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Originally Posted by asearcher
people half getting it and half not.

Asearcher, you absolutely nailed it with this phrase. It is so frustrating when people are unable to see the full extent of the narcissist's toxicity and craziness. The "unhinged one" lives in my neighborhood and occasionally slows her car down in front of my house and then guns it or tries to mess with me in traffic if we happen to be on the road together - but of course never when there are witnesses. If anyone is with me, she notices and doesn't pull her shenanigans. But as you mentioned, I am indeed thankful this woman is not a family member/spouse/co-worker/etc. - she really has little influence in my world except for this friendship with my neighbor and her daughter. I just keep going about my business, abiding by the saying “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”
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