voting system will lead to lots more minorities and former immigrants finding their voting rights or voting 'voice' and power so to speak. This will be an important shift in the US in the years 2022-2026.
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