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Originally Posted by Starflower
This is a relationship worth pondering, Explorer21. Tiahuanaco is the site of the ancient Gate of the Gods. There is a great deal in the mystery of Venus and the interrelationship with Earth. I suspect that Robert Charroux may be on to the interdimensional nature of light in life, where objects are not what they seem seen in three and four dimensions, but often portals to their creators.
Much esoteric study occurs in the lands of the old Russia. A number of souls with advanced esoteric healing techniques also have arisen there.
What does your intuition offer about this relationship?

Starflower, you are on to something very profound when you speak of objects being portals to their creators. That is especially true of the ancient Gate of the Gods at Tiahuanaco. The Russians as a people have had a more open-minded attitude to psychic phenomena, UFOs, and other New Age topics, as compared with many other countries. Their scientists have been doing experiments with psychics for many years.

I have read about the people in Russia who perform advanced esoteric healing techniques. Concerning the relationship between Venus and Russia, I have to admit that I'm not quite sure what to say about it. I know that Russia's birth astrology chart is ruled strongly by the sign Aquarius which makes the people New Age minded.
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