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Originally Posted by Elfay
@nightowl I use take the perscription nasal sprays like Flonase but the last 2 times I took it I got violently ill, I really thought I was dying it was awful the way Flonase made me so sick. I swore I would never take it or another spray again. Certain herbal supplements do the same thing to me that's why I hesitate using herbal medicines, I get terribly sick, once I got sick for a week I really thought I was dying that time. @Trag you are too much ! Vampire ! lol I have been eating garlic for years - in food and it never bothered me.

It sounds as though allergies could be the culprit of the ear problem, fluid build up...Diuretics can help with fluid build up, but I would ask your doc before starting them. There are some natural diuretics out there. If you have allergies you need to be careful with herbal stuff, like you said.
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