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Image imaginer - I love your posts, especially the one above, you are always warm and encouraging and most of all inclusive and i love that in people.

Al - i find your posts inspiring, intelligent and full of integrity, you speak with intent and don't make false promises and i love that.

Kundalini - you have real courage to say what you think and also to apologise when you feel you have been wrong, which isn't as often as you may believe to be the case, your posts are always full of heart and virtue and what more could anyone want than that?

Jeremy 67, we had conversations in our early days on the forum not so much recently but you said one of the first really nice things to me out of everyone on the forum, that made me feel more able to express myself with confidence (which some may say isn't a good thing, sorry), I am really grateful; to you for this and know you are a dude.

Mikron - I really enjoy reading your posts, there are times when they really speak to me and give me a new insight, you are right oneness is a step the right way, I like the way you put that, very profound which i think some people don't get, i might be wrong but i think so.

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