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Originally Posted by green1
Thich Nhat Hanh says about walking meditation:

“With every step I arrive at my destination”

Anybody knows what he means?


Walking meditation is a practice of mindfulness. In other words it is a practice of learning to be aware of the present moment and of all that is now. As you slowly walk, feel the presence of the ground at your feet. Feel the flesh and bones of your feet as they adjust to the change in your weight and your attitude. Feel your breath as you exhale and inhale. Smell the scents in the air. Feel the dryness or moisture. Notice the sounds as you walk. Pay attention to the quality of the light. Feel the movement of your arms, the position of your head and neck.

This kind of walking teaches you not to favor the future at the expense of the present. It brings you back. It centers you. The walking is not about going somewhere, but about being present, here and now.

That is what is meant by “With every step I arrive at my destination.”
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