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Sanat kumara-Lucifer-Jesus which is which?

This is sort of a personal thing of clarity. I've been trying to study and find clarity on the reality of my being here to truly be honest. For some years now I have been studying these matters as to find likeness or clarity into what this may be. I have seen previous threads which go into detail one said that Sanat is closely tied in the figure Lucifer if not the same thing. From studies its said that Sanat is the Lord of the earth and comes around across the time of elevation of energies among earth itself. When reading on Christ it doesn't give the same impression that they are the same being. The reason for my inquisition is that I have found uncanny characteristics that are alike in ways I am not always conscious of, but have found through others that have seen and worked with these entities. Sometimes I take my experiences not exactly for granted, but due to normal life here is not something I have massive amounts of time to spiritually explore. I have seen my higher and I believe I understand what I am. It's been a long road and gone through many phases, and I think it's safe to say it might not be a common occurrence what I'm experiencing altogether, it has a heavy weight to it to accept this.

I think maybe for right now i'll hold some details but maybe some would understand the sort of impression. Mainly am asking to find clarity among these things to define which and what all together. Is said Christ was a separate being that came with Sanat/Lucifer? from Venus or beyond. Supposedly after the formation of Venus from Jupiter. Sanat is said to be of the Nordic ET's, among the supposed Lords of the Flame. The type of intensity I believe come from that being resonates as well as making sense for the association with Lucifer. All records of witnessing them were intense, no doubt the figure Jesus has its own respect, but it seems not having the same type of energy and resonance.

I'm open to questions, and am curious of these origins.
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