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I guess I've created a nightmare for myself where nobody is willing to help because I can't even articulate gracefully like I used to be able to and ig people just aren't willing to lend an arm anyway.

I've tried to explain, it's because of neural energy reduction.

The whole of my IQ and EQ is simply sapped and forcefully stolen by the hex.

I know for a fact that my spiritual attackers were sent by someone outside of me with negative intent, as I've said, my angels warned me about it before it happened (
"WARNING: Evil Spirit Fusion Collab" in a dream) and I felt them send it to me (they telepathically connected and directly connected a spirit to me).

I have a hidden split personality, that took all the emotional damage from my mother's abuse... ig they're involved too, it doesn't feel very fair but that's life. I wasn't even aware of them until recently.