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hey honza,
was it bad boy bill?? i could almost swear, bad boy bill "said" that (at least one of the first to "say" it). i quite agree though, not everyone understands house music. many try to include break beats and what not into the same genre as house; wrong!!! house is in a class of its own...

music, to me, ...well, bob marley said it: "one good thing about music; when it hits ya, you feel no pain. so hit me with music" ...i coulndt say it better!!
let me play my broken record and say 311 and bob marley are my all time favourties. 311, for there spiritual views, bomb beats and riffs, x-treme energy and unique sound, immitated by many, matched by none!!
bob marley, well, do i really need to advertise bob??

the rest of my top ten... (in no particualr order)...

sublime (groovin, eclectic, soulfull)
blind melon (the live recordings mostly)
david bowie (all of it, but the early stuff a bit more)
fredrick chopin (pained music, but with hope and faith)
robert johnson (the best in delta blues)
rage against the machine (for the fantasticlly creative dissidence)
the stones (older songs)(for there celebration of life)
fleetwood mac (just feels good, instills nastalgia)
janis joplin, nofx, nin (to feed my dark side), "the insider" soundtrack, pink floyd, on and on and on.....

(nothing new lately though):(
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