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I see "sparkes of lights" around someone - Should I speak up?


There is someone that is religious and around this someone I one day began to notice that there were sparkles of lights, the area behind her back. First I thought it could be reflections from windows and lights and jewerly but it keeps happening. It does not seem as if others see it. She's just normal. She don't act as if she sees them.
Anywas, I have had a very real fear that I will be seen as crazy, as unstable if and when I speak up about these temporarily rare and weird things.

At the same time I think why am I even seeing this if I am not suppose to share it with her?

I don't know when I should speak up or when I should not.

This person I have seen having this around is someone who's personal life I know she has not lost anyone to the other side in recent time. BUT she is going through a rough time in her life.

Could these sparkes of light be a spirit wanting to protect her? Giving support through this rough time in her life? Am I the only one seeing it? Can they do that? So that I am the only one?
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