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Originally Posted by iamthat
When we ask you to describe clearly in simple terms what is going on then you respond that your mental states prevent this. And yet you seem able to respond clearly enough when it suits you.

So you talk about spiritual attackers and being hexed, which conveys nothing. I have no doubt that there are such things as psychic attacks, but why might you be the target of such attacks?

Could it be that you have mental and emotional issues which need to be addressed, but you over-dramatise these into being the victim of malevolent forces outside your control? Maybe it is easier for you to play the role of innocent victim rather than taking responsibility for dealing with your own issues.

You may say that we don't understand, and that may well be true. You post a lot of messages crying out for help and attention, but how can we understand when you give so little information to help us?


Certain ways of speaking/conveying info are easier/ingrained in memory. This is the nature of the hex/attack, it leaves me unable to be intelligent or "normal" but leaves me kinda functioning with certain types of speaking and acting easier/simpler by the laws of how the attack works... did what I just say make enough sense?

I've tried to convey that yes, I have my own issues which need to be addressed, but at this point *I need outside help before they can be*. I can't simply try to address them as the circumstances affecting my inner mind will simply be made worse if I try to. I like to leave certain pieces of my mind un-accessed so that my spiritual attackers leave them alone.

I tried to say that my abuse gives me a unique mental situation, and I believe that is the reason I am being attacked this way. People viewing me outside, the way I shut off and became reserved, along with my lifelong behavior and the fact I was of high IQ back then, may have seen me and my family as an enemy that needed to be taken care of. I would tell everyone what exactly is going on with me but I know you can't trust everyone... the reason I say "don't feel bad for me" now is because of my abuse-caused mental state. I'm on the verge of simply telling you what my state is as I have learned more about it.

I can see your PoV, as well as I can in my current state. I'm calling out for attention and help and it's hard not to make an idiot out of myself in ways I would've feared.

I'm gonna post this and say more in another post